What Do We Really Know About Barack Obama?

What is it that we really know about Barack Obama. Sure he’s a good looking man with a gorgeous smile and a beautiful family, but what are his politics? I’ve been trying to figure out why it is that people have a crush on Obama. Good looks aside, the only thing that the man has definitively stated is that America under his leadership will have Universal Health care by the end of his first term. Health care is just one issue that America faces at this moment in time. When Obama spoke on his foreign policy he defended his position of withdrawing the troops from Iraq and invading Pakistan. Was he serious or was this some kind of joke? I was waiting for the moments after that comment when he would turn to the camera and claim that America had just been Punked. That moment didn’t come, nope, just an uncertain Pakistani government on the brink of collapse panicking at the thought of more rioting chaos that has rocked that country in years past. The current President Bush was forced to make a public statement to convince Pakistani’s that America was not coming for them next.

Where does Barack Obama stand on issues such as foreign policy, the economy, and illegal immigration? Do we really know, or are we just so excited about change that we could care less about a future Presidential Candidate’s politics?

  • Matt

    Go to his website, its all laid out very clearly

  • Greg Brown

    Wow. Does anyone listen to the issus before publishing these blogs. Obama is NOT FOR UNIVERSAL healthcare. He is for making premiums more affordable. He has chastised Clinton for her push for Universal socialized medicine. Obama is for mandating children only.

  • former Clinton supporter
  • Michael

    I doubt if Hillary fans where asked the same question, they could cite things other than her votes in the Senate and the attempt for universal health care.

    This is rhetoric, mostly, and I think distracting at best. If the Democratis wanted experience– or rather, a candidate who always talked about their accomplishments, they would have selected Joe Biden or Bill Richardson, or even Chris Dodd, who have years and years of experiences and accomplishments. They didn’t.

    Conservative Girl, it sounds like you are pushing the Clinton rhetoric, and that is fine, but it is rhetoric.

  • herman

    the viewers here are not uniformed. those that take a proactive approach in the things that are important to them i would guess are not in that audience or the film was cut off before the 10 percent was reached. in an age of Britney this and Paris Hilton that, i’m surprised this website would give notice to such a “show” if the same questions were posed to supporters of any other candidate the results would be the same. although this response sounds like its from a supporter of Obama, i was not until recent months when i watched the number of debates, a thorough review of his position, and made a decision based on my beliefs. this is not a blog, report the evens, positions, etc and let the “pundits” give their opinion.

  • Conservative Gal

    Ok people then lay it out for me, what is his issues. It only take a little copying and pasting from the Obama site. So tell me, what is he about?
    Then we can really debate key issues and argue differences.

    Michael writes: “Conservative Girl, it sounds like you are pushing the Clinton rhetoric, and that is fine, but it is rhetoric.”

    Where’s the rhetoric? I much rather a Republican go up against Obama in a general election then Hillary. Therefore McCain will be able to argue experience and his positions on key issues. Wheres the meat behind your argument?

  • herman

    Conservative Gal, what you’re asking for, in my opinion, is whats wrong with this country right now. are you the sheep or the shepherd? do the work yourself, if not then you’re allowing opinion and rhetoric to show their ugly faces.

  • Conservative Gal

    Herman, think here, Im trying to engage a debate, I have read the site and done my own research, I would like others, in there own words to not be sheep and explain to me there views on Obama. What makes him a desirable candidate in his voters minds. Defend your candidate in your own words, it will only make it that much better.

  • I do not support Barack Obama. He will make a great president…just not now…

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  • philosophicus

    What a stupid question!!!! The young man has written an autobiography, has a website loaded with information about his life, policy and mission. he has been scrutinized by the Hilary troop. They have gone to Kenya and Indonesia and Havard etc, and have interviewed his school mates too. They have scrutinized his records at the senate. People everywhere testify to his being an outstanding, very capable gentleman.He has been in the race for almost a year now and on the verge of winning the nomination and now you ask what we know about him. Stop distracting people. I guess you simply want to hear (know) a big scandal that could abort Obama’s quest to change America. This is what you seek. But it’s not gonna come. Get up from your sleep, throw away your cynicism and begin to to see the great wind of change coming. America is renewing itself. Obama is only the prophet who has announced the great dawn. He sees the future and you don’t.

