Will McCain emerge as the GOP nominee tonight?

I think it’s a reasonable question considering the fact that McCain will likely take the large states such as California and New York which are winner-take-all. Of course, anything could happen and Romney has been on the upswing. Huckabee will take a couple delegates as well. Ron Paul probably won’t take much either, a couple delegates perhaps in some of the proportional states where delegates are divvied out.

However, according to the RealClearPolitics poll averages, McCain is leading in California (by a hair), New York, New Jersey, Georgia (another hair), Alabama, Missouri, Connecticut, Arizona, Illinois and Tennessee. Out of the other states they have polls for, Romney’s leading Massachusetts. Huckabee is close on a few and may take 2nd in couple states over Romney.

My point here is that, as it stands, McCain is looking at a big victory by many regards. If he is able to take more than 50-60% of the delegates at stake, I don’t think he will be stoppable for the nomination. Most media outlets are focusing on Obama/Clinton as they’ve basically anointed McCain already.

On that note, Romney and McCain have been battling bitterly in the press, story from Breitbart:

NEW YORK (AP) – Republican John McCain assailed Mitt Romney’s conservative credentials on the eve of the Super Tuesday presidential primaries, going on national television with a new campaign ad that claims Romney “was against Ronald Reagan before he was for him.”

McCain had eased up on his criticism of the former Massachusetts governor since winning the primary in Florida last week and had begun acting like a general election candidate, focusing his harsh rhetoric on Democratic rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

But with hours to go before voting began in more than 20 states from coast to coast, McCain unloaded on Romney.

The 30-second ad airing on national cable television shows Romney distancing himself from Ronald Reagan, patron saint of modern conservatism, in a 1994 debate when he was challenging Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts.

“Look, I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush,” Romney says in the ad footage. An announcer then intones, “If we can’t trust Mitt Romney on Ronald Reagan, how can we trust him to lead America?”

McCain also ratcheted up the rhetoric during an interview with the CBS Evening News. Asked about his opponents’ weaknesses, the Arizona senator reverted to the caricature of Romney as a flip-flopper. “He’s had literally at least two positions on every major issue,” McCain said.

McCain’s ad attacking Romney’s record:

In response, Romney released a web-only ad comparing John McCain to Hillary Clinton:

McCain says Romney’s no conservative, Romney says the same about McCain. Perhaps Huckabee or Paul will take advantage of the squabbling and come in with a victory reminiscent of the Giants over the Patriots. Somehow I doubt it, but anything is possible.

We’ll have all the latest on both sides this afternoon and tonight when results start rolling in.

  • Show Ron Paul’s ad saying “I am the only conservative in the race”.

  • Roger Smith

    Unless Romney upsets us in California (which, according to some polls is not only possible, but probable) McCain will have a clear path to the nomination.

