Video: Howard Dean Talks Florida/Michigan Re-Vote

DNC Chairman Howard Dean appeared on Face the Nation this morning to discuss the Michigan/Florida re-vote issue on the Democratic side. He laid out possible scenarios for ways in which he believes the new primaries would have to take place.

Here’s the entire interview:

Here’s a report on it from Bloomberg:

March 9 (Bloomberg) — Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said it’s up to Florida and Michigan to come up with a way to get their presidential primary delegates counted in a party dispute that might determine the nominee.

Attention is turning increasingly to the two states as the nomination race drags on between Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Because Michigan and Florida violated party rules by moving up their primaries, they lost the right to send delegates to the nominating convention, a stance that some Democrats figured would be reversed once there was a clear nominee.

Clinton won the primaries in both states, even though none of the candidates actively campaigned and her name was the only one on the ballot in Michigan. Now, Clinton wants the primaries to count, and Obama supporters are calling foul. Dean said both campaigns will have to agree to a solution.

This is going to be a major story developing over the next few weeks. In some way, shape, or form Michigan and Florida will undoubtedly have some type of primary redo. In order to satisfy the voters and the state party organizations, they are going to have to figure out how to seat these delegates.

I’m sure there will be more on this during the week as possible plans are floated by the respective states.


Video of Michigan Senator Carl Levin and Florida Governor Charlie Crist from This Week discussing the same issue from their respective states:



Seems to be coming down to the “who’s going to pay for it?” argument. However, I don’t think the DNC can afford not to allow new primaries to take place.

  • nzpudding

    There’s not a lot of options with Michigan and Florida, it’s either a revote or a riot at the convention.

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  • Michael

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  • Jared

    As someone from Florida, I think it’s ridiculous to go ahead and seat the delegates without some type of do-over. The mentality was “Why should I vote if it’s not going to be counted?” Seeing as how the race is close as it is now at this stage, I think it’s important to allow some type of do-over. But if neither campaigns agree on a solution, or if the state can’t provide one, then I think the only answer would be to move on. The last thing we need is a lawsuit from Florida to screw this up again.

  • nzpudding

    I think I read somewhere that it’ll cost around $9Million to redo the Primary in Florida, $3M from Obama, $3M from Clinton and $3M from the DNC for screwing things up in the first place.

  • Michael

    It is curious that these news reporters are not attacking the politicians that made this mess in the first place. When Gov. Crist listed off all the politicians in support of seating Florida’s delegates, he made it sound like these people were important and commendable figures. Weren’t these the very same people who pushed to have Florida violate DNC guidelines from the beginning?

    Levin’s justification for Michigan violating DNC guidelines sounds like a 4th grader retort. “Jimmy did something bad, so I can do it too.” New Hampshire was always one of the three early primaries. According to Levin, it went from 3rd to 2nd (which is subject to debate). Michigan and Florida were trying to do far more than jump one spot among the 50 state sequence.

    Both Hillary and Barack’s campaign should foot the bill for this mess, and Florida and Michigan voters should stick it to their politicians like Levin and Crist for creating a potential catastrophe for their democratic process.

  • IndiMinded

    So… why exactly should Hillary and Barack both get bills for 3 million dollar for this?

    If someone sent me a bill for 3 mil for a mistake I had no part in, man would that ruin my day. I’d be grumbling about that for 30 years.

  • The Angry American

    I don’t know about billing Obama, I think the biggest portion of the bill should go to the DNC and Hillary since she’s the one trying to change the rules of the game midway through so she can have some sort of chance at beating Obama.

    Also Bill and Chelsea were in town here in Mississippi spouting more crap about wanting Obama as a VP so obviously they are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt they will say absolutely anything to win…which makes me dislike Hillary that much more if it’s even possible as much as I already dislike her.

    What gets me is you never see the main stream media pick up on Hillary’s antics (when they do it get’s a minimal mention)yet if it’s a republican candidate that was doing what she’s doing it would be on the front page of every paper.

    Screw Hillary. How can ya really trust her? Even Bill goes elsewhere to get laid. She can’t govern her own bedroom let alone the country.

  • Keith

    Florida voted. The votes that were cast should be counted. If you didn’t vote the first time, shame on you! I saw this mess coming when the DNC Pres. said Floridas votes would not count. A do-over would allow voters who did not care the first time a chance to change the out come. This is not fair to others who cast thier vote. Lets have a do-over for both parties and all states!

  • nzpudding


    I’m looking for a solution not a problem and trying to come up with the fairest possible way of achieving that solution.

    I take it Florida’s delegates would be proportional and not all-or-nothing?, so at best Hillary would only gain around 10-20 more than Obama. Obama has the cash and it would shut Hillary up.

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