Rep. King Says Terrorists Will “Dance In the Streets” With Obama Victory

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King uttered those words and more this morning on a local Iowa radio interview. These statements aren’t helping McCain as he’s spending time disassociating himself with them. Furthermore, King was a known McCain supporter which also means damage control will be happening soon.

Here’s the story on it from Radio Iowa:

Western Iowa Congressman Steve King says al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists around the globe will be “dancing in the streets” if Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is elected president.

“I don’t want to disparage anyone because of their race, their ethnicity, their name, whatever the religion of their father might have been. I’ll just say this, that when you think about the optics of a Barack Obama potentially getting elected president of the United States, I mean, what does this look like to the rest of the world? What does this look like to the world of Islam?” King said Friday during an interview in KICD studios in Spencer. “And I will tell you that if he is elected president, then the radical islamists, the al Qaida and the radical Islamists and their supporters Will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11th.”

King, a Republican from Kiron, endorsed GOP candidate Fred Thompson before the Iowa Caucuses. He now supports the party’s presumptive nominee, John McCain. A spokesman for Obama’s campaign During the interview in Spencer, King attacked Obama’s promise to pull American troops out of Iraq and questioned the impact Obama’s heritage might have on the rest of the world. Obama’s father was Kenyan and Obama’s middle name is Hussein.

Here’s a player with the full audio, give it a listen:

Rep. King Audio
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Also, King was on Geraldo at Large earlier this evening to explain the remarks:

Obama and McCain have both responded to this, story from Political Punch:

Obama spox Bill Burton: “These comments have no place in our politics, and we hope Senator McCain will repudiate them like he has previous offensive comments from his supporters.”

McCain spox Jill Hazelbaker: “Our position on this is very clear. We are against the kind of politics that divide and degrade people in the process.”

The implications here are mainly that any criticism similar to this is going to be taken with a racial or religious component. If you believe “terrorists will dance in the streets” because of Obama’s policies, how do you separate that from what Steve King said?

This is a sample of the touchy ground Republicans will be wading through if Obama becomes the nominee.

  • Avi

    Is he wrong? How does McCain think he will win if people do not realize that electing Obama (or hillary) is a victory for Al-Qaeda?

  • tab

    It is this sort of scumbag politics that has Democrats showing up in droves to polling places. When will Republicans understand that we want our politicians to have their loyalty first to the American people and their political party second? I hope that Representatives King’s constitutes remember his repulsive comments when he comes up for reelection. With a Democrat wining the seat of the former Republican Speaker of the House this weekend it seems opportunities are popping up in traditional Republican strong-holds for people to say enough is enough.

  • Robert

    Yes, Isalmic terrorists will look at Obama’s name and background and conclude–with as much logic as they reach their other conclusions about life and the international community–that America has conceded one to them. That observation is sound and decent.

    The problem is that King implies that we should allow this fact to play a role in the elections. So what if they dance in the streets? What do we care about their inflated egos? It may encourage them towards more violence; conversely, it may allow them to underestimate American security, which would benefit us.

    I think King makes a valid point that Obama’s policies may benefit the terrorists, but that’s a separate issue and should not have been mixed in with comments towards Obama’s background.

  • nzpudding

    I find it ironic that some Republicans are quick to bash Obama’s foreign policy, when most other Republicans (and Democrats) are still trying to figure out what Obama’s foreign policy is.

    It’s like dissing your Mother-in-law when you don’t yet have a girlfriend.

  • Babs

    Amen, nzpudding, this a post I can get behind. Obama has no foreign policy. As we’ve recently heard from his camp, he doesn’t really know WHAT he’ll do until he’s President. That’s scary.

  • IndiMinded
  • Babs

    Like, whoa, IndiMinded. Ms. Powers blew Obama’s foreign policy out of the water, didn’t you hear? He doesn’t know what he’ll do until he’s president. Like, whoa.

  • IndiMinded

    Ah that’s what you’re getting at. Yes, his key foreign policy adviser resigned from his campaign. That’s a major loss for him, but honestly I think statements like “Obama has no foreign policy” are… well… silly. Incredibly so.

    A more accurate statement might be “Obama’s key foreign policy adviser resigned. That’s scary.” Can we say overreaction? I’ll post the link again

    I suspect that’s probably the basic plan for what he’ll do if elected. Why do I think that? Because that’s what he has written and publicly available on his website.

    Maybe you don’t like it, maybe you think terrorists read it and go outside for some evening tango, but he’s got an idea of what he’d do as president of this country.

    All the same, let me know if Barack takes it down in a fit of panic. 😉

  • Babs

    His key foreign policy adviser did a little more than resign, and what she said actually made more sense – common sense – than what he says. In fact, if he were honest enough to break from his rhetoric long enough to just say I don’t know what I can do until I’m President, I would have a lot more respect for him.

    Sorry you find my statement incredibly silly, I find Obama’s credentials the same.

  • nzpudding


    I’m not saying Obama doesn’t have a foreign policy, I’m saying people don’t know what it is yet.

    An analogy:
    You might have a fantastic car locked away in the garage and you haven’t told anyone what it is yet. However, some people are quick to say because they don’t know what it is that it’s a heap of crap, but you know it isn’t.

    Just because you don’t know what it is, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists nor is it bad.

    I personally think Obama has a lot of work to do on his foreign policy, and he might be waiting till Hillary drops out and poach her advisors.

  • Robert

    Regardless of what vague talking points he has on his website, I have yet to hear any definitive statements about foreign policy come from Obama in any of the debates.

  • Babs

    A little to the left here, has anyone else seen the series Fox News is doing on the “Real Barack Obama”? I’ve viewed part 1 and 2 on the Fox News site, and I’m wondering why we’re not seeing issues like this being raised on this site?

  • No reason in particular Babs, I’ll have to go check it out.

  • nzpudding

    Babs, any issue can be raised about any candidate on this site, all it needs is someone like yourself to raise them.

  • Babs

    I know nzpudding, I was referring to the videos of that series, though. While I think I raise plenty of issues in comments, we both do, I was more or less referring to seeing a commentary on it. =)

  • Babs

    Footnote – I see that Fox News is not afraid to speak out this morning.

  • Dee

    Obama is totally WRONG for America. He even admitted he was muslim recently in George S’s show. No tongue slip but a real truth spine jarring reality check:
    His CLOSE association with the admited terrorist, William Ayres, his mentor – Uncle Wright, socialist follower of Saul Alinsky, advocate of baby killings (no matter how he tries to cover this, we know the truth), etc, etc, etc!!! Obama is a national disgrace!

    His lies are unending, his connection to evil, all visable!