Romney to endorse McCain – Update: Video Added

He must have come around, here’s the deal from Breitbart:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Mitt Romney, John McCain’s former chief rival for the Republican presidential nomination, will endorse the Arizona senator, officials familiar with the decision said Thursday.

Romney will make the endorsement later Thursday at his campaign headquarters in Boston and will release his 280 delegates and ask them to support McCain, said officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting the announcement.

The former Massachusetts governor dropped out of the race last week after it became apparent that toppling McCain would be near impossible given his lead in the hunt for convention delegates.

Romney made his decision on Thursday, one official said, in hopes of helping McCain get the delegates he needs to secure the Republican Party nod and unite the GOP while Democrats continue to battle for their own nomination.

The endorsement came together quickly.

Romney’s campaign notified McCain’s camp after Romney made the decision, and McCain’s campaign adjusted its campaign schedule to fly to Boston to accept the endorsement because the senator was campaigning in nearby Rhode Island.

The falling in line continues as the endorsements roll in for McCain. Can there be a more fitting day to show some love between the two?

I’ll update this later with video of the endorsement. It’s expected to happen at 4pm ET in Boston.


Sorry for the delay, here’s the video of Romney asking McCain if he’ll be his Valentine and McCain accepting:

So, now the question is what happens to Romney’s delegates?

Well, here’s somewhat of an explanation from CNN:

A source involved in the internal Romney deliberations confirmed Weaver’s role and said the former Massachusetts governor concluded it is time for the party to unite behind McCain and focus on a difficult fall election environment.

One source said Romney wants to endorse McCain “in the interest of healing.”

The source said Romney also wants to help McCain move faster to “secure the nomination and unite the party for the general election against the Democrats for November.”

Romney will “release” his delegates to McCain, meaning he will encourage them to get behind McCain’s candidacy, the source said.

Romney had collected 286 delegates before he suspended his campaign two weeks ago.

Those delegates would give McCain 1,013 total delegates, 78 short of securing the nomination.

Romney last week suspended his campaign, saying it was in his party’s best interest.

So basically, his delegates will be asked to support McCain but that doesn’t mean they all will. It will probably take a couple days to figure out how many McCain will actually gain from this.

Also, McCain was on Larry King Live this evening, I’m working on getting that video up.


Here’s a clip of the CNN appearance:

  • Romney did what he had to do. He’s a pragmatist. He knows that nothing can be accomplished by being a spoilsport.

    1) He probably sees McCain as the lesser of two evils. A unified GOP stands a better chance at keeping the Democrats out of the White House. Besides, if McCain picks him as VP, Romney’s fiscal prudence could moderate McCain and keep him in check.

    2) Romney knows the importance of not burning bridges. If he is to exercise future influence in the GOP, it’s in his best interest to remain in their good graces.

    In spite of Romney’s endorsement, I’m still on the fence about McCain. My vote will depend on a) McCain’s running mate and b) the Democratic nominee (Hillary being the more tolerable of the two).

  • Avi

    Who seid a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain?
    GO MIKE!!