New Celebrity Ads Stir the Democratic Pot

Here are two recent works featuring and Jack Nicholson for their Democratic candidates. Look to Hillary Clinton’s upcoming appearance on the Daily Show as another attempt to reach out to impressionable voters.’s (from the Black Eyed Peas) second creation, the first being “Yes We Can” (budgeted over $300,000)

Bruce Cohen’s (director of American Beauty) creation that was budgeted at around $300:

Update: Below is the second part of Hillary Clinton’s appearance on The Daily Show. She is taking some cues from Obama in her last few statements and has some interesting points on bipartisanship.

  • Babs

    No matter what your politics are, ya just gotta love Jack Nicholson. *L*

  • Stalin

    I think that history has shown that celebrity endorsements don’t really help much. Gore and Kerry had nearly every celebrity in hollywood back their campaigns and look where that got them. In fact they can do more damage than good. Of course there are exceptions….Oprah.