Report: Republicans to vote for Obama in Texas

This seems to be purely for strategical reasons as a vote against Hillary Clinton. Here’s a report on it from

BASTROP — At John’s barber and styling shop in the historic downtown of this conservative community southeast of Austin, politics is clearly in the air these days.

What has particularly struck stylist Pete Campos is how many of his Republican customers are talking about voting for Barack Obama in the March 4 Democratic presidential primary, motivated more, he surmised, by a strong dislike of Hillary Clinton than a strong attachment to Obama.

“I think Hillary scares some people,” said Campos, an independent who is leaning toward voting for the Illinois senator.

According to polling, as well as anecdotal evidence, an unusually large number of Republicans and independents may cast their votes in the Democratic contest next week, a prospect that could tip the outcome of what polls show is now a tight race. Such defections could also affect the many local and state legislative primaries around the state.

Perhaps Texas Republican voters feel as though Obama would be easier to beat in the General Election come November.

Here’s the poll numbers:

An American Research Group poll released Monday showed Obama leading Clinton, 71 percent to 25 percent, among Texas independents and Republicans who are likely to vote in the Democratic primary.

There is scattered evidence across the state that some Republicans may be voting Democratic, at least for a day. In one precinct in the suburban Houston neighborhood of Kingwood, where 82 percent of voters cast ballots for President Bush in 2004, Democrats were outvoting Republicans 4-to-1 last week in early voting.

There are several things at play here. First, McCain has all but won the 1,191 delegates and will most likely be the Republican nominee. Therefore, many Republicans may not feel inclined to come vote in the GOP Primary. Since that’s the case, Obama stands to reap the benefits of Republicans and Independents crossing over to help him against Hillary Clinton.

Do Republican voters feel as though they’d prefer Obama over Clinton if a Democrat wins in 2008? It seems to be playing out that way in Texas. That, or Republicans think Obama would be easier for McCain to beat than Clinton.

Plus, Chris Dodd just announced his endorsement for Obama today. He urged Democrats to unite behind Obama. Still silence from John Edwards who is probably waiting until there’s a nominee to make an endorsement.


Video of Dodd endorsing Obama:

Also, the word is that Bill Richardson’s endorsement is imminent this week.

  • Stalin

    Republicans voting for Obama in Texas is not a good idea.

    1) The longer the battle between Obama and Clinton goes on, the better it is for Republicans.

    2) Obama will be much more difficult to defeat in the general

  • Calista

    Obama WILL be easier to beat by the Republicans.

    He’s never had a negative ad run against him.

    Well, he better get ready if he’s going to be the nominee.

    I’m picking Hillary for President!

  • Stalin I usually agree with you, but this time I have to disagree. Obama is the easier democratic candidate to beat because he stands only for this mysterious change. The rhetoric with get old and Barack with lose his luster especially when it comes to John McCain and his long voting record.
    As for republicans voting for Barack in Texas all but concludes that McCain will lock up the vote come November. Republicans in the Lone Star state must feel that he’s the easier candidate to beat. From one republican to other go Barack.

  • Stalin


    I’m not so sure. Barack has a cult following and Hillary’s negative numbers are almost as large as her favorable. Because Obama doesn’t have much of a voting record there is not nearly as much to poke holes in. Hopefully this issue won’t matter and McCain can beat either…

  • LEE

    In every national poll Obama wins the election against McCain. This means that only if Obama trips over himself he will win. The republican hate machine won’t do the job. People on both sides are sick of all of that stuff. It didn’t work for Hillary and I think it will do the same thing for McCain as it did for her; piss people off and make them move to the other side of the fence and support the hope machine.

  • Stalin


    Please let me know when your hope machine runs out of gas. You are going to need so much money to pay for all of Obama’s programs you won’t be able to afford gas…or biodiesel.

  • Michael

    Smear campaigns have an incredible impact on candidates, so to think Obama is immune to them is rather far-fetched.

    He has suffered negative campaigning while going up against Hillary Clinton, but the presidential race between parties will be much worse.

    While Obama’s lack of experience might hinder him, issues such as those raised by CG (family values) and others stand in stark contrast to McCain, and could help him– whereas Hillary does not have this.

    More importantly, will McCain allow the smear tactics to ensure if/when Obama becomes the Democratic candidate? CG’s recent commentary suggests he might not.

  • LEE

    It’t OK Stalin I know you think People who have hopes and dreams get nothing done and it’s best to just be a lemming and fallow the guy in front of you off the cliff. How has our country gotten to this point where it’s bad to say that you want something more for your country. Isn’t that what our country was founded on and thats how we became our own country is on the dreams of a better countrry and a better life for everyone not just for yourself. People who are strong and happy have dreams and hope of a better life. Scared, selfish, and unhappy people have nightmares and I don’i think you sleep well at night.

