Video: Obama explains why he lost Ohio/Texas

The video comes courtesy of Charlie Gibson and ABC News:

So basically it sounds to me like he lost because he did too well in the 11 prior contests? Furthermore, he does admit to the campaign making mistakes but I’m wondering what he thinks the mistakes were? It also seemed like he acknowledged the pro-Obama media bias that was glaring just before the March 4th primaries and recognized that perhaps he faced a slight backlash from it.

The fact of the matter though is that his delegate lead should hold him through even if Clinton picks up some more victories in her given states, which may be Pennsylvania.

  • Curtis

    Polls — and Hillary Clinton’s big victory in Ohio — suggest that if the Democrats want to win this year, they have to focus on economic anxiety.

  • Jared

    You lost because you were doing too well? I’m not quite buying it. I think the real reason is a little simpler, you ran out of time. I think that ones a little easier to explain.

  • With an ego like that, we might as well keep the same a** in the White House. Hmmmmmmm….