Video: Ron Paul Speaks To Geraldo Rivera

After all, he is indeed still in the race though most have probably forgotten. Therefore, I thought I’d do something for his illustrious fans and grab the couple minutes when he actually spoke with Geraldo on 2/16/08:

After that, he went to other panelists and that was it.

In saying that he won’t just “walk away”, is he perhaps implying that he could take an independent run and breakout of the Republican Party? He’s said he doesn’t want to in the past but has never entirely ruled it out with a definitive “No”. It seems though that he will be focusing on his congressional seat and I’m guessing that once a Republican candidate hits the 1,191 delegates, Paul will be forced to drop it or declare as a third-party.

Since he’s now paying more attention to his congressional seat, I don’t see an independent run in the future for him anytime soon.

  • I love Ron Paul. He is exactly what this country needs at this critical moment in history. Hey, even Geraldo’s son loves Ron Paul! How about that?

    Dr. Paul is the only candidate for the office of POTUS who is not in it for himself. He is doing this for all of us and for future generations to be able to live in a free country. He is doing it for the whole world to be allowed to live in peace. He would restore limited, Constitutional government to this country, and with that our civil liberties would again be protected and peace and prosperity would follow. IMO, to support any other candidate would be insane.

    Dr. Ron Paul is the best presidential candidate this country has ever seen. Let’s give him the chance to be the best President we’ve ever had.

  • BTW, I very much hope that Ron Paul will run 3rd party or independent if it becomes impossible for him to get the R nomination. There is much more at stake here than loyalty to a political party. In fact the very future of our country and perhaps of humanity is at stake. Ron Paul is the right man for this job, and whatever it takes we need him to be our next President.

    There will undoubtedly be many people who will not be happy with either of the likely major party nominees. We must have Dr. Paul on the ballot as an option in November. If he does not choose to run 3rd party, we (his supporters) are already planning to organize a massive write-in campaign. One way or another, we will vote for Dr. Paul in November! He is the only one who deserves our support.

  • Don Baul

    Ron Paul is the greatest. He should be and would be standing where Obama is today if Americans weren’t so shallow, slow, lazy, confused, and mentally sick.

    Ron Paul should be the most popular man running right now but for some reason Americans don’t like honesty, integrity, morals, and a record to prove it.

    Why do you think that is? are we a country full of deviants???

  • I like Ron Paul, but I’m glad he’s sticking with the Republican party. He’s the only one who represents what the GOP used to be. If he goes third party, it’s just another step in the wrong direction for the GOP.

  • Ocalalily

    I really like Ron Paul’s views on everything…EXCEPT his foreign policy. I don’t believe that just “bringing everyone home” is going to end the hostilities towards America…if anything, I believe that it would bring violence and destruction to our own shores. It would put America at risk. I just can’t vote for Paul for those reasons. Other than that, he is a great candidate and an honorable man.
    VOTE HUCKABEE…write HIM in!!!!

  • Davide

    He won’t run as an independent because part of his objective is to reform the republican party; to bring it back to its authentic roots. Running as an independent would blow any chances of this.

  • Nathan

    Ron Paul is without a doubt the best candidate right now running for presidency. The problem is that the T.V. runs the campaigns. American’s only know what they see, and poor television stations only air whats lucrative. It is too bad that America will never see the likes of a president like Ron Paul, perhaps then we could survive our own demise

  • Stalin

    Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning as a Republican or an Independent. I only hope that having him around will help bring the GOP back toward its roots of small government and restrained spending.