Video: New Clinton ad playing on emotions, fears

In fact, this ad almost seems like it could have been run by a Republican since the Democrats often accuse the GOP of “fear mongering”.

Anyway, give it a watch, it’s titled “Children” and this is the description given by her campaign on YouTube:

On March 4th, your vote will decide who will be in the White House to pick up the phone when it rings at 3 AM.

Here it is:

Here’s a report on it from Yahoo News:

HOUSTON – A stark new Hillary Rodham Clinton ad portrays her as the leader voters want on the phone when crisis occurs in the middle of the night, “while your children are safely asleep.” Barack Obama retorted that his Democratic rival already had her “red phone moment” and it helped draw the U.S. into a misbegotten war.

The ad, with its visuals of sleeping children, prompted an immediate denunciation Friday from Obama, who said it’s meant to scare people. The Obama campaign rolled out testimonials from national security supporters that the Illinois senator has the temperament and judgment for perilous times.

Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson contended the ad “speaks to what people really know in their hearts” about his candidate’s experience and, by inference, her opponent’s lack of it. “This is a legitimate matter for a presidential campaign,” he said. “We would be derelict if we didn’t raise it.”

The commercial stirred waters heading into the final weekend of the campaign for Ohio and Texas presidential primaries Tuesday that could make or break Clinton’s campaign.

It’s a little too over the top for me. “There’s a phone ringing in the White House, who do you want answering it?” She is really trying to play the experience card here as the trump over Obama.

So what is your impression?


Here’s Obama’s response to Clinton releasing the “Children” ad:

He had this released in a matter of hours after the Clinton ad. He keeps whacking her with the “Hillary voted for the Iraq war stick” and it probably resonates with many Democratic voters.

  • Stalin

    I think that it is a legitimate question. We are all getting a little too sensitive. It’s funny how the media is picking up on every little remark by the candidates this election season…where are these people when someone compares Bush to Hitler?

  • nzpudding

    Didn’t Prescott Bush (Dubya’s Grandaddy) work for a bank that was a financial backer to the Nazi party?

    Anyhoo, they’re both crap ads. I think Hillary’s fearmongering (she should be a Republican) is starting to take a toll in Ohio, because according to Hillary’s poll numbers are sinking quicker than a Russian submarine.

  • Michael

    Hillary’s tactics here just don’t suit her. This the card the Republicans have played for the past eight years– and has become identified with the Bush administration– rightly or not.

    I don’t see this as being productive for her. Obama’s campaign could have addressed this, but instead aired a rather flat message.

  • sad democrat

    I am completely ashamed of all the candidates in this campaign, I think its rather sad that the democrats are fighting against each other and letting an old war hungry soldier rise to power. Shame on you Clinton, if the american people want Obama as president which is clear after 11 straight defeats, why don’t you rally behind him and help your party win the election? I think that in itself tell us enough about her candidacy, its not about the american people its about HER, her ego, her desire to make history.

    I know everyone keeps saying the media is biased, it never attacks Obama, well thats her reality. She needs to deal with the realities of her campaign just as much as he has to. Being an unknown candidate with a middle name as “Hussein” – yes I said it – is a reality he is and has to deal with. Clinton needs to stop being a cry baby and handle her campaign.

    Personally I am sick of this campaign….which saddens me as a democrat, because it is becoming more obvious to me that we will have another 8 years of a republican in the white house and probably invade IRAN while staying in IRAQ.

  • Babs

    I don’t see this as any different than anything else these two candidates have done. Obama is probably just mad he didn’t think of it first. But the ad certainly does beg a very important question – really. Who DO you trust with the executive decisions that might come in just this fashion? Do you trust someone who is wet behind the ears, maybe a little drunk, or maybe had a touch of the big C that evening? And don’t jump on me here – if’s a lie, he told it himself. All of the candidates personal lifestyles come VERY much into play here, or at least they should.

  • nzpudding

    It doesn’t matter how much experience you have so long as you make the right decisions. You can’t get experience in an executive position until you’re actually in an executive position.

  • The absurdity of her campaign knows no bounds. Why doesn’t she switch parties and challenge McCain for the Repub nomination? She could probably beat him.

  • Babs

    While I have no intentions of voting for Hillary, I certainly don’t see her campaign as absurd as Obama’s. And yes, she does stand a better chance against McCain than Obama does, but that’s not saying much, either.

  • nzpudding

    I don’t think Martine was pointing out that Hillary has a better chance of beating McCain in the general election, but she might have stood a chance of beating McCain for the GOP nomination, as her fearmongering tactics and mud-slinging is what the Republicans are noted for.