Democratic Debate on CNN @ 8pm ET, You Decide Politics Radio @ 10pm ET

There will be a Democratic debate between Clinton and Obama tonight, 2/21/08, on CNN at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific. It will be live from Austin, Texas. Also, we’ll be live tonight with another edition of You Decide Politics Radio, details on that below.

Here’s a report on it from the New York Times:

Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton have not met face to face in a debate since their love-fest in Hollywood on Jan. 31.

Given the recent unpleasantness between the two, and Mrs. Clinton’s 10-state losing streak, it seems a safe bet that when they meet Thursday night in Austin, Tex., at a debate sponsored by CNN, the tone just might not be so jolly.

This debate, which starts at 8 p.m. Eastern time, is the first of two big chances for Mrs. Clinton to reverse her fortunes between now and March 4, when Texas and Ohio vote. The other comes Tuesday, on MSNBC.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has already signaled that she will be making stark “comparisons” with Mr. Obama; in other words, because Mr. Obama is the front-runner, expect Mrs. Clinton to make full use of her opposition research arsenal. Audiences sometimes recoil when candidates go after each other. But Mrs. Clinton has shown in past debates that she can march relentlessly forward even as the audience hurls verbal tomatoes.

We will have full coverage and analysis tonight once it finishes. Should be an interesting match considering some of the bad blood between the two in recent days. If Hillary is going to come out swinging, now is going to be the time since we’re heading into the do-or-die on March 4th with Texas and Ohio up for grabs.

Also, we will be live at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific with You Decide Politics radio. Tonight we will be joined by Michael from the commentary section, Conservative Gal also from the commentary section, and I will be hosting the show this evening.

Tonight’s radio topics:

– Analysis of the CNN Obama/Clinton debate
– Story on McCain’s lobbyist links in the New York Times
– Can Clinton stop the Obama momentum?
– Clinton campaign ends January $7.6 million in debt – story
– Delegate count, is it too late for Clinton?
– Texas delegate rules may benefit Obama – story
– More on vote counting irregularities from Michael
– Other topics not listed, breaking news of the day

As always, we’ll be taking your calls live during the show, call in at (347) 205-9907.

So join us tonight, live at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific. There will be a “Listen Live” link on the top of the site at show time.


Here’s a video preview of tonight’s debate from CNN:

Hillary has got to be on her game tonight and be ready to knock Obama off his. She’s got to take the questions to him and either make him answer or make it look like he can’t answer. However, I’m betting Obama will be ready to do the same and attempt to capitalize on his momentum.

Stay tuned tonight, the debate is live on CNN at 8pm eastern and we will be live on this site at 10pm eastern with You Decide Politics radio for analysis and discussion.

Update @ 12:27am ET 2/22

Here is the embed of the You Decide Politics Radio reaction and analysis of the debate for the full first hour. The second hour covers the other latest 2008 election topics:

Thanks to all the listeners and callers, we’ll be live next week Thursday at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific.


Here’s the entire debate video:

Video: CNN Democratic Debate from Austin, Texas – 2/21/08

  • Jake

    Gravel should be in this debate. Crazy old men liven things up!

  • Paul

    Obama will seal the deal tonight! Knockout punch and onto little old McCain. YES WE CAN!

  • Christine

    After each speech, Hillary Clinton always ends with “God Bless You”
    I have yet to hear Obama invoke “God bless anyone” when he ends his speeches.
    I know he goes to a Christian church; however, does anyone else find this peculiar?

  • Ro

    I’m looking forward to it; I can’t stand it when she screeches!

  • scope

    I have heard Obama say “God Bless you” at the end of a speech a few times.
    I do not think that it is peculiar that he does not say that all of the time, he takes god pretty seriously, but most people that take God seriously dont throw around God talk like beads at the mardi gras.
    I have a lot of respect for religious people that don’t wear god on their sleeves, they seem to take it more seriously than some that talk god 24-7.

  • nzpudding

    If Hillary says “God Bless You” after this debate, Barack should turn round and say “After 10 straight wins, I think he has”…LOL

  • Debby


  • Sheila Hess

    I don’t get it. Obama simply says pretty much the same thing as Sen. Clinton, just in a more grandiose manner. I also think that gender is making a big difference: a tall imposing man compared to an extraordinary woman. This country, much to my chagrin, is one of the few that is still nwilling to accept a female in such a responsible position. I am furious and very frightened for the first time in my life,(with the exception, of course of G.W. Bush).

  • Juan Rivera

    Why is he repeating everything that Clinton says?! Is he truly that young where he cannot compete with wisdom and must share off everyone elses?????

