Obama raises $55 million in February

In what continues to be a ridiculous first quarter of 2008 for Obama, the figures are now out and he’s raised a whopping $55 million in the month of February alone.

Story on it from Breitbart:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrat Barack Obama has raised a record $55 million in February for his presidential campaign.

The amount eclipses rival Hillary Rodham Clinton’s own substantial fundraising for the month.

The campaign’s announcement comes two days after Obama lost three out of four primaries to Clinton. Clinton’s victories stopped his winning streak and extended the race into an unpredictable future.

More than $54 million of the February money was for the primary election. It was the second fundraising record set by Obama. He raised $36 million in January, more than any other presidential candidate who has ever been in a contested primary.

Clinton raised an impressive $35 million in February, a significant recovery from January when Obama raised more than twice her total.

And where is John McCain? Still dealing with campaign loans. Since his visit to the RNC yesterday he’s already begun a major fund raising drive, and he’s going to need it to counter what the Democrats have been bringing in. His only advantage right now is that he’s officially the nominee which means there’s nobody else to donate to on the Republican side.

Still, there has to be some creative financial thinking happening at McCain headquarters.

  • I can not understand the cash amount of donation of 55 million in the month of February on line being donated to Obama. This sounds a little redicilious not to mention suspicious to me due to the fact that our economy is in such a bad state. Poor people are not responsible for this crazy amount. I know he wants to win but at what cost? I was a strong fan of his in the beginning, know I’m honestly not sure. There is something that’s not right here.

  • Babs

    I agree with you Beverly. In a previous statement he made at the last debate he said his average donation was $109, do the math. And the sectors he claims are middle to lower income families and college students. The kind of money he’s raising is coming from some very deep pockets, and it’s not your regular joe on the street.