  • marc

    wenn I read your remark about pakistan…it makes me wonder whether the stuff on the news here is the same what you guys receive across the pond….cause everybody knows that al qaida recides in waziristan; the mountain area of pakistan on the border with afganistan.

    pakistan never had actual control of this area, nor the english before. pakistan receivde biljons of dollars from bush to get busy there but simply cant.

    And if they cant do it….who will end up doing it?

    The longer the hesitation lasts, the more lifes are lost! Cause these ppl can regroup and untrhreatened plan their next attack in afganistan. If this problem remains unaddressed, cause of the polical trickyness in pakistan, the war in afganistan may last forever.

    If you lost your wallet in the garage, would you go look for it in the attic?

  • Conservative Gal

    I’m glad you find this to be a stupid question!!! I wouldn’t want you to actually think about what Brack Obama’s politics are. No instead philosophicus, you can’t answer the question posed, instead just more of the same fluffy fluff. “People everywhere testify to his being an outstanding, very capable gentleman.” I agree he is a gentleman and a very honorable and dignified person. However, what is the change that he’s going to bring to America. Let’s review his senate record shall we. Where does Mr. Obama fair on issues that face the United States.

    In the words of Jack Johnson’s song Upside Down “as my mind begins to spread its wings, There’s no stopping curiosity, I want to turn the whole thing upside down I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found”.

    Since first elected, 11/02/2004, Barack Obama has failed to vote 129 times out of 399 bills that have come to the senate floor for a vote. How did Barack do voting on Health Care? Well how are we supposed to know, the man neglected to cast a vote on most of the health care bills. While in office there has been 15 bills to vote on, he decided to grace us will his presences and vote on just 6 of them. He missed the mark on such bills as the “Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007 (CHIP)” to “Vote to pass a bill that reauthorizes and expands the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) through 2012”. Hmmmmm……. Here’s a statement on Obama’s website, “47 million Americans — including nearly 9 million children — lack health insurance with no signs of this trend slowing down.” Well if you don’t show up to vote on such issues as Children’s Health Care it’s not going to get fixed now is it silly.

    What about his voting record on Budget, Spending and Taxes? That’s an important issue right, I mean if you listen to all the Chicken Littles we’re in a deep recession are we not? Well as recent as 02/07/2008 Barack Obama did not even bother to vote on the Economic Stimulus Package. As a matter of fact it kind of looks like Mr.Obama hasn’t bothered to vote on many bills since he began is campaign for the Presidency.

    Barack Obama failed to vote on “Student Loan Lender Subsidy Cuts and Student Grants”, which would allow “$33.60 billion to gradually increase Pell Grant amounts to $5,400 by 2012 and maintains funding through 2017 (Sec. 102).” However, on his website he claims that “In the U.S. Senate, Obama has been a leader in working to make college more affordable.” This seems to be an issue that is close to his heart, having the great opportunity of a higher education himself, why would he not show up to vote? In order to establish a voting record you must first vote.

    Also, doesn’t he claim to be huge on Civil Rights issues? On the recommendation of some I strolled on over to Obama’s website. The man seems passionate about Civil Rights, so foolishly I assumed that his record would reflect. Well out of 12 bills that came before the senate in his term, Obama only voted on half the Civil Rights bills. One that he did vote Yes on was “Habeus Corpus for Detainees of the United States”, unfortunately he failed to make a showing and did not vote on “Implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act”. Hello, at least stay consistent.

    No wonder why he doesn’t address issues out on the campaign trail, he doesn’t show up to vote on them either. But that’s what we love about Rock Stars, they give a good performance, but never bother to write there own songs. This rings true with his website, just a whole bunch of song writers.

  • Brian

    Good luck
    I don’t think any Obama supproter answer you simply becasue they do not know.

  • nzpudding

    George W.Bush wouldn’t have won the White House without his scriptwriters, predominantly Karl Rove. It’s a little naive to think that a President has all the answers to every question without first consulting backroom staff first, as there’s no ‘I’ in team.

    Hillary and McCain might be saying too much too soon and giving promises they possibly can’t keep just to get the votes to win an election.

