Superdelegates jumping ship to Obama, in droves

If enough superdelegates defect this is definitely going to put a little cramp in Hillary’s chances at the nomination should she lose, or barely win, Texas and Ohio.

Story on this from Yahoo! News:

WASHINGTON – The Democratic superdelegates are starting to follow the voters — straight to Barack Obama.

In just the past two weeks, more than two dozen of them have climbed aboard his presidential campaign, according to a survey by The Associated Press. At the same time, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s are beginning to jump ship, abandoning her for Obama or deciding they now are undecided.

The result: He’s narrowing her once-commanding lead among these “superdelegates,” the Democratic office holders and party officials who automatically attend the national convention and can vote for whomever they choose.

As Obama has reeled off 11 straight primary victories, some of the superdelegates are having second — or third — thoughts about their public commitments.

Take John Perez, a Californian who first endorsed John Edwards and then backed Clinton. Now, he says, he is undecided.

As of now, Clinton still leads but that is dwindling:

Clinton still leads among superdelegates — 241 to 181, according to the AP survey. But her total is down two in the past two weeks, while Obama’s is up 25. Since the primaries started, at least three Clinton superdelegates have switched to Obama, including Rep. David Scott of Georgia, who changed his endorsement after Obama won 80 percent of the primary vote in Scott’s district. At least two other Clinton backers have switched to undecided.

None of Obama’s have publicly strayed, according to the AP tally.

So the trend here is either jumping ship to Obama or staying with Obama. Also, for more information on the superdelegates, check out this spectacular list put together by the Wall Street Journal.

What’s more, the Texas and Ohio poll numbers have been tightening as of late. I’ll have more on that tomorrow with some updated poll numbers.

  • Number 27

    Obama is gaining delegates, but the ones who are jumping ship aren’t doing so in droves.

    It’s more like…pairs.

  • Sue Martin

    On a lighter note, there’s a wonderful new Obama meme at Very funny!

  • There is little doubt that Obamamania has reacehd a tipping point, making it increasingly obvious Obama will be the Democratic nominee. A slow digestion of some simple facts is now manifesting itself in the form of politically pragmatic shifts amongst the superdelegate ranks:

    First: Any superdelegate attempt to overturn popular will by means of heavy-handed arm-twisting on behalf of Clinton would rupture the Democratic party going into the post convention election season.

    Second: John McCain is not your ordinary Republican. He hast the ability to poach independently inclined democratic voters. Obama, magnet of the independent and hopeful, wins against McCain in national polls, and Hillary loses.

    So as reality sets in and it becomes even more obvious that Obama will be the eventual nominee. The questions will turn to matters of S

    The question for voters will be who are Obama and McCain really? Is Obama the much hoped for messianic Kennedyesque figure capable of leading a troubled America down a road toward the establishment of a New Camelot?

    And is McCain really the maverick he’s purported to be? Or is he just another politician willing to engage in the same kind of political smoke and mirrors gamesmanship as any other crass, calculating politician?

    The answers in both are
    probably dissappointing. A close look at the reality behind the rhetoric reveals the same maddeningly familiar game of politics as usual.

  • Katie

    You forgot to mention, Hillary supporters will be flocking to McCain before they’d ever vote for an inexperienced empty suit who can deliver speeches written by someone else, copycats policy, can’t cast a vote even while present, is using the “Politics As Usual” tactics he seems to hate, is unpatriotic, gets he’s story wrong about the Captain, has a wife who hasn’t been proud to be an American, that is until her husband shows well in the primary, and has “Hired” supporters to blog and cast votes. I can’t believe Obama supporters are so naive that they actually believe the Republicans are crossing party lines to vote for him, as if they really want him as President! They are already starting their attack. This would not be the first time they’ve crossed party lines to vote for who they knew they could easily beat in the General Election. You bet they want Obama in the General Election. As for Obama supporters, better fasten your seatbelt, the very ones who are voting for you will be the ones who tear you to shreds! No whining allowed when the Republicans take control. And lets not forget the media machines!