Clinton accuses Obama of using “Rove’s playbook”

Apparently Obama sent out a set of mailings which left the Clinton campaign none too please with him.

Here’s the story on it from Breitbart:

CINCINNATI (AP) – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday that a pair of mailings sent to voters by rival Barack Obama’s campaign criticizing her health care plan and trade views are false, misleading and a betrayal of his pledge to practice a new style of politics.

“Shame on you, Barack Obama. It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public—that’s what I expect from you,” Clinton said angrily, waving the mailings in the air.

“Meet me in Ohio, and let’s have a debate about your tactics,” she added.

The two presidential candidates will meet in a televised debate in Cleveland Tuesday.

Clinton spoke to reporters after an early morning rally at Cincinnati Technical College, one of several events she has held across Ohio this week. After losing eleven straight contests to Obama since Super Tuesday, the former first lady is banking on a strong showing in primaries in Ohio and Texas on March 4 to save her fading candidacy.

With so much on the line and the clock ticking, Clinton ripped into Obama much more directly and forcefully than she has in the past.

She compared Obama to President Bush during the rally, suggesting the country had already taken a gamble on an inexperienced candidate who promised change.

She’s pouncing, but will it backfire? Here’s the video of her making some of these remarks:

So what’s in these mailings exactly:

Clinton’s advisers have repeatedly criticized the Obama campaign’s health care mailing, which says her plan for universal coverage would “force” everyone to purchase insurance even if they can’t afford it. Her plan requires everyone to be covered, but it offers tax credits and other subsidies to make insurance more affordable.

Obama’s plan does not include the so-called “individual mandate” for adults, and he has argued that people cannot be required to buy coverage if they can’t afford it. He has said his first priority is bringing down costs.

The Illinois senator’s plan does include a mandate requiring parents to buy health insurance to cover children.

The second mailing, on the North American Free Trade Agreement, quotes a 2006 Newsday article suggesting Clinton believed the agreement had been a “boon” to the economy. NAFTA and other trade agreements are extremely unpopular in Ohio, which has suffered an exodus of blue- collar jobs to other countries in part due to such agreements.

You can be this topic will come up during Tuesday’s debate on MSNBC from Ohio. Still, politics is politics and this is pretty standard to send out stuff like this. His mailings aren’t exactly wrong, they’re factually accurate. The Clinton campaign is more upset that he’s actually coming out of the box to attack her, something he hasn’t done much thus far other than rhetoric.

Will this tarnish Obama’s “squeaky clean” image of politics?


Here’s Obama’s response to her claims:

In response to Clinton’s attack, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said: “Everything in those mailers is completely accurate, unlike the discredited attacks from Hillary Clinton’s negative campaign that have been rejected in South Carolina, Wisconsin, and across America.”

I think it’s a gamble but Clinton seems to always come off the losing end when there’s negative campaigning bandied about.

  • herman

    again, the text descibes nothing new. its been said in every debate, on their websites, etc. whats with the salacious headlines. this is the forth time i’ve seen slanted headlines against obama with no substance and i’m starting to question the integrity of this website. how come you didnt post the youtube video of clinton “borrowing” lines from her husband and john edwards in the texas debate when she blatantly accused obama of plagiarism.

    there was a story.

    i’m not interested in slanted stories.

  • What is slanted about the headline? She accused him of that, I’m not slanting it against Obama, I defended him at the end of the story saying the mailings were probably accurate.

    I have no bias toward/against Clinton or Obama, I just report on the the news at hand. The video was her saying her piece, if you find Obama responding, post the link and I’ll update the story with his response.

  • herman

    theres no statement made by her of obamas camp using mailings with the likening to carl rove or the republican tactics. i expect her to rebut a mailing or comment made about her but why not title the post anything other than a likening to the republican playbook which has left a bad taste in the mouths of democrats still today.