    After 8 years of Bush and his failed policies, I think Americans deserve to believe in themselves again. Obama seems to be inspiring individuals to do just that, which alone isn’t such a bad thing.

  • voters should understand that direct democracy was never meant to be used as an opinion or preference poll, to which people attend every few years to give their “perspectives” regarding a candidate. Voting has very sophisticated dimensions, which involve strategy and forward thinking. As an example, we may consider Micheal Jordan the best basketball player of all time, but if we put him in a Hockey match we would be deeply disturbed with the results. Similarly, a political Party cannot put a “fashionable” candidate within their own doors if, when they release him into the wild, he will be mercilessly eaten by the wolves. One of the basic rules of political strategy is, that you should fight fire with fire, even if it seems unpopular at the moment (someone should have told this to John Kerry). Even though Hillary Clinton and John McCain appear to be unwholesome representatives of their respective ideals, they are tough and brutal enough to deal with the “savages” that will start attacking them very soon. But, if by contrast, you put a Rudy Giuliani or a Barack Obama out on the field, they will be eaten for breakfast by the infamous “big boys” of political smearing. This all may be a sad fact, but it is nevertheless a true one.

    By continuously witnessing the results of these exhausting political marathons, it would be fair to assume that we are “beating a dead horse” when we explain to our citizenry the importance of voting intelligently. In the case of the Democrats, it is their Party’s “dead donkey” which needs an urgent resuscitation, before it is too late.

  • nzpudding

    I think it’s the ‘big boys’ of political smearing that’s losing Hillary the race and it didn’t do Mitt Romney any favours either. Perhaps people are tired of the same old smearing and they just want a candidate who they can truly believe in, even if they don’t fully understand them.

    I agree with what you said about Kerry though, he was far too weak after he got the Democtratic nomination and seemed almost lost as to what to do. We’ll have to wait and see what Barack says or does andhopefully he won’t follow in Kerry’s footsteps.

  • Michael


    We do not have a direct democracy. In the United States, we have a liberal democracy. In order for a direct democracy, all citizens vote on legislation (not on representatives, which is in a liberal democracy).

  • Tanished

    What I want to know is…….How could a real American Honestly think about voting someone in office who just a few months ago refused to Salute Our Flag and refused to acknowledge the National Anthem. I feel that someone who would consider any candidate that was to do this should not be allowed to vote because they are not a TRUE AMERICAN

  • nzpudding

    Why is saluting a piece of cloth more important than whether a guy (or gal) can do their job or not? And what constitutes a ‘Real American’?

    Sure it’s great to be patriotic and proud of where you’re from, but that shouldn’t be the be all and end all.

  • Michael

    Tanished– I am all for critiquing candidates on their posture, prose, and actions, but not for any fabricating. Obama never refused to salute the flag or acknowledge the national anthem.

    This was part of a series of misinformation spread about a month ago about Obama.

    He has repeatedly explained how insubstantial these charges are.

  • Conservative Gal

    I completely agree with Tanished. You are correct that B. Hussein Obama has all but flaunted the fact that he is above patriotism by refusing to wear an American flag lapel pin either. Furthermore, after reviewing his store, I have yet to see anything that features the US flag. Sure, he’s red, white, and blue, but it’s as a little sunset, not a flag. None of his stuff has a flag on it whatsoever. You have to wonder if his heart is with this country or he’s more interested in causes supporting Africa, of which he led many projects while an Illinois state senator. If he does feel that way, that’s fine, but I want the next President to put our country first should, God forbid, another terrorist attack occur. Our president needs to do what’s best for this country and stop worrying about how we’re viewed in the world. If that means AIDS funding for Africa goes on the back burner while we worry about our own domestic issues, then so be it.

    nzpudding: You may not realize how it feels to salute your flag and support the symbols of your nation, especially when you have loved ones who have fought and died for your freedom. Furthermore, we live with the most freedom on earth and it should be cherished, that is why the flag, or the “cloth” as you put it, is so important. Plus, if you’re not proud of this nation, why would you want to be President of it? My relationship with America is like a boyfriend, so don’t mess with my man!