  • Mark

    The facts about John McCain:
    1. John McCain: the early years
    John McCain’s lack of respect for the people’s money and his character traits emerged early in life:
    o His father was a Navy Admiral as was his grandfather. He enjoyed the trappings that our money afforded him and his family, but he has never shown respect for us feeding and housing him.
    o As a youngster he was a ne’er do well with a rebellious nature and fiery temper
    o He went to the Naval Academy where he “distinguished” himself as a terrible student and by his remarkable collection of demerits for character-related transgressions. He graduated 5th from the bottom of his class and the American people paid for every cent of his room, board and expenses.
    2. John McCain: the military years
    The early years were a good predictor:
    o McCain set his sights on being an naval aviator:
     He lost 5 naval aircraft is his military career, with only one not his fault. His angry and rebellious temperament made for a very bad pilot, but his failures were overlooked because of his privileged name. Because of his lack of skill and his poor judgment as a pilot, he personally trashed $20 million in US naval aircraft.
     During his military career, McCain was widely known as a party-er and a philanderer. His lack of preparation and sobriety, and his lack of respect for the American people and his duties as an officer gave him the opportunity to further his reputation as a failure by being shot down over Viet Nam. It is very difficult for us to hear the term “War hero” in the same sentence as John McCain, because of his contempt for his responsibilities as an American and an officer in the US Navy. War heroes sacrifice on behalf of higher ideals and they do their jobs in the face of tremendous adversity- this hardly describes John McCain.
     While in captivity, McCain gave the North Vietnamese classified information and signed a document renouncing the US. While his actions were understandable, it proves that interrogation techniques work and he now would handcuff the US from using those same techniques on Al Qaeda.
     As a footnote, most military leaders do not condone caving into the enemy under any circumstances. If he were ever asked about these issues, we doubt he would be able to call himself a “war hero” any more.
    3. John McCain- the post-Viet Nam personal life
    o Upon his return from Viet Nam, McCain returned the loyalty and dedication of his wife and mother of his children through countless bouts of overt infidelity and even fraternizing with subordinates. By all accounts, his actions should have led to court martial for behavior unbecoming an officer. One of his flings was with his current wife, Cindy, who was the daughter of a wealthy beer distributor, and whom McCain saw as the meal ticket that would allow him an exit from his undistinguished military career, as well as abandon his marriage to his wife who was crippled while he was in Viet Nam.
    o McCain married the 25 year old beauty and began to hob-nob with people who would eventually get him elected to high office, including the infamous Charles Keating.
    4. John McCain- the Senate years
    The ability to predict McCain’s actions as a President is easy based on his career in the Senate especially when it comes to issues of extreme import to small business owners. His famous temperament has led to a career as an influence peddler. His character issues remain, and infidelity continues to be the watchword, albeit in regard to American and Conservative principles:
    o McCain went to bed with Liberal Russ Feingold to pass legislation to restrict the ability of small business owners from supporting candidates that support its tenets.
    o McCain went with Liberal Lion Teddy Kennedy in attempting to force amnesty for illegal immigrants down our throats. The Kennedy-McCain bill failed yet McCain has not changed his position on this. He is merely being coy now by saying, “we need to secure the borders first… [before giving amnesty].”
    o McCain voted for Sarbanes-Oxley, a bill that puts US business at a disadvantage in a global economy and makes the prospects of small business eventually going public expensive beyond belief.
    o McCain has voted against benefits for Veterans
    o McCain voted to support the Democrats in moving global warming into the spotlight and subjecting the US to UN oversight on the issue.
    o McCain voted for importation of cheap pharmaceuticals from Canada.
    o McCain voted against the allocation of funds to help the people of Iran explore Democracy
    o John McCain was part of the “Gang of 14” that stifled George Bush’s judicial nominees
    o McCain voted against the Bush Tax cuts, which do nothing but enhance our ability as small business owners to hire new employees and stimulate the economy
    o John McCain was implicated in the Keating scandal
    o John McCain has missed 251 votes (56.3%) during the current Congress.
    o McCain is against the use legal interrogation techniques to gain intelligence in keeping America safe. We believe that McCain is soft on this issue because he knows from personal experience that these techniques work.
    o McCain is for giving Khalid Sheik Mohamed and other Guantanamo detainees’ access to the US jurisprudence system including US public defenders.

    Summary: John McCain has lived off the bounty of the American people all his life. In return for us feeding, clothing and housing him, he has shown consistent disrespect for all self-made men and women- the constituency that comprises the Small Business Owners of America. We are the primary job-creating engine of the US economy and the fact is, John McCain has never created ONE job. He cannot stand that we are against big government and that we want lower taxes. It is no surprise that someone who has shown personal lack of discipline, character and fidelity over the years has consistently sided with Liberal politicians who embrace redistribution of wealth, the promotion of back-room, back-slapping, deal-making, and influence peddling that epitomizes the notion that John McCain cares about John McCain. The Republican Party is the party of opportunity in America. It is hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit that drives the engine of the US economy, the place from which our National security emanates. John McCain is no conservative- no Republican, and no one we can trust as protector of our accomplishments and legacy we are building for our families and for the next generation. He is beholden to all the wrong people and one can only imagine the nightmare of McCain as President when he and his liberal cronies reach back across the aisle to you and me with the salute of the middle finger.

