Video: Clinton and Obama debate on SNL

This one was funny and worth posting. I know it’s not hard news but it’s always nice to laugh a little bit at the political game. It’s a clip of an Obama and Clinton debate on Saturday Night Live last night:

That’s not far from the truth. You’ve had Chris Matthews say that when Obama speaks, “a thrill goes up his leg”. Then you had the other NBC News reporter say it’s hard to stay objective covering Obama because he’s so “likable”.

No doubt, the media is in love with Obama and they can’t hide it any longer. Bad news for Clinton and McCain, whose media love affairs were brief and seem to be over with.

Also, Mike Huckabee was on the Weekend Update segment, here’s video of that:

Seems to me he’s just staying in to enjoy the media/entertainment appearances. Still though, McCain doesn’t have the 1,191 delegates yet so technically there is no official nominee.


Here’s another SNL Clinton/Obama debate from the 3/1/08 episode ripping on the last MSNBC debate from Ohio:

It’s funny to me that NBC is basically mocking itself here. Much more entertaining than the actual debate.

Also, Hillary Clinton was on this episode:

Seems to be she’s trying to appeal to Obama’s core audience, college age youth voters.

  • Will

    I think this site should be called Obama for 2008. “You decide” has been completely distorted. Shame.

  • Where has it been distorted? Yesterday we were accused of being anti-Obama, today we’re accused of being pro-Obama. I guess you can’t say anything without ticking someone off. You should check out the commentary section and other news on this site. It’s all over the map as I try to feature many points of view.

    It’s a funny clip and actually, I was using it to point out the fact that the mainstream media has a serious pro-Obama bias. I personally try not to have any biases when reporting on things.

    It’s not picking on Hillary Clinton, it’s picking on the media for falling in love with Obama.

  • ML

    It’s always something… 🙂 I wouldn’t call you biased toward or against any candidate in particular, maybe just more critical of the Democrats on occasion.

    Huckabee is great. Even though I would never vote for him, I like him a lot and think he would make a great President for the South if it seceded.

  • Stalin


    If you go to the About Us section of this website Nate says that he is a conservative but welcomes all points of view. I have to say that this site is a breath of fresh air. It’s much better than the mass media who claims to be neutral but swings very left. If you only want to hear about the liberal point of view, I would suggest

  • Huckabee is a joke as a candidate, but he’d make a great television personality–maybe in comedy, reality TV, or political commentator for a spoof show.

  • Tahler Thacker

    If anyone saw tonight’s real debate, it wasn’t that far off from the SNL skit at times.

    The media bias against Hillary must stop! It makes me ill!

  • M. Houser

    Yeah, poor Hillary. Issues with the media are certainly a new thing for her, isn’t it? And we all know it has nothing to do with her relationship with the media for the past 30 years.

    Does Obama say anything of substance? No. Does the general media have a bias for Obama and create stories that attempt to sway the people in his favor? Yes. But enough of the whining Hillary sagas.

    The media has ALWAYS been biased for one view or another. Believe me, if Hillary were in the lead, she wouldn’t be griping about this.

    If she doesn’t win this election, it will not be because of media bias. Shocker of all shocks, it just might be because people do not trust or like Hillary or simply don’t believe she is the best choice.

    Either way, she (and her supporters) need to stop the whining. It just undermines her stance that she is ready to be Commander and Chief.

  • Um, no houser.
    the media actually has a huge advantage in convincing people and how they are portrayed is a sense of how we view/connect to them. So the media bias is not about whining as u say, im not saying if she doesnt win its bc of this entirely, but the bias is there and creates a gap between the two. We keep specualting but we really don’t know S*** til’ after March 4th!

  • Leo

    The media favors the more powerful ancient political party (Republicans). They know a Republican candidate could never defeat Hillary, but he can definitely beat Obama (racism in White America). But how can they make Obama win the Primary though? They turn it into a sexist issue. Should Obama advance and pair up against a Republican candidate THEN the media will sway the other way and abandon him and “remember” he is inexperienced. It’s all strategy.

  • Stalin


    You must be joking. Please give me an example of one news network that favors Republicans…and not Fox News.

    Have you seen the polls, Obama would be more difficult to defeat than Hillary, so I don’t know where you get your information.