You Decide Politics Radio – 2/7/08

This will begin our regular schedule, Monday and Thursday at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific for a 2 hour program.

I’ll update this post at 10pm eastern with the link to the live show. Also, if you miss it, this post will have the recorded live broadcast in it.

So join us tonight at 10 pm eastern, 7pm pacific. We will be taking live calls during the show.

Live call-in number during the show: (347) 205-9907

Tonight’s topics:

– Super Tuesday Wrap-up
– Romney suspending his campaign
– McCain’s speech to CPAC
– Clinton/Obama fund raising battle
– Is Hillary now the underdog?
– Delegate count updates
– Other recent 2008 topics…
– Per Angry’s request, Reagan’s City On A Hill speech

Again, this post will have a link to the live broadcast starting at 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific.


Listen to the entire show:

We’ll be on again live Monday, February 11 at 10 pm eastern, 7pm pacific.

  • Jay Em

    I missed the radio show, but since there is no topics on Huckabee I guess I didn’t miss much.
    Even with Romney gone are we still avoiding Huckabee?

  • You can listen to it above in the little blue player, it’s been added. Huckabee was discussed many times!

    But feel free to offer suggestions for topics of Monday’s show.

  • Jay Em

    Well Nate, If you remeber some of my previous comments, Faitax would be a topic.
    Maybe talk about how a lot of agruments againsts Fairtax are usually vaguely to outright wrong.