Why is McCain afraid of B. Hussein?

What is it about this man’s name (Barack Hussein Obama) that makes America skittish? It was as if Bill Cunningham said a curse word. McCain was very quick to apologize and I just have to ask why everyone is intimidated by Obama? I’m telling you its like McCain was a bad sheep and he needed to publicly repent to the “Messiah”. I have never seen such manners on the campaign trail. Lets all hold hands and sing “Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya Ay”.

Here’s a video from MSNBC on the entire matter:

In response to McCain’s response, Cunningham said the following on his radio show:

Cunningham Audio
(Click the play button to listen)

Good for Cunningham! John McCain better tread softly, he’s not real popular amongst us Conservatives. Cunningham is yet another to join the Ann Coulter club in voting for Hillary over John McCain.

If McCain is scared of someone using Barack Obama’s full name during an introduction, how is he going to handle other issues that actually matter? This just shows how liberal John McCain truly is. He’s so afraid of even being associated with someone’s comments which may have possibly offended someone that he immediately distanced himself.

  • Does anyone know how to use this clip for overcasting?

  • Michael

    Interesting story. He is a shock jock, so there is no surprise as to his motives. McCain is running a clean campaign, which is refreshing.

    Words have power. Why do people say there is a “woman” and a “Black man” running for president? Why not say there is a “White woman,” and a “Black man,” running for president?

    We can strip words of context and their ability to ‘affect’, which makes comments like Cunningham’s innocuous. But this is not the way language or rhetoric works. There is context and power to words– this is the whole principle behind “The Shock Jock.” Use of words.

    The media, overall, has shown a complete failure to discuss religion and race in this election. This is just one more example…

  • Stalin

    CG and Mike,

    The reason that the left does not want to use BO’s middle name is very simple. It associates him with Muslims. For obvious reasons, that is not a group of people who have been looked on favorably by America as a whole. By emphasizing his middle name, you are playing to the fears and discomfort that most American have with Muslims. I think that Hussein has even more impact because it was Saddams last name.

    I think that by McCain reacting so strongly against the use of his middle name proves my point above. McCain is essentially saying that Obama’s middle name has negative connotations.

    If I were Obama, I would be angry that people were objecting to the use of my middle name. I would probably be a bit self righteous and say, “hey this is my middle name, I’m proud of it and my heritage, so what’s the big deal.”

  • kalaine

    This site just keeps getting sillier. “Why is McCain afraid of B. Hussein?” is the author serious???? Maybe this author has no social skills? Maybe this author has lived in a hole for 7 years? Maybe this author has a learning disability?

    “Why is McCain afraid of B. Hussein?” Let’s see, the American people were duped into a mob mentality frenzy with a thirst for the blood of a man named Saddam Hussein and the right wings maniachal attempt to link Barack Obama to Saddam Hussein is not obvious.

    Republicans need to stop acting stupid but, maybe they are.

  • Those were some inflammatory comments coming from an Obama Supporter, why not try and defend your candidate? Oh wait that’s right, you as a supporter do not even know what he stands for besides “change”, so all you have to resort to is personal attacks. Typical liberal mentality.

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  • nzpudding

    As Karl Rove pointed out on Hannity & Colmes, for Republicans and Conservatives in particular, to constantly point out Obama’s middle name makes them look like bigots. I also think that not only does it make them look like bigots but hate and fear mongers as well. If that’s the only way Republican’s can see of winning the White House then good luck, it might work, but I highly doubt it.

  • Babs

    Does it occur to anyone that if Obama actually wins the Presidency, it will be a legal statement of fact that the United States of America has a Commander in Chief named Barrack Hussein Obama, Jr.? Anyone who wants to see Obama elected – including Obama himself – better get used to it. Hillary Clinton is very often referred to as Hillary Rodham Clinton, and nobody apologizes for it and she doesn’t whine about it. It’s her name.

    As our American History plays itself out here, imagine 100 years from now your gggrandchildren reading a synopsis of our history in this century: 1) 9/11/2001, America loses thousands of lives in an unprecedented attack on American soil by muslim terrorists. 2) We invade and hunt down Osama Bin Laden, Suddam Hussein, and a host of others in connection with terrorism – all Muslim and all having those deliciously similar names. 3) We elect an American President named Barrack Hussein Obama, Jr., a born and raised Muslim. How stupid does that look on paper? Fact. Not mudslinging, people. Fact. If Obama is uncomfortable with his name, he should change it to John Smith. If YOU are uncomfortable with his name, by all means, don’t make him your President.

  • nzpudding

    Hillary is often referred to as Hillary Rodham Clinton because Rodham is her maiden name NOT her middle name, and using it as a double-barrelled surname was her choice when first running for Senate. Diane is her middle name.