  • Judy Konos

    Hillary Clinton is so irate blasting Barack Obama for his health care fliers that I have decided not to vote for her. If she cannot remain calm in the midst of an election campaign, she will not be able to govern America’s everyday crisis much less should a catastrophe occur.

  • Herman, you should read the entire article before you attack a very unbiased and professional website.

    “Enough about the speeches, and the big rallies, and then using tactics right out of (former Bush political adviser) Karl Rove’s playbook. This is wrong and every Democrat should be outraged,” Clinton said.

    Do you seriously think Nate would have quoted in the title, if it wasn’t a direct quote. I understand your concern regarding inflammatory rhetoric, but in this case it was an accurate portrayal of statements made by Clinton herself. It should be noted that I am an Obama supporter, however I will back Hillary if she ends up winning the nomination. I am a little disappointed in Obama for twisting Hillary’s words, as his campaign has done with these mailings. The Obama camp doesn’t need to give her any cannon fodder at this point in the campaign.

  • Michael


    Nate was not giving a slant against Obama. If anything, in this post he writes on how Obama’s leaflets were “factually accurate,” and that there is nothing really slanderous about them.

    If you are reacting to the title– titles are deliberately inflammatory to get people to read them.

    If anything, I feel this website at times has a bias in favor of Obama (not the other way around) in the Democratic race. Read the messages from people like “Jennifer” and you will see this quite clearly.

  • Oh, aren’t you articulate Michael.

    To be continued…

  • As the news media will not challenge Obama and his campaign on his half-truths and outright negative campaigning, Clinton must continue to respond to these kinds of mailings. I know the American public wants a hero to save them, but that’s like hoping getting married will save you as a person.

    By the way, I haven’t done a fact check on this but I just heard that Obama has proposed some legislation that would require the US to provide foreign aid to Africa equal to 7% of our GDP. Is there some connection here to his membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ? America, ask questions before it’s too late.

    I am absolutely appalled at this latest stunt by the Obama campaign. So much for Obama’s “talk” about appoaching politics in a “new” way where dirty tactics are not the dominant mode of operation. How dare he attack ANY plan that aims to ensure that each and every citizen in this country has access to health insurance and health care. How any democrat can claim to represent the ideals of the party without agreeing with the concept of universal health care is beyond me. Sometimes I wonder which party BO is even representing? All I can say is this – if the media and BO are successful in deceiving the public about reality, then I sure as hope Hillary Clinton decides to run as an independent and shows this country who really represents the voice of everyday people.

  • Johanna

    Slavery has come and gone and isn’t it poetic justice that a person running and winning the nomination for democratic president of the USA has an african name? “Vengeance is mine”, saith the Lord. Should have left us alone in Africa. And even if he doesn’t win, you got a really good scare, didn’t you?

  • Johanna

    Well then I will say this. I want everyone to have health insurance. But can you imagine what the emergency rooms will look like if everyone did? By the time you aret seen you could be dead. Unless they give people more of an incentive to become doctors, we are going to be up a creek. Where are the hospitals going to put all those people. People will be coming in to get a splinter removed!! Things like this have happened in countries where health insurance is free or very inexpensive.

  • Travis

    If Obama wins, having Clinton run as an independent is perhaps one of the worst ideas I’ve heard. It would effectively extend the political stalemate between the two and split the Democratic ticket in half during the presidential election. If you are a Democrat, I find it outlandish for you to suggest the loser of the Democratic primary run on an independent ticket, unless you are so hardlined and stubborn (and perhaps self-interested and ignorant) that you’re willing to make a decision that would guarantee another 4 to 8 years of a federal administration similar to the one currently in place. If I wanted a Republican in office for the next term, I would be elated at the suggestion of Obama or Clinton on the independent ticket.

  • herman

    first i would like to apologize to Nate because i saw the video locally and it did show her statement of using tactics out of the Rove Playbook which was not shown in the inserted video.

    Please show the entire video next time Nate. i retract my argument.