You Decide Politics Radio – 2/28/08

We will be live tonight at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific time with another edition of You Decide Politics Radio!

Tonight we’ll be joined by a special guest, Jonathan Cifre from Jonathan will be with us for the full two hours to discuss the latest 2008 election news and the MSNBC Democratic Debate.

Note: Our call in number has changed but will now remain permanent.

The call in number if you wish to join us or say your piece: (347) 945-6225

Tonight’s topics:

MSNBC Democratic debate from Ohio
– McCain and Obama spar over Iraq – story
– Is the media pro-Obama, anti-Clinton?
– McCain’s campaign still stuck with millions in loans – story
– March 4th, “Super Tuesday II” preview and poll discussion
– Republicans/Independents voting for Obama in Texas – story
– Huckabee supporters still keeping the faith! – story
– Obama still fighting false links to Islam, why is that? – story
– Hillary stalling on her tax returns, does it matter? – story
– McCain’s birth place, is he DQ’d from being Prez? – story
– Hillary’s new anti-poverty plan – story
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– Delegate count update and discussion
– Other news between now and then!
– Your live calls!

So join us tonight for a lively and informative discussion on the latest news and topics arising from the 2008 Presidential Election.


Here’s the embed of the entire show if you missed it:

Special thanks to Jonathan from and all the listeners! We’ll be back next week on Thursday, March 6th at 10pm eastern with a brand new show.

  • Marjalea Martin

    The first thing I would like to say is…Will the real Hilary Clinton please stand up..please stand up? Every time I check in she is constantly changing. As soon as she is down she goes on an attack that is a disgrace! I believe people are finally seeing her for who she really is and a person like or like McCain that could be in the White House is more of a nightmare than the current administration! Obama I believe is the only chance of the three that could give our country and people a fighting chance at truly making a difference not only at home but across the world. As an independent there is only one clear choice for our safety, our economy, our troops, relations with even our ‘adversaries’, ect..I hope everyone is seeing what my husband and I see. Thank you!

  • Stalin


    Yes we definitely need better relations with our adversaries. Lets send the Philharmonic Orchestra to play for Osama and Al Queda next.

  • nzpudding

    Who’s to say that the calming tones of an orchestra won’t help bridge a divide?

    Is it important for America to have adversaries and enemies so they can keep their military at the strength they do?

  • Stalin

    OK, the next time we see a plane heading into downtown NYC, we’ll all break out the Cello’s.

    You tell us when nobody else is a threat to the United States and we’ll see what we can do.

  • nzpudding

    I never knew you played the cello Stalin, so you do have a talent…LOL

  • Babs

    I see in the topics of discussion for tonight John McCain’s birthplace hit the list. So now we question a person’s citizenry because they are born on an American Military Base outside the US. Hmmmm, let’s stir the pot a little here, just for fun. In other words, if we’re going to be silly, let’s REALLY be silly! Should we now question the legality of Obama’s birth in the United States? I ran across this recently, maybe one of you would like to do a little research on it. The topic was the legality – or actually the illegality – of interracial marriages in the US in the 60’s, and I quote:
    “.Marriage in the March of Time
    By Colbert I. King
    Saturday, February 12, 2005; Page A19
    “…It remained that way for generations, until 1967, when the U.S. Supreme Court, in Loving v. Virginia, ruled that state laws setting forth who can marry whom violate “one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men” — marriage — and the “principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment.” (for the full article)

    And did this ruling come before or after the marriage of Obama’s parents and his subsequent birth? I know from Obama’s book, that his father’s family was opposed to his parents interracial marriage, as they did not want “a white woman’s blood” to “sully” their bloodline. But I always assumed the marriage was legal. Was it? Wasn’t it? How silly is it to even ask? Sillier than questioning John McCain’s American citizenship? I always assumed he was an American citizen. hmmmmm………Maybe we should be demanding a hormone profile on Hillary. My God, the woman in menopausal, she could press that nuclear button on a bad day…………… Well, that one might be a serious consideration. *LOL*

  • Actually we’ll be dispelling that story about McCain. He was born in the “Panama Canal Zone”, which, at the time was a US Territory. Therefore, he’s considered an American citizen the same as someone born in Chicago would be. Plus, if this was an issue, it would have disqualified him from serving in the senate already. But we’ll discuss this on the show, hope you all tune in at 10 pm eastern!

  • Well Babs, Now that you mention menopause……Don’t you think she makes all of women look bad? Granted a woman just might push the button…..but for most women it would be after great comtemplation! We all know women really don’t take any crap but most of us have a solid head on our shoulders! We may be ‘hormonal’ but we cannot leave out men….not hormones…hemmeroids…LOL! So when it comes down to it we really need to look at the bigger picture. As for Osama Bin Laden…..were we not looking for him when we got Hussein? Why is it ‘we can’t find Bin Laden’ maybe Bush has money and oil ties…shall we just let McCain do the same..I think not!!!!!!!!!!

  • Babs

    No, I don’t think she especially makes all women look bad, I just don’t agree with her politics. I give her kudos as a women to get out there and fight for it, but as I said in a commentary here, my country is about much more than pride in my gender.

    I don’t find Obama any better, though. He’s no more truthful than she is, in fact he’s very prone to fantasies, as critiques of both his books have proven. I haven’t decided yet if he’s more a pied piper or the little boy that cried wolf.