Did Hillary Clinton break Obama’s glass jaw?

In what may have been a preview of what would be to come between a McCain/Obama general match up, Hillary Clinton managed this week to make Obama fold like a cheap camera. During the Rezko press conference earlier in the week he was stuttering to the point where, at times, I couldn’t understand the points he was trying to make when answering the media’s softball questions.

Truth be told, I don’t think Obama knows what he’s really in for, just take this video clip from Dennis Miller earlier on The O’Reilly Factor:

That image will forever remain in my mind of how the Clintons truly work. What we saw this week was Barack Hussein Obama actually have to field questions from the press to which he couldn’t just respond with “hope and change”. He’s got a loony former business partner on trial in Chicago and allegations that he’s secretly assuring the Canadians that he’s a big NAFTA fan, despite what he said on the Ohio campaign trail.

As a result, Obama dropped the ball in Texas where he was bulking up to take a victory. I have said for two weeks that Hillary would take them both, and she did. Obama is all about the fluff. What changed that was people began lifting up his skirt and getting queasy about what they saw. Do they really want to toss this guy in the White House confronting world leaders when he won’t even confront Bill O’Reilly? Do they really want to hand the reigns over to a lightweight who cracks under pressure from the press actually doing their job and investigating his past?

Hillary Clinton won the day on March 4th because she came out of her shell, did Saturday Night Live, and all of a sudden seemed like the person who should be “answering the phone at 3am” in the minds of Democratic voters.

Think of it this way. If Hillary Clinton and the media were able to break Obama’s glass jaw over questions about his past, just imagine what the Republicans will do to him come November on everything else. As of now, he’s been debating Hillary Clinton over who’s socialized health care plan leaves out more people. Imagine if he had to actually debate the merits of socialized health care versus a privatized system? In that sense, I’m hoping he’ll be the Democratic nominee, it will be a cake walk. Especially if the media, God forbid, asks Obama reasonable questions about anything. Until then he’s probably “hoping” the media will “change” back to their pro-Obama bias so he can continue to walk on water.

Then again, we’d actually need a Republican nominee who’s not going to issue apologies and press releases when one of his supporters uses the word “Hussein.” Instead we have a Republicrat vowing to take the “high road” stating that he won’t attack his opponent.

Oh how I long for the cutthroat politics of yesteryear.

  • Stalin


    Good read. Hillary vs. Obama has basically come down to senior voters vs. youth voters. Seniors have been around long enough to see through the hype and get down to brass tacks. I think that really helped her in Ohio and Texas.

    on another note:


    The Chicago Tribune has gone over the edge. They are now printing articles by authors who are trying to convince us that Alex P Keaton from Family Ties would now vote Obama. You think I’m kidding, read this:


    In contrast to the authors conclusions I think Alex would be:

    1) Driving Mallory to her AA meetings on a daily basis and helping pay for her illegitimate child’s day care.

    2) Bailing Jennifer out of jail for building a meth lab in the back of her trailer.

    3) Subsidizing his hippie parents elderly care because they gave all their money to a company that promised to make VW buses out of cow manure and french fry grease.

    4) Sticking to his conservative values and not voting for a socialist who only stands for _________(insert Hope, Change, or Si Se Puede)

  • As a Canadian who follows American Politics it would seem to me that McCain would prefer Clinton to Obama. I find Obama to be “all trousers” and a well packaged individual who has been molded and honed to become President, however I believe he may be 8-12 years too early.

    If he puts his head down and works at Politics, he would make a good President , however I hope that happens after I am dead *smirk*

  • Babs

    Excellent commentary, CG, and SO spot on! Yes, I think Hillary at least cracked BHO’s glass jaw with the help of the media and SNL. Let’s hope none of them let up! Treat him as an equal – crucify him in the press! *L*

  • paul

    To see the news media do there job STOP MAKING NEWS!!!!! maybe just report it and let the people decide. People all over the country are getting involved. Each time the news media try to close of make someone the winner. The people want to see more
    all the years in college learning to be reporters they cannot get past the same questions. Even 24hours coverage does not get them passed the same questions. Most news media would be happier when we are divided and hate each other.

  • I just read an article that stated In 2003, Senator Obama said he was for a single payer health system, but now opposes plans that cover every American. He promised to repeal the Patriot Act, but then voted to extend it. He promised to normalize relations with Cuba, but flip-flopped when he started running for president.

    In 2008, Senator Obama rails against NAFTA in Ohio while his top economic advisor assures the Canadians his rhetoric is just “political positioning.” He promises to opt in to public financing if the GOP nominee does, but then breaks that pledge in real time. He promises to withdraw from Iraq within 16 months, and now his top foreign policy adviser says that he’s not relying on the plan.

    Does anyone have an opinion of this? do you think its relevant? just wondering, not accusing Obama of anything.

  • Babs

    Not accusing Obama of anything? Don’t you think someone SHOULD? You are stating facts, Jennifer, and if we can’t examine Obama’s waffling on facts then what ARE we allowed to examine about the man? So far, hands are being slapped over questioning anything about him. I think you’re spot on to question, and millions of others better get on the band wagon soon.

  • i just said that bc i didnt want people attacking me for simplistic questions like these to turn them into accusing Obama like I hate him or something. I was avoiding the drama, but surely, they are facts…

  • nzpudding

    The reason Obama waffles on the facts is because he’s not much different to Hillary on a lot of the issues but waffles to make out that he is.

    Obama and Clinton are very very similar and the ‘experience’ argument is a bogus one from Hillary, as John McCain has twice as much experience as both of them together. It’s a matter of who do you trust the most, as whoever wins, Obama or Clinton, they’ll be poaching the best Democratic team no matter who’s camp they’ve been in.

    Every candidate changes their position and opinion on certain issues over time, they have to, so they can be able to adapt to the situation at the moment. Having a candidate who’s ideas and policies are a decade old is no use to anyone. To look to the future you have to look to the past and learn from the mistakes, not look to the past and make the same mistakes all over again. That’s probably why Obama is more appealing than what Clinton is, he offers hope for the future by changing the politics and some of the policies of the past. Hillary hasn’t offered that hope, only that she’s a change from George W.Bush.

  • Babs

    Nzpudding, I agree, they are very very similar on the issues. I suspect in private they are virtually the same, in fact.

    “To look to the future you have to look to the past and learn from the mistakes” Why, nzpudding, I do believe you come awfully close to quoting John McCain! =)

  • nzpudding

    If I was quoting John McCain I’d be calling people jerks…LOL

  • Tara

    hillary is a republican in democratic clothing…PERIOD!!

  • Hillary a republican in democratic clothing? you must be joking. The Women is a socialist with her universal health care plan, or should I say socialized health care. Spending under her would be out of control, the nation would now be raising everyone in Americas kids, it takes a village or in this case a nation you know. How about her voting record, do you know that she voted yes on partial birth abortion. Do I need to remind you that a partial birth abortion takes place in the 3rd trimester of a pregnancy.
    You must be mistaken, these are not republican standings in the least, just the opposite. Your PERIOD needs to an explanation.

  • Avi

    Hillary kicked Obama’s butt yesterday and she showed the country that she is suppose to be president!! I think she’s been too kind to Obama actually. She should really show him what she can do because I don’t think Obama has any idea what he’s in for if he gets nominated. Obama showed us that he’s not even ready for the general election in the PA debate last week. The general elction would be a lot more interesting if Clinton was taking on McCain, Obama would be crushed quickly.

    Hillary is awesome!

  • cc

    Don’t you feel stupid now?