  • nzpudding

    Conservative Gal I used to be in the military and served my country proudly for over 6 years. I’m as patriotic as the next person but I don’t need to wear a badge, salute a flag or sing the national anthem at the top of my voice to prove I’m patriotic.

    Patriotism means different things to different people, and people should respect that fact that just because somebody might not feel the need to stand and salute a piece of cloth with pretty colours and patterns on it, doesn’t mean they’d serve their country any less than somebody who would.

    I also notice that you feel the need to mention Obama’s middle name, this is a real issue with Republican’s, why I don’t know, it beggars belief to be honest. A name is just a name, it’s what’s inside of the person that has that name which is most important….isn’t it?

  • Let me start by saying that I appreciate your service to your respective country. This country’s patriotism is one to be proud of, and there is no way that I would ever apologize for that. The men and women who service and have served this country do so willingly. They are not drafted or made to serve, I bring this up because it is a great testament to there patriotism. If you were in the U.S when 9/11 happened you would have seen a country united, it was the first time I have seen this in my short life. It was a true testament to patriotism. So if the man running for Commander and Chief will not wear a flag pin on his jacket or hold his hand on his heart well stating the pledge then I say move. Obama is so consumed with Africa let him take up residency. But don’t think that your poor behaviors toward your country will not be pointed out, remember this is a Presidential race and it can get dirty, so one’s patriotism is fair game.

    As for me mentioning B. Hussein Obama. What is it that bothers you about me mentioning his middle name? This seems to be a real issue for you, why is that? Is there something about that name that gets under your skin? Like you stated yourself, a name is just a name!

  • nzpudding

    The point I’m trying to make is you don’t have to show your patriotism to be patriotic. That might be a little too deep I know, but it is true.

    At what point did Republicans claim a monopoly on patriotism? and at what point did Republicans claim a monopoly on the Armed Forces? Republicans are no better or any patriotic than Democrats.

    You’ll have to give links to articles that convinces me Obama is consumed with Africa, shame Bush isn’t consumed with Africa…hang on…where is he at the moment????

    As for Obama’s middle name, this is typical Ann Coulter type hate smearing, trying to make out he’s a muslim or something, then they could go about with more smearing. Be honest, Republicans can’t find much on Barack so they/you are going after his name to try and put doubt into something, anything, but it’ll fail because most intelligent Americans won’t care about his middle name and make it an issue by emphasising it whenever they can.

  • Michael

    A thing to build off from one of Conservative Girl’s comments: Candidates running for office are not going to be present as much in the current jobs, which means that the U.S Senate has currently three very inactive people. This was part of Bill Clinton’s basis for attacking Barack Obama’s experience– he mentioned that when you run for the presidency it is a full time job and you cannot claim experience at the same time serving in the Senate (he even said this pertains to two years prior to announcing your candidacy, but this is questionable).

    So in this respect, Obama’s record in the Senate as far as voting is going to have some spotty presence (as I would assume Clinton or McCain). What’s interesting is that when the candidates who were losing steam saw the end in sight, you saw them more active in the Senate (like Joe Biden or Chris Dodd).

    Conservative Girl– again with the Clinton arguments? 🙂

  • bpigott

    Direct quote from Susan Sarandon. “So I think he definitely has convinced people that he stands for change and for hope, and I can’t wait to see what he stands for. ”

    I think a lot of Obama voters have the same thoughts. He seems like a great guy, I hope he knows how to run the country…

  • bpigott

    In response to nzpuddings request for more about Barack Hussein Obama and Africa. Read item number 4 of the 10 point vision of the Trinity United Church of Christ, which is Obama’s church.


    Yes I know that his church does not speak for him, but it certainly gives one pause.

  • camair

    Conservative gal,
    Whats the names of the californian governor?Does it mean a thing to you?You talk like you never went to school.Do you know the original inhabitants of America were the red Indians.To whom do you refere to as Americans now?the Red Indians or people like you?
    You who claim to be more American to other seem to have many problem as humans.
    The Blackman took many many years to teach you that slavery was inhumane.You said no and later yes.
    For how many years do you want us to keep teaching you that racial discrimination is worst in America than the rest of the world?
    Thats democracy is not of the interest on the stronger party as Bush defined in his actions in the last elections?
    That you need not polish your face to look like a black before coming to Africa?
    If really you are an American / patriotic,you should consider suicide if Obama wins if you will not play the Bush game on Al Gore.
    How democratic is America?