  • LEE

    OHH and the Hope machine doesn’t run off of gas. It runs off the tears of poor, unhealthy, uneducated children and I don’t think we are runnung out of those any time soon in this country. At lease not as long as we are spending ten times as much of all of our money on saving some people in some shitty country thousands and thousands of miles away as we are educating our children.

  • Stalin


    I sleep very well at night because I know that I am actually doing something to make America a better place. I have a company that creates jobs and provides health care for employees. I also sleep well because I provide products that reduce the clear cutting of our forests and I pay the taxes that keeps this country on it’s feet. I am living my dream. There is nothing wrong with hope, but hope in itself is just a word. You need actions to make hope a reality.

  • To all Huckabee fans.
    Huckabee is asking McCain for a debate.
    Please see Mike’s webpage for signing up on a letter to McCain.

  • Link to Mike’s letter
    Not sure why this didn’t work earlier

  • Stalin


    One other thing about who would match up against McCain better. I think that Obama supporters are much more passionate about their candidate. If Hillary pulls out a miracle it will probably involve Superdelegates and putting Florida and Michigan in play. I think that Obama supporters would be so furious with her that they would either not vote or would vote McCain.

  • Interesting analysis Stalin. I have to admit that I’m not at all passionate about McCain and probably will not vote for him, unless he picks a super conservative VP. I would have to write in a candidate. That said, I do agree that the lovers for Obama would be lost if Hillary is the democratic candidate and there may be repercussions for the democratic party.

    Lee…”tears of poor, unhealthy, uneducated children and I don’t think we are running out of those any time soon in this country”, it’s bleeding hearts like you who want to fund every socialized program that this country wants to offer. If you think that Obama is going to change the status of unhealthy kids your wrong. Take a hard look at his voting record, the man forgot to cast a vote that would supply children with health care coverage. What’s his excuse, the bill was drafted by a fellow democrat! Health for children starts with the deadbeat parents who need to get off there butts and make wise financial, spiritual, and nutritional choices for their kids. Parents in this country need to shape up in all ways. Become employed, pay off the debt, go back to school and set an example for your kids so that when its time for the kid to go off to college the parents have set a good, solid example. Now the parent who has made an example of themselves can pay for the college out of pocket because our government shouldn’t be paying for that either. I’m so sick of the bleeding heart mentally. It is not my responsibility to be raising everyone else’s children. It doesn’t take a village, just a responsible parent.

  • Real Deal

    If you’re a republican in Texas you should stay that way during the primary. Let us democrats handle our own business and select the best candidate to lead our country. If you feel the need to vote for a democrat (which you should!) either wait until November or select the best candidate for the job Hillary Clinton 🙂

    Furthermore, I agree (conservative gal) that parents in this country need to shape up! Fortunately for me I have a responsible parent, a responsible parent who was widowed at a young age and left with the duty of raising a child. Her countless sacrifices, tireless work ethic, and moral guidance are what inspired me to stay positive and never give up. Despite the fact that my mother was never unemployed, worked two jobs, and made decent money there was absolutely NO WAY she could pay for my college education out of pocket. Believe it or not it does take a village to raise a child. The responsible parent is only a part of that village as are you. Not investing in education or social programs for the children in your village will eventually cost us all more money down the road when they grow into degenerate adults and start breeding like rabbits!

    Thanks to the efforts of my mom and my village I was able to complete my education. As a result my village earned itself a dedicated physician… sounds like a good deal to me.

  • Real Deal,
    That’s a great story and thank you for sharing it with us. Even though your mother was not able to pay for your college education you persevered and can pave the way for your own children’s education someday.

    I will disagree with you that it takes a village, only in the fact that I am strongly against socialized programs which I consider the public school systems to be a part of. My husband attended a private school and acquired a much better education than myself at a public school which had a good reputation and high standards. In fact, my husband and I have discussed that if we do have children, they will attend a private school where we will have much more input and respect as parents. Mainly we feel this way because in too many public schools, the influence of parents is being minimized and they have less and less input on their child’s education. Growing up my Mother too was a single mother, fortunately for me she was educated and made a very respectable living. She was a strong believer in community-based programs over school-run programs.

  • Becky

    Have any Republicans considered the very likely possibility that the two Democrats will run together?If either wins it will be the other’s decision because with a race this close it would be impossible for the winner to say no to the loser if they ask for it.Meaning if you’re voting to keep someone out you may only be delaying when they get the top spot.Every Republican who hates Hillary Clinton so much,may still have to accept her as the VP.Then,who knows,maybe down the line it will be her turn to be President.If you are a Republican you probably need to be rallying around your own party if you really hope to win.

  • nzpudding

    Barack’s more likely to be Hillary’s VP rather than Hillary being Barack’s VP, I don’t think she’d accept the VP spot.