Huckabee’s Sunday Media – Plus Huck Challenges WA Vote

Huckabee appeared on both Face the Nation and Meet the Press this morning. He was also on CNN’s Late Edition but I haven’t found a video for that yet. He was the only 2008 candidate to have interviews this morning so he’ll get a post all to himself.

First, on Face the Nation:

Next, the full interview on Meet the Press, it’s in a 3-part playlist and will advance automatically:

A report on both appearances from The Politico:

Fresh off his victories Saturday night in Louisiana and Kansas, former Gov. Mike Huckabee appeared on both CBS’s “Face the Nation” and NBC’s “Meet the Press.” And there he was again on CNN’s “Late Edition.”

It was tough trying to keep up with Huckabee, so here’s the breakdown in case you missed anything:

On “Face the Nation,” he was asked whether he is going to carry on in the race, despite the significant lead Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has in convention delegates.

“I am,” Huckabee said. “Nothing is impossible. This country was built on the impossible. In politics so many things can happen that can change the landscape overnight. People say the path to victory is complicated and, boy, they’re right.”

“I’m prepared to stay in till someone has 1,191 delegates,” Huckabee said, adding that his supporters are “fired up.”

“When other people are winding down, we’re winding up,” he said.

Onto the most predictable question: Would Huckabee consider being McCain’s running mate?

“I don’t think he would select me anyway,” Huckabee answered. “I don’t think I would select him. There’s no illusion on my part.”

“Let me say it this way,” he continued. “There are no discussions for such a thing because at this point, I’m still running for president.”

On “Meet the Press,” it was déjà vu. Huckabee was asked again: Do you want to be vice president?

“No, I really don’t,” Huckabee said. “I’m not going to be asked. I think it’s pretty evident that there would be a whole lot of people on the list long before me, and one of them would say yes. There’s no point in speculating it.”

He says he doesn’t want to be VP but it’s always strange how things develop over time.

Also, in other Huckabee news, he’s calling for investigations into the results of Washington’s Republican Caucus which took place on Saturday, story from Fox News:

Mike Huckabee is challenging the results of the Washington state Republican caucuses, his campaign announced Sunday, after accusing the state party chairman of calling the election for John McCain before all the votes were counted.

The campaign will be pursuing a full investigation, including sending in lawyers to join those already on the scene in the state, officials told FOX News.

Washington State Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser announced late Saturday that McCain had won the 2008 Republican caucuses in the state with 87.2 percent of precincts reporting. McCain had 25.5 percent over Huckabee’s 23.7 percent in that race.

Esser issued a statement congratulating McCain on a “hard-fought win,” and Huckabee on a “strong second-place finish.”

Ed Rollins, Huckabee campaign chairman, directly challenged Esser’s move, saying the count was incomplete because the other 12.8 percent of precincts could tip the scales since McCain was beating Huckabee by only a couple hundred votes.

The vote was close, just a couple hundred votes separating them. It’s probably close enough to challenge, at least to ensure the counting has been done correctly. Plus, it was amazing to me that the state GOP chairman announced McCain the winner, not the news agencies which do the calculating on calling the race, none of them did until the Washington GOP Chairman did.

We’ll see how this all develops.

  • Marv Loveness

    Here is a very important website which each Huckabee Supporter should read carefully. It concerns his record as Governor of Arkansas. I hope Mr. Huckabee answers honestly each point being alleged and supstantiated:

    Marv Loveness,
    former Huckabee supporter

  • Teri

    Hi Mary…please do not believe everything you read…or at least, take it with a grain of salt. I heard a rumor that the content of this article may have been gleaned from Democratic opposition from 1994, as well as coming from a conservative that is now being paid by Ron Paul to discredit Governor Huckabee. It is unfortunate that this kind of press goes around…all of the candidates have to deal with this kind of thing. I know for a fact that the “ethics charges” were ALL dismissed as frivolous except for one…that was concerning a canoe that was given to Gov. Huckabee kept (he liked it!) but unfortunately he didnt report it properly.

  • Jeannie McKelvie

    I am shocked that Mr. Huckabee has such a hidden agenda; in recent interviews he has been questioned about some of the shenanigans and/or policies of his governmental decisions while in office for TEN years. In every one, he has made some sort of a denial. I have just today been illuminated as to his TRUE record as governor of Arkansas. It really is not bewildering to me to read that Mr. Huckabee is not all that! I have had the privilege this a.m. to read a newsletter written by the Constitution Party (written objectively by David Thompson), regarding the former governor’s policies and his aboslute disregard for the people of the state he was entrusted to. I was even more shocked to realize that Mr. Huckabee and his wife actually signed a ‘wedding register’ — after being married for at least 30 years … what is that about? I have come to the knowledge that even though he came from ‘humble beginnings’ he is not what he cracks himself up to be. What kind of mask does he wear? Does he tell the truth, or is he just as self-serving as his ego makes him? I was going to give him my vote, but with these new revelations, he is dead in the water.

    Jeannie McKelvie, A Proud American and my vote for McCain!

  • Teri

    There is one more thing to keep in mind…Romney won Massachusetts with 52% of the vote…Huckabee won Arkansas with 60% of the vote. Obviously, there are a lot of voters in Arkansas that approved of their former governor.
    None of the candidates are perfect. They all have their flaws and past mistakes…but it is our right, our duty, to choose with our ballot the one who will best speak for us. I personally don’t care if Huckabee “hurt the Republican pary’ in Arkansas…as far as I am concerned the Party has hurt themselves much more nationally than anything that Mike could have done.
    Just thoughts.

  • Teri Armstrong

    Oh COME ON FOLKS!!! This article was written by the Constitution Party of Texas! They have published scathing articles about McCain, Thompson, Gulianni and Romney as well as Huckabee….please, DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ! For the most part, they are Ron Paul supporters, which leads me to believe that they are going to try and discredit other candidates (just like a lot of the other politicians do…EXCEPT Huckabee.) Even when Romney’s ads were so nastily against McCain and Huckabee, Governor Huckabee took the high road and didn’t widely air anything that was mean spirited.