New Site Design Imminent!

We’re getting sucked in to the mantle of “CHANGE” which means within hours now we’ll be rolling out a completely new design for the site.

It will be faster, leaner, and much better organized. It will be more of a “News” format as opposed to the current blog format. We will be able to run featured stories and almost double the content we’re currently posting on the main page. Your continued comments and participate will be welcome more than ever as without the readers, the site wouldn’t exist. As a reader, your accounts and subscriptions will all remain the same as will all bookmarks. Everything will be here, just a bit prettier.

New stories will be excerpts on the main page which will load much faster for all users. You will then have the option to click on the title or “Read the full story” link to read the rest or to comment, as usual. Also, with the new design, we will begin featuring another news author but I’ll leave that for later.

Of course, we’ll be looking for bug reports of anything displaying wrong or just not working right yet.

Expect to see it in a few hours, just in time to cover the Super Tuesday 2 contests.

Stay tuned…


New design activated as you can see.

So tell us what you think? Love it, hate it, indifferent?

  • Number 27

    Ugh. This terrible.

    Crowded much?

  • Duly noted, which part seems the most annoying, the right sidebar? This will be somewhat of a work in progress this week to tweak it a bit so I’d appreciate more feedback.

  • Babs

    I think I like it better, Nate. The right side bar is a little crowded, but I appreciate finding the commentary menu there without having to chase the scrolling one down that was at the top. A little tweaking and you’ve got a success. =)

  • A little crowded, but a nice new look. I like it.

    PS–I am having trouble posting this comment.

  • Ben

    I like the ease of finding things on this version of the sight. But it is rather boring. I miss the colors, the blue, the “cool” effect. Everything kinda blends together. I do like the tabs on the right. A spry by chance? Much easier to find things.