Ron Paul Still Running, Refuses To Support McCain – Video Added

Apparently, even after releasing a video statement which hinted to the contrary, Ron Paul is not backing out of the Presidential race.

Story on this coming from CNN:

(CNN) — U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas is still in the presidential race … sort of.

His campaign is “certainly winding down” given the number of primaries left, but it’s not over, Paul said Monday on CNN’s “American Morning.”

“If you’re in a campaign for only gaining power, that’s one thing. If you’re in a campaign to influence ideas and the future of the country, the campaign is never over.”

Two days after Sen. John McCain became the presumptive GOP nominee, Paul hinted in a video posted on YouTube that the end was near.

Paul said Republicans “have a right to vote for someone that stands for traditional Republican principles” and that he does not plan on supporting McCain.

“I’m not likely to support John McCain unless he changes his views. He doesn’t represent anything I’ve talked about for 30 years,” Paul said.

“How could I reject everything I’ve talked about for 30 years … and say, ‘Oh, OK. Now it’s all over. Unity is the most important thing. Now I endorse John McCain.’ Nobody would understand that. I certainly would have a difficult time adapting to that.”

Paul said Monday he plans to continue campaigning to keep his ideas in the arena.

So he’s apparantly not calling it quits just yet. So for everyone of you who said “good riddance”, sorry. Furthermore, for the Paul supporters, your happy day is still here. At any moment, McCain could relinquish his delegates to Paul making him the nominee.


Ron Paul speaking earlier on CNN concerning the presidential race and his status:

His campaign of bringing ideas will never be over, so he says. Sounds to me that basically, he’s got the funds to continue to so why not keep pressing forward? McCain’s the nominee at this point but Paul’s name will still be on the ballot in the remaining primaries.

Who knows…


Here’s another interview Paul did today on Fox with Neil Cavuto:

I pretty much agree with him on the fiscal policy, we can’t keep borrowing into oblivion.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    It seems appropriate here to mention a site that other dissatisfied Republicans would appreciate: Cross-voting and “winner-take-all” should not be allowed, the farce/travesty of Super Tuesday should be ditched, and the GOP should keep results confidential until each state has voted (to confound the media, preventing the media from determining “this state matters the most for momentum”). The primaries were hogwash and poppycock–the majority of Republicans did not like McCain.

  • Michelle J.

    I am very surprised to learn this news about Obama voting to finance the war. I do hope he will address this in the media to further explain his voting record and how it relates to his plans for the future. I am not a conservative, but I respect Ron Paul and I would’ve voted for him if I didn’t already support Obama and the Democratic agenda.

  • Robert

    Well, his bid for the nomination was lost before it began anyway. Would would he stop now?

  • Robert Hamer

    Christopher: Perhaps you would prefer the Democrats’ convoluted proportioning system which still has not produced a clear nominee yet? And are you actually suggesting that every single state needs to vote before knowing the results? I’m not a fan of states like Iowa being “first in the nation”, but come on.

    And as for your comment about most Republicans “not liking McCain”, get a grip. Most Republicans liked Ron Paul even less!

  • Michael

    Robert and Christopher: I point to the problems with both the Democratic and Republican Parties in “Independence, Democracy and a Republic.”

    Michelle: Obama has come out and explained he votes for funding for the war because it is one thing to not get into the war, but once there are troops in the war, he feels it is his ethical obligation to take care of them. Agree or disagree– but this has been on the record.

  • john

    I find it to be rather funny that if Ron Paul takes his race to the general election he will serve as a spoiler to the Democrats not the Republicans. The reason I say that is because his votes are coming from people who would otherwise be voting for Obama.

  • Flo

    (I say that is because his votes are coming from people who would otherwise be voting for Obama.)

    If you believe that you are terribly misinformed. I am a Reagan Conservative. Ron Paul is the ONLY True conservative left in this race. McCain is a RINO. There are many, many christian conservatives who support Paul.

    George Bush has brainwashed the people into believing that we need to BOMB the world. Wake up people. We are the worlds Superpower. We don’t need to BOMB anyone. And doing so with our borders wide open is suicidal.

    Get your head out of the brainwashing Television and think for yourself. The boogie man is not under your bed.
    If we couldn’t get Osama bin Laden with our mass of intelligence and miliary then we better quit. Do you realize how much non-sense you believe. Our government took 20 minutes to decide that 19 Saudi highjackers were involved in 9-11 but we have looked for Bin Laden for 6 years while killing our own people all along. How and why do people believe this kind of non-sense?

  • Hansen

    It is very disapointing that Mccain has the nomination. Ron Paul’s integrity and understanding of personal responsibility makes him the most qualified to lead a country into a new generation. Being a member of the Armed Forces, i struggled with Paul’s stance on the war. But the more i read and understand the more i see how he’s been right all along.

  • Babs

    Hansen, thank you for being a member of the Armed Forces. From someone who remembers the draft all too well, I respect every person who is voluntarily serving, and just wanted to say so.

    It’s very hard for me personally to know what is right about the war, and I think anyone who thinks it’s an easy decision is fooling themselves. Military strategy of this magnitude truly boggles the mind, and I have to agree with McCain that the decisions should be left to the military commanders on the ground. So much is kept from the media because of security reasons that I don’t believe any of us have enough facts to interfere with their judgment, do you? As far as I can tell, we all base our opinion on the principle of war vs. nonwar, not the actually facts of what’s happening on the ground. We’re just coaching from the bench, and that’s rarely successful. That’s just my .02 worth.

    Again, kudos to you for serving. I appreciate it. =)

  • Yes, i think it is sad that the media has lead most around my their noses and forced them into thinking what they wanted them to. Ron Paul is undeniably the truth and hope of america – but the media sure can change and alter our realities and desicions. Sad but true. Ron needs to win for the sake of humanity. By the way – what are McCains views on the Real ID or National ID Card? North American Union?

  • kevin

    If you agree with Paul vote for him. Just because people may think Obama or McCain are the proper candidates does not mean they are. I am not going to vote for the “lesser evil” because I think the two chosen candidates are the wrong chose. I will not vote for either. If Paul is on the ballot I will be voting for him. This country needs a change from the standard A and B choices.