  • Babs

    nzpudding, I’ll bet she wouldn’t whine if anyone referred to her as Hillary DIANE Clinton, either.

  • nzpudding

    No she probably wouldn’t, I bet she’d just whine about everything else and then cry about it.

  • Babs

    You’re right, she probably would, and than be angry after she’s through crying and blame it on the Bush Administration. That doesn’t change Obama’s name, though you did a really good job of taking the focus off of it. Congrats.

  • Michael Jerryson

    The only people born into a religion are Sikhs, Hindus and Jews. Like Christianity, in Islam one must declare their allegiance through rites and vows. Barack Obama cannot be “born a Muslim.” Religion is not in people’s genes. If so, the evangelical Christian tradition, which stretches all the way back to its very genesis, should give up now.

    Obama was never a Muslim. He went to school in Jakarta, Indonesia, at a madrassa, along with other Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus who attended these schools.

    The vast majority of people in Indonesia follow Islam, making it the largest Muslim country in the world. But just like the United States is overwhelmingly Christian, and that there are a lot of books on how our Judicial system and social values dervie from Judeo-Christian origins, not all people in this country are Christian. And one does not have to be Catholic to attend a private Catholic school.

    Hussein is a very common name given to people in Arabic speaking countries. His father, while an atheist, came from a society that had this tradition. My name is Michael, but this does not necessarily mean I must be following one of the “religions of the book,” since it derives from Judeo-Christian scripture. Michael is a common name, one of the most popular first names in this country. Hussein is likewise in many countries.

    Incidentally, Hussien is derived from the Arabic hasuna, meaning “to be good” or “to be handsome or beautiful.” It became famous for its connections to the lineage of Muhammad (just as the popularity of Michael was helped along by the connection to the archangel of the Judeo-Christian God).

  • Stalin

    I find it very interesting that his father was an atheist, his mother was non-religious, and his step-father was “a man who saw religion as not particularly useful.” Yet, 1988 at the age of 27, he found Christ and joined the Trinity United Church of Christ. I hope that he is sincere in his convictions as a Christian and is not just using the church to further his political career.

  • nzpudding

    Didn’t George W.Bush find Christ just prior to getting into politics? Seems he did pretty well with the Evangelical voters.

  • Stalin

    No, he is a born again Christian and he wasn’t raised by atheists. I’m not accusing Obama of anything, I just think the whole situation is a little convenient.

  • nzpudding

    Of course it’s convenient, that’s my point. The majority of politicians suddenly become religious or overtly religious when they want to run for office.

  • Babs

    Michael, you are totally correct in that Hussein is an extremely common name in that culture. So again, why the hooplah over using it? Hussein is no more offputiting than Barrack or Obama. Obama is who he is – whoever that is – and his name is what it is. My name is Barbara, which is german in origin and translates as “strange or foreign”. Strange I may be, foreign only fits if I go abroad. It’s just a name – not a life style.

  • Michael

    Babs, I agree with Stalin’s first comment on this thread when it comes to your question. His middle name associates him with Muslim identity, and right now that identity is highly denigrated and disliked by people across the United States.

    I realize we have come a long way since attacking and killing Sikhs after 9/11 (people got confused and thought wearing a turban on your head meant you were a Muslim, let alone the fact that less than 1% of Muslims are considered fundamental). But U.S citizens still have a strong prejudice against Muslims. There is no overwhelming prejudice against German or Judeo-Christian in this country– at least not to the level as being Muslim. For example, take a look at the stir caused by Keith Ellison’s election to Congress.

    Since Obama is not a Muslim and since the name associates him with being Muslim, pundits and shock jock uses of his middle name simply highlights an identity that does not really exist in order to disassociate Obama from prospective voters.

  • Babs

    Michael, I understand your point, but I honestly think it’s insulting to the American voters. If we can read or hear his name, we can also read and hear his statements that he is not a Muslim. The camp that believes he IS a Muslim is not going to change their minds whether you use his middle name or not. And it’s insulting to the rest of the people to think just because you don’t use the name that it’s not there. Obama’s middle name has become a huge elephant sitting in the middle of the room that no one wants to admit is sitting there. Making a hooplah over not using it simply brings more attention to it, and casts doubts and dispersions on the real truth of the matter, doesn’t it? And the truth is – as we are told it – that his name is Hussein and he’s not a Muslim. Pure and simple – and the American voters can process that information very easily. To think that they can’t is insulting.

  • Stalin


    The uproar over Ellison was that he took his oath of office on the Koran, which goes against the long standing tradition of giving your oath on the bible. Yes, I am aware of your position on traditions so don’t bother.