  • hotkeys

    If this is the kind of biased commentary that this website has, then this website sucks. Isn’t it supposed to be an unbiased source of news ? Jeez. At least they could have found a political moderate or centrist to give objective and non-partisan commentary, rather than a right-wing nut.

  • Davide

    Getting back to the issue of Obama’s voting record would be nice. For some reason, people always seem to dodge these questions, and take dicussions off topic. I think a close examination and discussion on his voting record is in order here, so the truth can come out.

  • Babs

    I see a lot of good points and useless points here, and have only learned one new thing through this discussion thread that bothers me. It was recommended that we read the website of Obama’s church, and the writer was correct. Something there disturbs me, and begs the question as to what degree Obama supports his church’s “10 Point Vision”. Number 4 on this list states “A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA”. Whether you’re an original American – native American – or an “imported” American, shouldn’t your non-negotiable commitment be to America? One red flag concerning ANY candidate is common, even expected. MANY red flags constitutes doubt and mistrust of that candidate.

    The following question is one I have been asked, and really can’t answer, but it does give pause concerning Obama’s qualifications and experience as our Commander in Chief:

    “Is the election of Barrack Obama as President not the very definition of Affirmative Action?”

    As I said, I don’t have the answer to that, but it sure makes you think.

  • Stalin


    Please try not to drink when you post. Your statements have no relevence to the article that CG posted.


    See that little tab at the top of the page that says “Democrats”. Do me a favor and click on that.


    I’m glad you checked out the website. Obama was also endosed by the racist, anti-semetic Farrakahn. While Obama didn’t not solicit this endorsement, you could tell he was very uncomfortable in last nights debate when he had to renounce and reject Farrakahn. I don’t think he was comfortable throwing a fellow black man under the bus.

    With regards to your question about Affirmative Action. It is difficult to answer because I don’t know if he was given preferencial treatment when applying to schools and jobs prior to his political career. However, during his political career he has not been given any official preferencial treatment by the system but perhaps by his peers and constituents he has.

  • Thank you Stalin for rebutting on my behalf.
    Camair…Stop your ranting. One of the reason why the U.S still has a problem with racism is people like you keep the coals burning. What comments of mine lead you to believe that i was espousing racial views. The funny thing is you blame the likes of me for racism, however your the one spewing hatred.
    Hotkey…If you think the website sucks then stop posting to it. You obviously cannot tell that your in the “Commentary/Opinion section”.

    Babs…Great post! I myself was blown away by the content on the Churches site. I would more then welcome a black Christian President, but one who’s religion puts Africa’s interest above our own, that makes me uneasy.

  • Babs

    Conservative Gal, thanks. I’ve tried to be unbiased in my evaluation of all of the candidates, but I’m having a hard time reconciling Obama as a viable candidate for President. I find labeling him as “Christian” to be as offensive as labeling him as Muslim, as Christian is defined as being “Christ like” and goes to one’s beliefs and standards as an individual. Muslim, on the other hand, is a chosen faith and denomenation. Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, these are all faiths and denomenations within the Christian faith. To call himself a “Christian” seems to me to be his alternative to calling himself a patriotic American by choice and a Muslim by faith. From what I understand about the Muslim faith, their members are so staunch it’s believed that they would not endorse a man they believed had turned his back on that faith. Which leaves me with a lot of questions, and no answers as to where Obama’s allegiance really lies. And now because of the “10 point vision” of his professed church, we have to pit allegiance to Africa in the mix as well. Of course a devout Obama supporter will say I should believe Obama about his faith just because he says so, but life doesn’t work that way.