    The facts about Mitt Romney:
    1. Mitt Romney- the early years
    Like John McCain, Mitt Romney was born into a prominent family. The similarities stop here.
    o He excelled in school from an early age and graduated from a private school in 1965. None of his schooling was ever funded by the American people
    o He left Stanford after two quarters to serve in France for 30 months in service to mankind and his Church
    o After his mission work, he attended Brigham Young University where he graduated as Valedictorian in 1971. In his young life, Mitt Romney showed that he was an energetic contributor to the world at large and a focused and goal-oriented human being. He was never going to squander the opportunities he was born into, and higher purposes than himself drove him even from an early age.
    o Mitt Romney went to business/law school and graduated with distinction from Harvard in 1975
    o His successful life in business began long before his first real job. He was always prepared for the next challenge in business and life and his leadership drove excellence into the organizations he worked for and lead.
    o Mitt Romney married his high school sweetheart, Ann in 1969, and they began a family that would grow to five sons. Romney has been faithful to his wife and family all of his life.
    o Mitt Romney started Bain Capital in 1984 and created thousands of jobs as a result. His expertise in planning and razor-like focus allowed his firm to buy and grow some of the most outstanding companies in America. He created opportunities and jobs for many Americans. His competence and leadership and hard work allowed Mitt Romney to succeed in business just as his faith and fidelity allowed he and Ann to create a new generation of Romneys instilled with a sense of responsibility, duty to serve their country and faith and to pay homage to the country that provided them with the opportunity all Americans have.
    o Mitt Romney left Bain Capital in 1999 to become the CEO of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. He saw this as an opportunity to serve his country and his Church. He donated $1 million of his own money to the troubled Olympics and donated his $825,000 annual salary to charity. Thanks to Mitt Romney’s leadership and experience as a business turnaround strategy and execution expert, the Olympics realized a $100 million profit and were successful by all measures even in the aftermath of 911.
    o Mitt Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and won despite the incredible odds against him as Republican in a State overwhelmed by the Democratic Party. He came into office facing a $3 Billion deficit. During his tenure as Governor, he balanced the budget every year and by 2006 the State has a surplus of $700 million.
    o To show leadership and a sense of urgency about the State’s fiscal challenges, Mitt Romney refused his salary every year in office.
    o Mitt Romney is a true conservative who believes in less government
    o Mitt Romney believes that whatever small amount of government there is, it should be responsive to the American people and reflect respect for their money.
    o Mitt Romney IS the American hero in this campaign
    o Faithful son, husband, father, grand-father
    o Job Creator
    o Leader
    o Protector of the American dream which is a true Republican tenet

    Summary: If we were to peer into the future at a Romney Presidency, effective government would begin on Day 1. There will never be a Hurricane Katrina-like government response under Mitt Romney. He will require master plans for all US government agencies and poor performance will not be tolerated under his command. He will assemble Joint Chiefs of Staff and a Defense Secretary with excellent experience and skills and they will assist him to create a US Military strategy that accounts for American interests and the common interests of peace and freedom-loving peoples of the world. He will unite the Nation by concentrating on the issues that unite us and minimizing those things that divide us. The Democratic politicians in Massachusetts reviled Romney because he made no deals with the devil. He put everything in the context of the tax-paying citizens and this was a dynamic that was gratifying to watch as small business owners. He did not pander to us, either. We paid our fair share of the burdens of deficit and were proud to. When a leader asks for help, you give it.

    Mitt Romney will not have to earn his place in history as President. He is an American prepared like no other candidate for the challenges of office, and his entire life is proof of this. He has made the best of every opportunity he has been given and has performed with distinction in public service and the private sector. His view of being a “public servant” is different than John McCain’s. John McCain is desperate to achieve the trappings of office that he believes is rightfully his in spite of his lack of regard for Americans and his lack of preparedness for all challenges in his personal and public life. He is intent on solidifying his role as purveyor of favors to his political friends (when he uses the term “My Friends” in speeches these days, he is saying to Ted Kennedy and Joe Lieberman, and Russ Feingold, and Hillary Clinton that “the gravy train is coming for you that have shown me personal loyalty…”). Mitt Romney’s version of public service is something that McCain’s insider Washington despises and fears because Mitt Romney is beholden only to America and the ideals that make her a great Nation. He understands that you and I create jobs, while John McCain just rides on our backs. If Mitt Romney is elected, John McCain’s existence is in jeopardy, just as William Bulger’s was in Massachusetts when Romney was elected Governor.
    In our lifetime there has never been such a stark contrast in candidates for the Republican nomination. One candidate loves America and by all thought, word, and deed has used his considerable talents to further its causes and pay respects to those of us who toil every day to build American values for our children. Mitt Romney is this candidate who will make us proud to cast a vote for him. The alternative is John McCain and it is time, once again, to reject this Republican imposter who tries this week to charm us into thinking he has even a modicum of leadership required for the Presidency of the United States.