Analysis: MSNBC Democratic Debate from Ohio – 2/26

Started with a 16 minute discussion over health care in which Clinton scolded Obama for “distorting” her Universal Health Care plan.

So far, it really seems that Russert and Williams have really gone after Clinton. In fact, Clinton even referenced the Saturday Night Live sketch over the weekend which mocked the media’s fawning over Obama.

On the health care issue, I think Obama came of stronger mainly because he’s kept Clinton on the defense over her plan.

Update @ 9:40pm ET

So far we’ve progressed from health care, to NAFTA, to foreign policy.

Update @ 9:57pm ET

Here’s some clips coming from MSNBC. The first on the health care exchange:

The next on the NAFTA discussion:


Here’s another clip:

One more clip from MSNBC:

Update @ 10:44pm ET

It’s over and it was much more lively than the previous CNN debate. More analysis to come along with the entire debate video later tonight if you missed it.


Here is the entire debate video:

Video: MSNBC Democratic Debate from Cleveland, Ohio – 2/26/08

  • mst0192

    haven’t seen the healthcare-topic, but obama won on nafta and more or less “destroyed” her on the irak-topic…

  • Tim

    God clinton just irritates me. She is constantly butting in and talking over everyone, bullying the moderaters. Obama sits there like a gentlemen, calm, not flustered, and carries himself like a very intelligent and in control man.

    Im a Republican and so a clear supporter of john mccain, but id vote for Obama over Clinton in a heartbeat, I almost cant stand her anymore.

  • brian

    does anyone have a link to just the live audio of the debate- online radio? my video stream is facing some major buffering issues.

  • Did you try this one, it uses Windows Media Player:

    It seems better than the MSNBC stream.

  • Jeff Edwards

    The line from Hillary Clinton about the Saturday Night Live skit was amusing.

  • Jake

    “The line from Hillary Clinton about the Saturday Night Live skit was amusing.”

    No it wasn’t, it was annoying. Obviously canned. She’s trying too hard, and it shows. Makes me feel uncomfortable watching it.

  • unbiased lady

    What is this website? the ENDORSING-OBAMA CLIP? Did you purposely only show OBAMA doing good! What a biased post.

  • bill

    For those of you who want to compare the records of both of them, see

  • David

    On the first clip around 4:14 she says the federal government has enough resources. You can hear obama say “wouldn’t allow it”.

  • unbiased lady: The clips come direct from MSNBC, I didn’t pick and choose. If you think they’re biased then it is MSNBC who is showing bias since they’re the clips they chose to upload.

    I will have the full unedited video up soon so the entire thing can be watched and judged in full.

  • unbiased dude

    @unbaised lady Seems Obama did not do that well on the second half of the health care question. It seems hard to find Clinton doing anything right lately… perhaps she should cry again. What a shame, as I was hoping for a better debate.

    Truth is in the eye of the beholder…money

  • nzpudding

    Unbiased Lady,

    The less video clips of Hillary the better in my opinion, she’s obviously cracking under the pressure and is struggling to find anything worthwhile to say except more attacks and negativety

  • farah

    Oh ! really obama was fantastically won the debate without doubt
    and i give to my full support to mr or president barack obama

  • Calista

    Obama is a JERK! He needs to stop interrupting and smirking.

    Anyone see, while being schooled on health care, Obama looking at Tim Russert (who was probably also smirking) and Obama had that stupid smirk on his face?

    Whatever, man. That Obama guy’s not hopeful.

  • Tahler Thacker

    They’re still a lot tougher on Clinton than they are Obama. Tim Russert always seems so angry and hateful to her. It’s sad, really.

    I’m getting a little tired of the bias. It really turns me off of Obama.

  • David

    Please. Obama is a jerk? Apparently, you failed to notice Hillary talking in circles long enough to keep Obama from making points. When the mediators attempted to give Obama the same time to respond she spoke over them or Obama. It’s easy to keep blinders on her when she is smirking at him when he speaks . . . Oh! How about “making fun” of his speeches . . . Your right he’s a jerk for smirking and she’s a saint for being 5 times as bad.

