Video: Hillary may be down, but don’t count her out!

I’ve been thinking this for days. Conventional wisdom now seems to hold that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. However, March 4th could turn out in her favor and then she could be back on top quite easily.

In that same line of thinking, Neil Cavuto took the words out of my mouth:

Seriously though, once conventional wisdom sets in, I start to wondering whether or not we’re stuck in a “group media think” where frenzy overruns clear thinking logic. Obama has been doing well but this nomination is nowhere near locked up, it’s not even close. Hillary’s down by less than 100 delegates and there’s still plenty of states to go.

Texas and Ohio could clear things up. However, they could also simply muddy the waters even more and make this a longer race.

  • Tahler Thacker

    First time Ive agreed with Neal in a long time.

    I still have hope for Hillary…and I’ll be picking her on my ballot!

  • Michael

    I disagree with his point on momentum. It did help Obama after winning Iowa (his numbers in New Hampshire shot up– so that he was no longer in a two-digit deficit). His momentum did wonders for him in Wisconsin and other places– and pundits had said that it was time, not votes, that Obama needed to win over California (since the momentum was eclipsing Clinton’s lead by the day). And lastly it was momentum that has shifted the national popular vote (RCP) from Clinton to Obama, who now is leading by close to 7%.

    His now leading in Texas– and I feel will win the popular vote and delegate count. He will take Ohio as well with this, and when this happens, a Rhode Island victory will not be enough.

    It is not about “delegate” counts, but about “pledged delegates.” Obama’s lead over Clinton in this category has grown through the weeks to well over 150. This category and the amount of state wins has put pressure on the superdelegates. We are already witnessing them changing sides due to the disparity over popular and state voting.

    Neil might right about the numbers, but I feel he has incredibly underestimated the power of momentum.

  • nzpudding

    If Hillary continues on her negative ad campaign “the kitchen sink” and keeps going nutty every second day, then she’ll sink quicker than the Titanic. She needs to move in a new direction and get rid of the ‘ready on day one’ bollocks she keeps spouting.

    She could still do it, I doubt it though on her present course, but you never know.

  • Barb

    I’m not counting her out and she has my vote here in Ohio!!!

    I don’t understand why more and more women are voting for Barack – I think it would be awesome to have a woman President! Too many subservient women out there don’t I guess,

  • nzpudding

    Are you saying it would be more awesome having a woman President rather than a black President?

    I’m guessing Barb that you’re not subservient to any man? Perhaps you do women injustice to think that just because they choose not to side with Hillary that they are subservient. Perhaps it’s women who make other women feel subservient when they don’t follow their fellow ‘sisters’, which is extremely sad.

  • Babs

    I’m with you here, nzpudding. Barb, I’m a woman who is not subservient to anyone, and while I would welcome a President who happens to be a woman as well, it will have to be a strong, qualified women who has earned the job. And while I honestly believe Hillary is more qualified than Obama, if for no other reason than her “on the job” familiaritywith the White House, I won’t vote for her simply because she’s a woman anymore than I would vote for Obama because he’s half black or maybe/maybenot half muslim and half atheist. Please, as a woman, dig a little deeper than that.

  • Barb

    nzpudding – i thought i read on a previous post that you were voting McCain so feel free to bash the Democrats, right?

  • nzpudding

    I can’t recall ever mentioning I’d vote for McCain. I might have if I was talking about Mitt Romney, as I’d have McCain over Romney any day.

  • Look at this HC haters. I’m not trying to persuade anyone in any way. I just like this. Hope you continue laughing 🙂 lol

    Barack is a good guy, but the media made a lot of people believe that Hillary is the evil woman out to get the good man. They both have their strengths, but clearly Hillary has become degraded by the media, and sadly a lot of Barack’s supporters.

    They would just say she is whining, etc. They don’t see the whole picture.

  • nzpudding

    Hillary’s degraded herself and made herself look like a stoney faced bitch by the constant negative ads and the whining like a little bitch when things don’t go her way. Obama’s supporters didn’t do that Hillary did that herself.