Video: CNN Democratic Debate from Austin, Texas – 2/21/08

Here is the entire unedited video of the CNN Democratic debate from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas on February 21, 2008. It was, of course, between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

It’s in 10 parts hosted on YouTube, they’ll advance automatically. YouTube seems to have changed the way a playlist works so they don’t automatically advance, you’ll have to click on the next section to continue watching. Sorry for the change, I’m trying to find out why because it’s out of my control.

Overall, I think both candidates came off well and Clinton didn’t do much to stop the Obama momentum heading into Texas and Ohio. Here’s a report on the debate from Breitbart:

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Hillary Rodham Clinton accused presidential rival Barack Obama of political plagiarism Thursday night, but drew boos from a Democratic debate audience when she ridiculed him as the candidate of “change you can Xerox.”

Obama dismissed the charge out of hand, then turned the jeers to applause when he countered, “What we shouldn’t be spending time doing is tearing each other down. We should be spending time lifting the country up.”

The exchange marked an unusually pointed moment in an otherwise civil encounter in the days before March 4 primaries in Texas and Ohio—contests that even some of Clinton’s supporters say she must win to sustain her campaign for the White House.

The former first lady has lost 11 straight primaries and caucuses, and trails her rival in convention delegates. Obama has won a pair of big union endorsements in the past two days.

In a university auditorium in the heart of Texas, the two rivals agreed that high-tech surveillance measures are preferable to construction of a fence to curtail illegal immigration.

They disagreed on the proper response to a change in government in Cuba in the wake of Fidel Castro’s resignation. Clinton said she would refuse to sit down with incoming President Raul Castro until he implements political and economic reforms. Obama said he would meet “without preconditions,” but added the U.S. agenda for such a session would include human rights in the Communist island nation.

They also sparred frequently about health care, a core issue of the campaign.

Also, take a listen to our You Decide Politics Radio program analysis of the debate:

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  • Jay Em

    There is no point in me watching this debate, I’m sure there was nothing new in this debate. These two guys are a couple of bafoons. He’s for change, no she’s for change, while we all know that the only change that we will all see is more taxes, which is more of the same from the Democrats.
    Where are the republican debates?

  • RD

    I don’t think this debate did anything to change anyone’s mind. Hillary needed to deliver a knock-out punch, and didn’t, so nothing much will change. I love watching debates, but this one really wasn’t necessary.

  • Jay, I doubt we’ll be seeing anymore GOP debates. The Republican race was so promising–then we ended up with McCain. Blech.

    Funny, Obama and Clinton don’t differ too much ideologically. People are voting on the packaging.

  • bpigott

    Perhaps McCain can debate himself and explain why he voted for amnesty and embryonic stem cell research and against the Bush tax cuts.

  • Nick

    “The Republican race was so promising”?

    What, a bunch of creationist war-mongerers who want to establish huge tax cuts for the super-rich?

    Does *anyone* remember the disgusting relish all these candidates (save Ron Paul, who frankly doesn’t belong with these nutjobs) displayed in trying to out-posture each other over how much they’ll enjoy killing their enemies? I remember that debate with horror. It was a frankly sickening display of all that’s wrong with half of the US.

  • VL

    Both of them are demagogues. They use a lexicon of negatively connotated words like “Predatory loans” and “lobbyists” and “special interests” and the crowd gasps and jeers….. This is called scapegoating and toying with the emotions of ill-informed people looking to place blame for the perceived problems of the country. Hmmm, now whose historical model exactly does that follow?

  • When looking at Hillary and Obama, it’s sort of like looking at the Joker and Robocop. You find out who looks more like who. The ones picking these candidates for us have done their homework. We are supposed to choose which one of these cartoon charachters should supposedly lead the United States? Is this a joke? Obviously, most americans don’t know fantasy from reality. John McLame is a no brainer. I vote for Robocop.

  • Jay Em

    Why has the GOP lost it’s promise, it should not be over, Huckabee can win us over if he had media/debate time. This election seems fixed already and we don’t have everybody’s votes

  • fbt

    The last words of a dying horse

    Hillary Clminton”You know, no matter what happens in this contest, I am honored. I am honored to be here with Barack Obama,” … “I am absolutely honored.”

    She knows she has met her doom and also met a tough bone she cannot crack.Those old crying tricks are gone.Now it means business.The white house needs to be swept clean from the dirt of the Clinton regime and the bush’s.The crisis of 9/11 stems from the clinton administration thats why America has all these crisis.LOL
    She knows its over.Its like she read manuals for the debate day before.

  • Chad

    Hey, I knew I had seen that guy somewhere! It’s Erkle.

  • Chad

    Many websites are claiming that Obama is the Messiah. Well if Obama was the Messiah, I’d rather be in Hell. If he has any Christ in him, it is anti-Christ. He’s pro-murdering of babies(abortion), pro-one-world-government, anti-republic, pro-socialism, pro-homosexuality, pro-taxing.

    He does speak smoothly, kind of like a pretty girl, whose been eating figs all day, and is now sitting on the toilet. It may come out smoothly, but it sure will make a mess and smell like _______. White would we want him on the “Oval Seat” in the Oval Office.

    I’d rather have Raul Castro at the helm. That is, after Obama works out all of the problems that Cuba and the USA have had over the past 50 years, because of Bush’s policies. It has been all of his fault that Cuba has snuggled up with us and been best buddies over the past 50 years. Raul should run against Obama instead of Hillary. At least we would know what he was really saying after he said it. You know what I’m saying? Maybe Obama will go to Cuba before the election and ask Raul to be his Vice Presidential running mate. As he said, first we need preparation (“H” that is), and then we need passification, then unification for the people’s application, due to Bush’s miscalculation.

    As a last comment, In all seriousness, um …

  • Chad

    I’m sorry. I was wrong beforehand. Obama is not Erkle. He looks more like Curious George grown up. Maybe his vice president will be the man with the big yellow hat.

  • read this somewhere and i liked it. agree completely.

    Just more proof that Obama will do anything and say anything to get elected. He continually steals Hillary’s issues, plans, and speaking points as if they are his and receives roaring ovations. If only the poor saps listening to him realized that they are applauding Hillary’s plans. With no record of real legislative accomplishments during his very brief political career, he now wants to leap-frog to the top position in the country. Skipping 17 percent of votes during his Senate career and sponsoring only one bill that became law (to promote “relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo”) does not give him the credentials, experience, dedication, or common sense to become president of our great nation.

  • blueskyy

    For those of you who are interested in the presidential debate, you can download full-length CNN presidential debates from:

    The direct links for the Texas debate are:

    I know this is old news for many of us, but it may be useful to some people out there.

  • PleaseTellMeYou’reKidding

    Chad – just remember not to let your hood get too close to the cross when you’re igniting it. And please, please use birth control – there is not enough room on the planet for any more geniuses.