    I’m going to be blunt here. As I listen to his speeches, and read all that’s written about him and BY him, I have to wonder that he ever made it to Super Tuesday. Is he a charismatic speaker? Absolutely, he would have made a wonderful motivational speaker. Is he a viable candidate for Chief of Staff of our country? Not in my opinion. How did he get this far? The same way Hillary did, basically. He’s something different – he’s not the white ango-saxon protestant we’re used to seeing, just as Hillary is not, she’s a woman. Don’t call me a racist here, C. Rice would have had my vote in a heartbeat, maybe even Colin Powell. But in regards to Barrack Obama, I would borrow a line from John Grisham’s “A Time to Kill” when the attorney told a jury in regards to a raped and beaten black child “Now pretend she is white”. If I take all of the information out there about Obama, and his expertise, and then pretend he is white, I don’t believe he would have ever seen Super Tuesday based on his experience and politics alone.

    That’s my 2 cents, and I’m entitled to it. =)

    Stalin, I agree, Obama was extremely uncomfortable over the Farrakahn issue, another red flag for me. It doesn’t seem to me that he’s comfortable throwing ANYone under the bus that might mean a vote or a campaign contribution for him. I also wondered at his stumbling over the average campaign contribution he receives, and I sincerely doubt Oprah Winfrey wrote him a check for 109 bucks. *L*

  • Stalin

    Wow. Obama’s poll numbers increased because he can dance with Ellen. Granted he was half joking, the way some people in this country base their vote is frightening to say the least…

    “I just want to say that we were kind of in a slump until I was dancing on the show,” he joked, referring to his appearance on her show last fall. “My poll numbers skyrocketed after that. Everybody saw me bust a move on Ellen — that’s all it took.”

  • Careful what you wish for. Meanwhile, perhaps Obama should consider addressing literacy in America, since a number of Obama’s supporters aren’t capable of using proper/accurate grammar, spelling, etc.
    You want change, right? This would be a good starting place.

    See Obama run. See Obama lie, stumble, and drag the rest of the country down with him.

  • Ronald W. Sprague

    Our country is in dire straights economy-wise and the two candidates running on the Democrat and Reublican parties will break the back of already hurting citizens with their expanding government program mandates.

    Just know that the ideas of “Distibution of wealth” and government seized private corporations (in the guise of Nationalizing their assets), are pages taken out of Karl Marx ‘Communist Manifesto’ !!!

  • mcbama

    camir, from your comments, I guess english is not your first language. Red Indians as you call them are Native Americans here.

    This brings up a question that I have about Obama. Where is he getting his financial support ? There have been rumors, and I do say rumors that a large amount of his financing is coming from overseas. If that is true, doesn’t his name have some bearing on this matter? As well as his stance on radical islam.

    Last but not least, wouldn’t $250 million be better spent, re-capitalizing the financial instutions, than on more political ads?????

  • Wes Freeman

    Americans know far more about Adolph Hitler than we know about obama, I blame the 95% of the black voters that helped put this piece of garbage in the white house and they know nothing about him except that he promised them money and comforts and thats the extent of their worries. This mans ancestors sold these same black’s ancestors into slavery and they are just to damn dumb to realize it or to see his real agenda.

  • kristen

    really i dont thing anyone is lisening to whats is goiong on ok kids even know what this world is comming to and guess what where all sacred shitless… we dont know what to do. or what to think oboma sere in hell wont help our health care shit he just says that so he could be presadent guess what he got his wish now what oboma is it time to destrey the united staets i bet you so much money he was not born here he wont show us his brith thing so none of us knoe where all guessing that he is from here but can we beleave him and yah hes our frist black presadent but i garenty he will be the last… so really yah you guys can sit here and wrght what you dont like about him but why not trying to dont something about it atleast not everyone is toltly freeking out yet but we will be there soon oh and the only reson obmoa want to ligliez weed is so that he can smoke to at frist he wanted only leglies it for him self but he cant do that dam what a shame ant it……. poor obmoa p.s the only reson your helping the poor people is cuz you where once like them but guess what your just messing our world up step down let some one better be presadent

  • @kristen

    on second thought, it’s not worth it.

  • Wait! Kristen, are you a member of the Tea Party Movement?

  • john stayton

    Conservative Gal gave a lot of well thought out, and researched responses back in 2008. Where are all of you Obama supporters now? nearly a full term later, and he’s still not fixing anything. I smell a sleeper cell, do you have enough sense to see where it is, or more importantly how it got there?