Primary/Caucus Results for Saturday – 2/9/07

Right now though, results for the Kansas Republican Caucus are now coming in:

Fox News is projecting Mike Huckabee the winner in Kansas, seems pretty obvious and gives Huckabee 36 more delegates I believe.

I’ll have the results for Louisiana Primary and Washington Primary for the Republicans once the results come in.

More to come later this evening.

Update @ 8:34pm ET

Ok, here’s a nice table of all the voting which happened today for both Democrats and Republicans.

Update 2/10 @ 12:18am ET

Neither Louisiana nor Washington will be called until Sunday morning. No more counting will be done and both races are apparently too close to call. I’ll update tomorrow when more results are in.

Update 2/10 @ 12:28am ET

Louisiana has been called for Huckabee on the Republican side, no word on Washington yet. However, because Huckabee has not met the 50% threshold, he will not receive Louisiana’s delegates. Instead the delegates will go to the convention and will be able to support any candidate.

White boxes = No winner yet
Gray boxes = Winner declared
( ) = State delegates

February 9th Results

February 9th Results

Kansas Democratic Primary was on February 5th Kansas (39)

60 – Huckabee – Winner
24 – McCain
11 – Paul

100% Precincts Reported

Louisiana (67)

57 – Obama – Winner
36 – Clinton

100% Precincts Reported

Louisiana (47)

43 – Huckabee – Winner
42 – McCain
5 – Paul

100% Precincts Reported

Nebraska (31)

68 – Obama – Winner
32 – Clinton

100% Precincts Reported

Nebraska Republican Primary on May 13
Washington (97)

68 – Obama – Projected Winner
31 – Clinton

96% Precincts Reported

Washington (40)

26 – McCain – Projected Winner
24 – Huckabee
22 – Paul

96% Precincts Reported

US Virgin Islands (3)

92 – Obama – Winner
8 – Clinton

100% Precincts Reported

US Virgin Islands Republican Primary on April 5

Refresh this post for the latest!

Let me know if I miss something!

  • Avi

    Do you have a video of Huckabee at CPAC?
    you had Romney and McCain

  • I only had the McCain video, I found Romney dropping out from somewhere else.

    This here I believe is video of Huckabee’s speech:

  • Ryker

    Huckabee’s speech is amazing. What a true conservative Republican who is a man of God. If everyone on the news is saying “for the better of the party” then they should know Huckabee is the choice!

  • teri armstrong

    I agree with Ryker…that speech was wonderful!!!
    Please, DON”T LET THE MEDIA TELL YOU WHO TO VOTE FOR! The pundits predictions are just opinions, not fact. Let the American people decide by their votes.
    VOTE FOR MIKE in 2008!!
    PS Thanks Tommy for the CPAC speech video!!! I appreciate it!!

  • Jay Em

    All Huckabee needs is a little more media attention than what he has been getting and people will see that he is the man for the job.

  • Avi

    if you want Huckabee to get more media attention you have to donate money. Mike got so far without money could you imagine how far he would be if he had money?

  • Anthony

    isnt the Washington republican contest a caucus, and isnt it today? I could be wrong but thats what I thought.

  • Anthony, you’re exactly correct, thanks for catching that! See, two pairs of eyes are always better.

  • Jay Em

    Avi your right Mike could really use our donations, as I gave him some more thing morning. But looking at Romney’s situation, votes count more than money. Right now any media attention is what he needs the most.

  • Reverend of Rock

    If you guys think that Huckabee is ignored by the media, try being a Ron Paul supporter. Most people I talk to don’t have a clue who he is. On Super Tuesday, my local newspaper put the faces of every other candidate on the front page, except for Ron Paul. He is the only candidate who’s name, face, and message are virtually unknown to the general public, despite phenominal fundraising. True, Constitutional Conservatism is a thing of the past. If you think Huckabee is a conservative, think George W. Bush. They said the same thing about him, and we know that was not true.

  • I’ll agree, I noticed Fox News is now saying “It’s down to 4, Obama, Clinton, McCain, Huckabee”. Well, Ron Paul and Mike Gravel are technically still in the race so they probably should be included, at least Paul since he’s actually won delegates.

  • teri armstrong

    I have to agree with the statement that Ron Paul and Mike Gravel have been ignored by the media. I am an avid Huckabee supporter, but have always felt the media (especially television) has been extremely biased against Ron Paul, Gravel and Huckabee. They (the pundits) actually are still giving Mitt Romney air time!!?? Unbelievable! Well, I hope after today that will change. Paul got 21% of the vote in LA…that should say something to the pundits LOL!!!
    The race ain’t over til its over…America, prove the media wrong and vote for who YOU want, not who the media tells you to!!!

  • teri armstrong

    oops…I meant that Ron Paul received 21% in WA, not LA.

  • Darryl Galasso

    Ron Paul has had a few states with high turn outs, Minnesota, North Dakota and Alaska. If the man had any media time what so ever he would probably be right in the thick of things. My personal opinion is irrelevant here, but I will say this; those of you whom believe Mike Huckabee is a Christian understand what the faith’s own words state. No man can serve two masters for he will either love the one and hate the other or hate the one and love the other. Lets face the facts, Mike Huckabee stopped being a real Christian when he entered into public service. he may have Christian morals and beliefs, however according to the word of his own faith, he cannot be a Christian himself. I like Mike and may vote for him, if Ron Paul drops out of the race, otherwise Mr. Paul gets my vote.