  • Michael

    Babs and Stalin,

    People have collapsed the difference between Ellison and Obama, accusing Obama of giving his oath over the Koran. There are actually a few comments on this website that does this. This confusion stems from voter uncertainties over Obama’s religious identity.

    It is not about how intelligent people are– it is about how powerful media and propaganda are on the U.S psyche. For example, if you want to argue that people purchase foods, merchandise, etc. without being unfairly manipulated by advertising, that is your stance… but I feel it is a weak one to work off of. This situation parallels that of propaganda over prospective presidential candidates.

  • Babs

    Then, Michael, basically what you’re saying is that media influences us more than facts. Point well taken. However, I and millions of others can associate the name Barrack Obama with the Muslim faith whether you throw in the Hussein or not. If that’s the point of omitting Hussein, then Obama sounds a bit too much like Osama, and maybe he should just call himself Barrack. (Or a cab) =)

  • Stalin


    I completely agree that media and propaganda have a huge affect on the US psyche. Conservatives know this and is the reason why we are constantly battling the heavy liberal bias in the news media, Hollywood, public schools, and the university sytems. All of which have a tremendous impact on impressionable minds.

  • Alicia

    Babs –
    While in an ideal world Americans would all think independently and put forth the effort it takes to be informed citizens and voters, the truth is that this is NOT the case. Not only is the public misinformed constantly by the “infotainment” bought off media; they also don’t listen or don’t believe it when information comes to light to set the record straight.

    The amount of people who still believe that the reason we are in Iraq is because of 911 is absolutely staggering even though it is known and Bush has admitted that the reason we went into Iraq was to disarm Saddam from weapons that did not exist there. Propaganda, especially fear-based propaganda, is incredibly effective.

    After years of shaking my head, I have finally come to accept that many Americans believe what is easy to digest. They do not wish to think about complicated issues. They want black and white answers to everything. Which leads to a public that is easily deceived and lets its government, and corporations, get away with anything.

  • Stalin


    Good points. The sound bite has ruined Americans ability to think through an issue to form an educated opinion. Now John Stewart and his ilk tell them what to think and they obey.

  • IndiMinded

    Excellent point Stalin! And here’s what ol’ JS recently told me to think when he spoke at the Oscars:

    “You have to give Barack Obama credit, he’s overcome a great deal. Not just he’s an African-American. Barack Hussein Obama is his name. His middle name is the last name of Iraq’s former tyrant. His last name rhymes with Osama. That’s not easy to overcome. I think we all remember the ill-fated 1944 presidential campaign of Gaydolf Titler. It’s just a shame, Titler had so many good ideas. We just couldn’t get past the name. And the moustache.”

    It’s not so funny without John’s merry voice and gestures, but why is this a joke at all?

    Well I think it’s a joke because obviously if a candidate named Gaydolf Titler were to run for president, there would be a few people who couldn’t care less about who he was or what he’d have to say – his name would bother them too much to let him effect their country.

    And yeah, this hypothetical Mr. Titler ought to be proud of his Titler family heritage. He ought to stand up and say “Hey, I’m Gaydolf Titler, son of Melvin Titler and I’m proud.” But let’s face it, he could be proud of it all he likes, in the minds of the public that still wouldn’t exactly put old Gaydolf on the same footing as a man named Mike, now would it? So it still makes sense for his opponents to play that up for all it’s worth.

    And to John McCain, I tip my hat for not wishing to exploit such a thing as a sensitive name and sticking to American politics.

    So there’s my John Stewart – brainwashed 2 cents

  • Deb

    If McCain doesn’t tread lightly the liberals will say he is racist. They seem to use that whenever they can. How about if we didn’t know what color of skin or their names. We could call them candidate A and candidate B. Then look at the facts and the platforms they are running on. I think it would make a big difference.
    I don’t care that Obama is black or what his name is. I do care about the radical people he has associated with. With all the issues about terrorists, and I am not saying he is one, I don’t understand why more people aren’t concerned. The list with Obama just goes on and on. He is not a stupid man and he had to know when he decided to run for president these associates would appear. Instead of just telling the turth he has continually lied about them. Everytime he gets caught in a lie he back steps and tells another story. He gave $800,000 to ACORN. He received over $100,000 from Fannie Mae. The second highest payoff and he had been in the Senate the least amount of time. Shouldn’t these things bring questions to anyone’s mind.
    I understand the economy is bad but it can’t be all blamed on Bush. It started years ago, as far back as Carter. The republicans were the ones who kept showing concern and the democrats like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and a number of others kept saying everything was ok. You can go to youtube and pull up videos of some of the hearings in congress.

  • Independent Woman

    Indiminded, I agree with your assessment of John McCain. He’s come off, (yes this is an opinion, Babs) as a class act.