How the chips fall after Tuesday’s primaries

Here’s the first 10 minutes of report’s from Wednesday’s Special Report on Fox News. I know I’m a day behind but it’s Valentine’s Day so give me a little slack and enjoy it:

The O-mentum (my new term) is strong at this point. The Clinton campaign is grasping at any kind of leverage to knock him down a peg or two. However, apparantly all is not well in Clinton land according to this new Wall Street Journal piece which discusses the inner campaign turmoil. You had the New York Times hit her in Tuesday, now the Journal takes a swipe.

Hillary needs to come out swinging in the debates and take Obama down hard if she’s going to derail his train.

On the GOP side, once Huckabee drops out, it will be McCain taking shots at the Democratic front runner, which everyone now thinks is Obama. That will be interesting to finally watch the two parties focus on each other rather than the primaries where they fight amongst themselves.

  • You’re allowed.
    You have done excellent work during this election cycle!!
    I have also enjoyed embedding your videos…

  • Jay Em

    “once Huckabee drops out”? that won’t happen until McCain get the delegates for nomination and that is 400 delegates away.
    Huckabee will take Texas and Ohio so I don’t see McCain getting it.
    They will meet at the convention.
    However unlike the Democrats, the republicans could use some good debates now, cause finally Huckabee would be able to comunicate his ideas. But we only get one, great system we have.

  • Actually Jay, since Romney’s endorsing McCain, many of Romney’s delegates will head to McCain putting him very close to the 1,191 delegates. She he win either Texas or Ohio, he will basically have it. However, as you mentioned, if Huckabee wins Texas and Ohio, it will go on longer but I don’t think it will reach a convention, it’s not mathematically probably at this point.

    And thanks Thunder Pig, I appreciate your readership!

  • ML

    My worry as a Democrat is that if this nomination process drags on until August, McCain will have had a head start in consolidating party forces and effort around him and campaigning on a national level. If it looks like Obama has this, Hillary needs to back down or she could hurt his chances to catch up in the general election. I’m sure she would be asking Obama to do the same if she were in his shoes…

  • Tahler

    Obama is very vague and that is why he doesn’t do that well in debates because he does better at speeches than at answering questions.

    I want to see more debates. It’s only been a two person contest for two weeks now!

  • Jay Em

    Nate, thanks for the feedback.
    Tahler, apparently vague is good with the American people.
    Clinton is vague too, and so is McCain.
    Huckabee is right to the point and wants media attention/debates and yet people are casting him aside.
    Go figure huh,
    Eventually we will have to deal with the problems America is facing right now Looks like we’ll have to wait another 4 years.

  • Joseph

    just because hillary is not good at speeches like obama is doesnt mean that speeches are bad. Look at this woman who is out to demonize people for their accomplishments. Is that what being tough means? She should live with it! Obama is a good speaker, and she is not and will never be; period! It will be a grave mistake for democrats to nominate this vengeful woman. That is what she is good at and she calls this toughness! THis is the biggest fairy tale I have ever seen. Gimme a break!