  • Norma Barrett

    Barack is clearly winning this debate. His ideas are so much more “true” to the American people than anything Hillary says.

  • Juan Rivera

    Norma Barrett, are you kidding? Hillary is being given every question first and all of Obama’s responses are the near her’s he’s not much different as he also stated. I think you are confusing “True” with Grandiose as Sheile Hess had mentioned.

  • dem2008

    Good ideas with proven results…that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. Rebuilding our reputation accross the world, creating jobs, and bringing back the great reputation of america as they did not twenty-five years ago like Obama wants people to believe of forget, but rather not even eight years ago! The success of the 90’s is not be to overlooked especially by a fellow democrat, except that is by a challenging candidate that depicts a questionable philosohical method in which to mislead the public for there own agendas. This is so obvious and frustrating! Whats also very frustrating is the allowance of Obama being able to respond last to every comment as Hillary gets cut off and left unable to respond. Bias? Obama is rigth…washington isnot short of good ideas..and we need to get back to pushing those ideas threw. Back to the time not even eight years ago where we experienced that same success. obama wants us to forget the good years of clinton so we will bet on an unexperienced idealist. Is america worth thr risk! Maybe eight years from now after being a vice-president, but certainly not now. We need proven success and experience now, not on the job training, especially with the mess Bush has left us! May God bless this country and open the eyes of the people of this country. Obama sounds alot like bush tright now in the oval office. No ideas of his own and allowing others to make his views. God help us!!!!!!

  • Stalin

    I was dissapointed to see both candidates dodge the immigration issue. They seemed very uncomfortable answering questions asked by the hispanic gentleman. Hillary talked about building a partial fence. What good is that?

  • damien

    juan rivera men, stop being shallow. Be objective pls. It’s amazing you guys are going all emotional about this. It’s about time someone realizes issues are at stake here. stop discussing like grade schoolers, and show the world that we know what we are about! And Dem2008, I think you ought to be ashamed of yourself. you’re no democrat, How can you liken Obama to bush? Also, If it looks like Obama is repeating what Hillary says, Has it ever crossed your mind that as Dems they are seeing a lot issues from the same point of view? i think a lot of your venoms should be reserved for McCain or whoever wins the reps ticket. Also…look at the polls.

  • Barb

    I thought the debate went very well tonight. Unfortunately I think we will be stuck with John McCain – I think a lot of Barack’s votes are from cross over voters that will vote their true party come November.

    Go Hillary!

  • Cee

    I’m wondering if Hillary’s judgement in who she is hiring to give her advice, the money that she has wasted on that bad advice and the kind of judgement that she has to acting on this bad advice, gives us any idea of how she will do as the president.

    Is it possible that she can have and trust in the same kind of bad advice from bad advisers and waste even more money that could be based on their advice concerning our economy, health care and affairs outside of the US?

    If this campaign is anything like a war, she has bad generals and they are taking her down and she is listening to them and still choosing to follow them.

    What would happen in a real war? The same thing that is happening in her campaign? I think this is an important thing to consider. How a If she wins by some miracle, she lost many battles to get there.
    In a real war, she might loose a lot of battles and many soldiers will be killed, even if, in the end she wins in a real war.

    Can we afford to have someone use bad judgement, fortunately, this is only a campaign, but if the real deal happens, can we afford to find out if it will be a repeat in her lack of judgement?

    Just a thought to consider.

  • Cee

    I also have taken note that Hillary points her finger, jabs it in the air, as well as raises her voice slightly when she wants to show passion and she’ll finish it up with a calculated head bob a few times to prove she really feels what she is saying. It all seems very dry and non emotional.
    I watch her very close and I don’t see passion at all in her, just calculated movements.
    Granted the only emotion I see that comes easy to Hillary is anger and she also seems to be very petty. Attacks Obama but completely acts like she hasn’t attacked anyone.

    I watch Obama’s wife and I see in her eyes, deep feelings, I hear it in her voice, deep feelings. Compared to Hillary, Obamas wife is a very deeply passionate person, nothing calculated about her physical movements at all.

    Obama keeps himself composed, centered, present and even though he doesn’t get emotional, he doesn’t pretend to feel passion by raising his voice, poke the air and do that calculated nod nod thing.

    I don’t get it, why do so many people trust Hillary, when she for sure doesn’t express passion of heart. Everyone listens to her voice but doesn’t see the un-passionate message she has learned and memorized. Its as if all of us have no idea how to tell when some one is “doing it” by wrote memory compared to the real thing.

    What does that say about us?