It’s 3am and the actress in your ad is an Obama supporter – Updated

File it under the ironic category but the young girl shown in Hillary Clinton’s now-famous “3am” ad she ran in Texas before the March 4th primary has come out of hiding. She’s now 17 years old and an avid Obama supporter.

A video report on it from the local Seattle TV station with the story:

Here’s the story on it from

BONNEY LAKE, Wash. – The political ad that sparked nationwide controversy turns out to have a surprising local connection.

One of the actors in the Hillary Clinton ad was shocked to see herself, especially because she’s a fierce supporter of Barack Obama.

The so-called “red-phone ad” was played all over the country and helped turn the tide for Hillary Clinton leading up to her big win in Ohio. The commercial suggested Barack Obama was too inexperienced to handle a national crisis.

But the young girl starring in the ad will actually be voting age next month and says she’s no fan of Hillary Clinton.

Thursday night, the Knowles family of Bonney Lake, Wash., watched the Jon Stewart Show and saw the ad for the first time.

“I looked and saw a girl that looked like my sister and we rewound it and sure enough it was my sister,” said Brady Knowles.

The first girl in the ad is young Casey Knowles. It’s stock footage from eight years ago when she worked as a TV extra – footage owned now by Getty Images and used by the Clinton campaign.

Not so much important news as it is funny. What it says to me is that political ads are not necessarily filled with people who are willingly supporting the candidate who’s ad they’re appearing in.

I’ll be waiting for the new counter ad featuring Knowles and Obama together.


She’s making the morning show rounds now, here she is on GMA:

It’s funny because she is going to become a new face for Obama and it’s chock full of irony. Of course you would expect campaigns to use stock footage but this whole thing is dripping with irony since the original Clinton ad was a strong emotional piece.

Now the little girl sleeping at 3am can speak and tell us she’d prefer Obama answering the phone. More of a humor story than hard news.

  • Michael

    Nate, we’ve been talking on and off the air on the power of identity politics and perception. This is an amazing example of it, and could point to a future talking-point to come.

    It will be interesting to see how this information is appropriated by the Hillary and Barack campaigns as the contest heats up.

    Nice scoop.

  • Stalin

    This is about as pathetic as the band Boston not wanting McCain to use their songs. People need to grow up as there are serious challenges that this country faces.

  • nzpudding

    That’s hilarious or Hillaryous…LOL

  • Tahler


  • Michael

    Goes in line with the current president having trouble finding a University to house his $200 million dollar library (finally did find one that accepted, but facing a lot of protests about it).

    Capitalism, politics, and intellectual property. An interesting mix…

  • nzpudding

    George W.Bush and a library…LMAO I bet it’ll have ‘My Pet Goat’ in it.

  • Babs

    17, still not old enough to vote, but she sure gets more fame by saying it I bet than she got for that video clip. Maybe it will get her a shot at a commercial or something. *L*

  • Freydoh

    Pathetic. I’m not surprised that this site would show this.

  • Freydoh, it’s just a an example of the humorous things that happen during the election season. I ran it because the whole thing is quite entertaining and interested me just as a piece of irony.

    Plus, this will become bigger news as this girl begins campaigning with/for Obama now.

  • nzpudding

    Freyhod, if this site is pathetic, then why come here?

  • Peter

    This is so funny! I can’t beleive that Clinton would be so foolish as to put a person who likes Obama in her 3AM commercial. I am really not sure she is cut out to win this race.
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  • nzpudding

    The footage is 8 years old, so I don’t think Camp Clinton really knew.

  • Michael

    This thread has a nice intersection with the developing story on Geraldine Ferraro and the Orlando Patterson article.

  • George W.Bush and a library…LMAO I bet it’ll have ‘My Pet Goat’ in it.