Video: Virginia, Maryland, DC Primary Preview

The Potomac Primary, as they call it, will be happening today which includes Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

I’ll start this off with a video preview from Neil Cavuto from Monday afternoon:

On the Democratic side, polls show Obama winning big taking, perhaps, all three states and sweeping the contests. I have polls which show him way ahead in Virginia and Maryland. We discussed this a ton on the 2/11 You Decide Politics radio show but it’s worth repeating. If Obama wins all three, he’s going to come out the clear winner in February and the front runner for the nomination in my opinion.

On the Republican side, things aren’t looking too good for Huckabee as polls show McCain taking both Virginia and Maryland quite easily. If McCain does win big tomorrow, I think the Huckabee train will have derailed a bit. Ron Paul’s going to place his typical 3rd it appears. Huckabee has won a little more ground in Virginia but nothing substantial.

We’ll have more coverage today and into the evening as the results begin pouring in. Not sure what time the polls close but I’ll update this post later with the details.

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