  • anxious

    anxiously waiting for the full video…could someone please put it up….I can’t wait to hear President Obama dominate!

  • ed

    does anyone have a link to the full debate?? I couldnt get it on TV and the live stream didn’t work either…..

  • I will have the entire debate video uploaded later tonight on YouTube. There will be a link here and it will be posted to the main page of the site.

  • Susan

    Clearly, Clinton is coming out of this looking like the true whiner, spoiled brat, and dirty politician that she is. So what that Obama is a little green? We need that in Washington, in the presidency. We need the freshness that a little inexperience provides, not the stale, ugly politics as usual WHICH IS ALL HILLARY KNOWS! I’m a Republican voting for Obama, but if she wins the nomination I will definitely vote Republican again. I would be ashamed to call her my president.

  • zaza

    Anybody have a link to the full video??? PLEASE post it if you do
    I have a assignement due tomorrow on this & I unfortunately didn’t catch the debate live earlier

  • kevin

    Anxiously awaiting full link as well!!

  • zaza

    its 12:44 so my assignement is actually due today…to be precise in about 7 hours

  • msk275

    I’ll be totally honest in this account:
    1. I watched this with a white woman/girl that supported Hillary Clinton. Her boyfriend supports Obama, and she still stuck by Clinton, but that’s beside the point.
    2. As it started out, She realized that Clinton was being negative/upset/cutting people off rudely. She was surprised at how positive Obama was being during the debate.
    3. They showed HIllary’s negative clips from last week, and she was appalled/embarrassed to have supported Clinton.
    4. She complimented Obama’s demeanor and looked forward to voting for him in November.

    I’ll be honest again, I think Obama won this debate, because he neither gave up the front-runner position, nor stooped to Hillary’s level of being negative.

    Biased time: HIllary just has too much baggage to make it as the first woman president. I’m sorry. If the only reason you are voting for here is that she is a strong woman, well.. open your mind and don’t be a conservative white woman democrat… like my mother, lol. She will not change her stance regarding this election because she just doesn’t want to, even if it takes going down with the ship in flames…

  • hotkeys

    Obama is not articulate. Clinton is far more articulate and has much better poise. Obama is so transparent, you can see the impatience in his face and he has trouble controlling his anger when things don’t go his way. Did you see the angry look he had when Hilary wouldn’t allow him to get his word in ? I hate the media bias SOOO much. It’s so insulting to blacks.

  • Susan, etc.
    I would be ashamed to call obama my president.
    A 3rd yr senator voted into PRESIDENCY?!? You’ve got to be joking right?…
    I’ll give ppl the points that yes Clinton is Not perfect…but c’mon I didn’t get a degree in PolySci. What do you thnk politics consists of in Washington? How do you think obama got to the Senate in the first place? You think he played it all patient, cool, and made significant “changes” aka movements to get there? No, he played the game you have to play to get a seat in the senate. What makes you think this top job we call President would be any different?
    Now I’ve been commenting on here obviously for HC but objectively speaking, not focusing on her for a second….look at every single candidate in this race…How do you think each got to where they are today? The games won’t stop when he gets in the white house, his demeanor is weak and right now we need a president who won’t let someone walk all over them. If he lets hillary push him around in debates with conversation, how do you think he will react with our enemies/other nations? Even if our other candidate was not HC I would vote against BO. I am just NOT convinced. Change is wonderful, and he offers hope, but we need stability, consistency, proper experience, and determination. Ppl have turned on HC for acting out her emotions but who is anyone to judge this passion that she has now shown and judge her bc she is not “contained” like Obama. People are forgetting what it really takes.

  • msk275

    @hotkeys: apparently you didn’t watch the debate if you think Hillary was innocent of looking upset/angry.

