Clinton dodges the bullet, wins Ohio and Texas primaries

She has clenched Ohio as the polls foretold and managed to steal Texas back from Obama in the primary. However, the fact that she took the Ohio win speaks to the fact that the Democratic campaign is far from over. Many had her completely written off today losing both states.

Here’s her victory speech discussing Ohio:

She’s betting on the notion that “as Ohio goes, so goes the nation”. Her campaign was saved from the demise the media has been discussing since Obama won 11 straight victories. That came to an end today.

Story on her victory from MSNBC:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton threw up a roadblock to Sen. Barack Obama’s path to the Democratic presidential nomination by winning the giant Ohio primary, NBC News projected Tuesday night.

“For everyone here in Ohio and across America who’s been counted out and refused to be knocked out, and for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up, and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you,” Clinton said at a raucous rally in Columbus after she took one of the two major prizes on offer Tuesday.

Clinton, D-N.Y., and Obama, D-Ill., split the smaller Rhode Island and Vermont primaries, according to NBC News, leaving Democrats to wait for Texas to provide clarity to the tight campaign. Results from Texas remained too close to call Tuesday night, NBC News projected.

It has come down to Texas. A victory for Obama will continue to drive his momentum. However, should Clinton manage to win Texas as well, this campaign will take on a whole new dimension.


The Texas Primary has been called for Clinton now as well, more to come in the next few minutes. This will definitly change the dynamic moving forward. However, the Texas Democratic Caucus is still being tallied, more on that to come as well.

Here’s a story on it from the Austin-American Statesman:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, backed into a corner by 11 consecutive primary losses, found redemption Tuesday as she won races in Ohio and Rhode Island and eked out a narrow victory in the night’s biggest remaining prize — Texas.

“This nation is coming back, and so is this campaign,” Clinton told delirious supporters in Columbus, Ohio. “We’re going on, we’re going strong and we’re going all the way.”

The New York senator had staked her entire campaign on Texas and Ohio, banking on big-state victories to counter rival Barack Obama’s win streak — a series of lopsided victories that helped him to build a seemingly insurmountable lead in pledged delegates to the party’s nominating convention in August.

Clinton’s victories not only punctured Obama’s vaunted momentum, they helped make an argument that her campaign deserves to continue despite the prospect of a long and bruising primary battle, one that could continue until the party’s national convention in August.

This is a real upset for Obama who was hoping to at least take Texas. The Texas Democratic Caucus is still being counted and he may score a victory there which also hands out delegates. Still, the sting of defeat is difficult considering his campaign has been faltering in the past few days over NAFTA and Rezko issues.

Here’s video of Obama speaking earlier tonight:

He still has, and probably will continue to have, the delegate lead. That will be computer over the next few days since Texas has a difficult calculation system.

  • Indeed Nate, Obama still leads by delegates and her wins tonight do not change that.
    She still has a long fight ahead of her depending on how she does in states like Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Indiana…of course obama will get mississippi etc. and then that will still have Obama ahead in delegate count, but she’ll be ahead in superdelegates.
    It was a great night for her though. The race is not over, its wide open!

  • Paul

    It just shows the news media has no clue they more often try to make news the report it. I love watching all news fall on there faces. Everybody has a right to there side I would just love if the news media would take there out.

  • Babs

    Jennifer, I’m curious. “Of course obama will get mississippi”, why do you say that? Polls or just a guess?

  • Stalin


    Mississippi has a higher percentage of blacks than any other state. Obama is getting about 90% of the black vote.

  • thats why babs, what stalin said.
    Believe me, I want her to take it but she is focusing now on Pennsylvania and the other states i mentioned above. Plus Pennsylvania is a huge win and will give her plenty of delegates.
    She needs a larger winning margin if she wants to take this!

  • Babs

    That’s what I thought, Jennifer. That’s why he took Georgia, as well, where I live. People voting color, not candidate.