You Decide Politics Radio – 2/18/08

We will be live tonight, February 18, 2008, at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific for another edition of You Decide Politics Radio.

We’ll be taking your calls live at the usual call-in number:

The listener call in number, should you want to comment is: (347) 205-9907

Tonight’s topics:

– Obama/Edwards meet to discuss endorsement
– Clinton attacking Obama over debates
– Will fund raising with Bush hurt McCain?
– McCain VP nominee prognostication
– Vote counting irregularities in NY and CA
– Democratic Superdelegates: yea or nay?
– DNC painting McCain as Bush 2.0
– GOP lays out attack plan against Obama – story
– Look at the Wisconsin and Hawaii primaries on 2/19
– Latest polls, delegate count updates
– Other 2008 topics!

If you want to talk or just listen, join us live at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific. I’ll post a “Listen Live” link in this post come show time.

All calls and all opinions welcome!


Here’s the embed of the entire show:

Thanks for the listeners and the callers!

  • Jem

    Due to the very nature of the current primaries, the importance of the super delegates has never been more relevant. They have been entrusted with the responsibility of balancing the scales against the uninformed, bias of voters. With the majority of blacks voting in support of their heritage, white males biased against a woman president and young people taken in by the delivery of fiery speeches, the super delegates are the last link to common sense. It is expected that they will ignore the media circus and cast votes based on knowledge, experience and research. To coerce them into following the masses is to defeat their very purpose and the recent movement of black super delegates to the support of Barack Obama will always and forever be questioned.

  • Mike

    O, Jem, you sound so much like Big Brother it gives me the chills. You say we must balance the scales “against the uninformed, bias of voters,” not to trust “the masses.” How fascist of you. WOW! Who died and made you the benevolent dictator of the capitalist democracy..oops…”republic?”