Official Results: DC, Maryland, Virginia Primaries

The polls will be closing tonight 7pm eastern in Virginia and 8pm eastern in DC and Maryland.

Once 7pm hits, I’ll have this post updated with results as they begin rolling in.

A little report on the voting today from Fox News:

Hillary Clinton was hoping to control the damage and John McCain was in search of affirmation as voters flocked to the polls for the so-called Potomac Primaries in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia Tuesday.

Turnout was reportedly high, with voter interest projected to be surging on the Democratic side, as it has in other recent contests.

Barack Obama and McCain were the clear favorites going into the day’s primaries. McCain, the GOP front-runner, needs victories to rebound after suffering embarrassing defeats Saturday to committed underdog Mike Huckabee in Louisiana and Kansas.

A sweep Tuesday for Obama would seal a week-long shutout over Clinton for the Illinois senator, who is riding a wave of momentum off his five consecutive wins over the weekend.

Other region’s dense populations of well-educated, affluent, black voters favored Obama, exit polls in other primaries and caucus states showed.

The official results will be updated below starting around 7pm eastern, 4pm pacific, refresh this post then for the latest updates.

Update @ 7:16pm ET

Virginia has been called for Obama with less than 1% reporting, nothing on the GOP side yet. Maryland and DC will close at 8pm eastern.

Update @ 7:58pm ET

Maryland will be staying open an extra 90 minutes so we won’t get results until 9:30pm eastern apparently. DC is closing in a minute or two, results coming soon.

Update @ 8:34pm ET

Virginia’s been called for McCain.

Also, be sure to tune in to You Decide Politics Radio tonight at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific where we’ll be discussing the results and other topics. I will post a link to listen live at 10pm eastern when we’re on. Check this post or the top of the site.

White boxes = No winner yet
Gray boxes = Winner declared
( ) = State delegates

February 12th Results
The Potomac Primaries

February 12th Results
The Potomac Primaries

District of Columbia (15)

75 – Obama – Projected Winner
24 – Clinton

98% Precincts Reported

District of Columbia (16)

68 – McCain – Projected Winner
17 – Huckabee
8 – Paul

98% Precincts Reported

Maryland (70)

60 – Obama – Projected Winner
37 – Clinton

96% Precincts Reported

Maryland (34)

55 – McCain – Projected Winner
29 – Huckabee
6 – Paul

96% Precincts Reported

Virginia (83)

64 – Obama – Projected Winner
35 – Clinton

99% Precincts Reported

Virginia (60)

50 – McCain – Projected Winner
41 – Huckabee
4 – Paul

99% Precincts Reported

Let me know if I missed anything or you find an error!

  • Joey

    how do they proclaim the winners in Maryland before they have started counting

  • Teri

    “how do they proclaim the winners in Maryland before they have started counting”
    Good question…I was wondering that myself…man oh man, these races are getting ugly, especially with the media and political bias. I am so glad both Huckabee and Paul are staying in the race. As Governor Huckabee eloquently put it…”competition breeds excellence”. McCain needs some competition. Go MIKE!!!!

  • It’s a mix of the exit polls and the results as they come in.

  • Just as in every other year, the democrats are fronting a woman and an African American for the White House job… knowing fully well that America is not ready and will not be ready for a Woman or Black President for another 100 years. This is sadenning, becuase soon as the primaries are over the Republicans would bring in the fear factor and security issues and once again the USA citizens would fall for it, thus ppaving the way for a Senator McCain Presidency. Read my lips, Maccain would win either Hilary or Obama easily.