    @Jennifer: Ashamed? That’s a little strong of a word to be using for a very respectable guy that does not go as low as Clinton to be negative and outburst in debates. What games did he play to get into the seat? By being outspoken against the war from the get go? By making people believe in their government and actually want to pay attention to what is going on in this country?
    I’m sure that the HRC could use a negative campaign manager like you that squeezes nothing out of something out of context.
    Okay.. that was a little low on my part, but you are obviously just as angry as HRC that your campaign is going in the wrong direction. Vote against Obama in the general, but I want your ass on the front lines in Iraq for the next 100 years and then when you get back, tell me if you accomplished something… seriously.. look past the negative campaigning.. ‘stick with your entree and get over your sides’.. lol

  • Michael

    Jennifer, actually, Obama caught a lucky break when he got his seat in the U.S Senate. Last minute drop outs, a scandal on the dominant Republican candidate, and they had to throw in Alan Keyes last minute for someone to run against Barack Obama.

    He commented on a radio show about this in 2004– I was listening to a replay of this on Wisconsin radio a few months ago. In this sense, Obama has not had to deal with a lot of the issues of campaigning that most people had to for a national position.

  • Tim

    msk275…I don’t think there’s really any point in bickering with the HRC supporters. Every single time I see one of them make a post on any internet message board it makes me be more proud to be on Obama supporter. I think I have yet to see one HRC supporter make a valid point about why they support her for the nomination other than repeating the non substantiated claims of her campaign.

    The ones that make me laugh the most are comments by people like Jennifer who claim to “know what it takes” to be in public office. Apparently what we really need, according to them, is a long string of bush-like presidents that will stop at nothing to achieve their own personal agendas.

  • Brendan

    Wow, you don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to experience.

    You can cite that hilary has been a first lady of arkansas, and the US, and a senator for 8 years…but guess what. That still means she has only been an elected official for 8 years!!! Obama has been in elected positions for the last 20! So your “experience” argument is highly flawed, and clearly you are.

    And your argument about “not having a president who will get walked over”. Well i’m pretty sure Bush is sure footed, and look how well that is going.

    Stop feeling and start thinking.

  • nzpudding


    Sometimes all it takes is a lucky break. Lets be honest, how lucky was it for George W.Bush in 2000 that his brother was the Govenor of the state that a huge voting issue that then swung it for Dubya? And wasn’t the voting machines made by some huge Republican donator? (something like that) now how lucky was that? LOL

    Is HRC an alternate version of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)?

  • Chris

    If Senator Clinton was losing after Wisconsin, she certainly didn’t do herself any favors with the angry outbursts over commercials or “plagiarism”, and that bit of sarcasm about the skies opening up in regards to Senator Obama’s message. This seem trivial and bitter. When things have gone south in this campaign for either candidate, it’s clearly been Obama who has been able to think on his feet, try a new angle, and come up with the means to communicate his message to the voters. Clinton shows none of this flexibility and, in fact, seems dug in. Isn’t that the sort of president we have now?

  • …right…
    not cute on quoting Nas lol. What a goon.

  • sarcasm highly noted. but mainly just noted.
    correction: quote from Fabolous ft. Neyo. Still a goon.

  • Michael

    Jennifer, just to add on experience:

    President Theordore Roosevelt had less political experience than Barack Obama did when he became president. I do not think Obama’s 3 years in the Senate should qualify anyone to feel ashamed/embarassed to call him our president (let alone the fact that one’s lack of longevity should equal this).

    In addition, on the books Obama has more experience than Clinton. Three years in the Senate and 7 years in the Illinois Senate. He pushed though over 200 bills in the Illinois Senate, headed up one bill as primary Senator, and co-authored a second bill in the U.S Senate.

    Hillary Clinton has a total of 6 years– in which time she authored 3 bills. And John Edwards had even less time than that.

    NZPUDDING: I wasn’t trying to diminish Obama’s victory in Illnois. Just note that it was an unusual occurence. Your sarcasm is duly noted, however.