Mitt Romney Wins Maine Republican Caucus – Updated

Yep, it took place Saturday, February 2nd, and is yet another win on Romney’s belt. However, it’s just another win the media largely ignores.

Story from the AP:

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Mitt Romney coasted to a win in presidential preference voting by Maine Republicans on Saturday, claiming his third victory in a caucus state and fourth overall.

The former Massachusetts governor had 52 percent of the vote with 68 percent of the towns holding caucuses reporting. John McCain trailed with 21 percent, Ron Paul was third with 19 percent, and Mike Huckabee had 6 percent. Undecided votes accounted for 2 percent.

The nonbinding votes, the first step toward electing 18 Maine delegates to the Republican National Convention, took place in public schools, Grange halls, fire stations and town halls across the state.

The Associated Press uses presidential preferences expressed in those caucuses to project the number of national convention delegates each candidate will have when they are chosen at Maine’s state convention, calculating that Romney will wind up with all 18 delegates when all is said and done.

Campaigning in Minnesota, Romney noted that his victory in Maine came despite McCain’s endorsement by the state’s two U.S. senators.

This is why Romney can’t be entirely counted out for Super Tuesday even though the decks are being stacked against him. Many prominent Republicans such as Schwarzenegger and even Texas Governor Rick Perry continue to endorse McCain. Romney hasn’t had such media attention yet there has been a serious groundswell of conservative support from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rick Santorum just to name a handful, and there are many more.

I think McCain’s popularity among the Republican mainstream “establishment” is illustrating how much of a disconnect there may be between conservative talk radio and Republican politicians. The moderate voices in the Republican Party are flocking to McCain yet the conservative wing is now trying to rally around Romney.

The dynamic are so interesting to watch. I don’t think there is as much division right now on the Democratic side, everyone seems to agree they like both Obama and Clinton. If anything, the establishment such as the Kennedy’s are embracing Obama as the outsider.

We’ll have Super Tuesday analysis later today along with video of several candidates on the morning political shows on the site throughout the afternoon.

Oh, and there’s some football game or something today… 🙂


McCain has now said he “assumes” he’ll get the nomination.

That’s getting a bit cocky for someone who has single handily energized the conservative base of the Republican Party against him and for Romney.

Here’s the story from CBS’s 2008 blog, From The Road:

NASHVILLE, TN — As John McCain continues to pick up endorsements his numbers in the polls continue to remain strong, McCain sounds confident about his chances for the GOP nomination on Tuesday and at times even for the presidency.

“I know that I can win the presidency once I win your nomination,” he told an audience today at a rally in Nashville.

After the event he tried to reel back on his bold statement. “I hope I am not too confident about Tuesday. I am guardedly optimistic. I think we’re doing well,” he said.

“I sense a feeling of momentum but we’re not taking anything for granted. That’s why we’re campaigning literally 24/7 between now and Tuesday. We are taking nothing for granted.”

McCain said he’d assess the overall political situation after Tuesday, but then his confidence came through again.

One might even say it’s downright cheeky. He is basically all but assured people he’s getting the nomination. Keep in mind, it’s mathematically impossible for Super Tuesday to determine a nominee as not enough delegates are being awarded.

I think McCain will win more delagates but Romney will also win a decent amount since most of the states aren’t winner-take-all.

  • Nice website dude!

    You forgot to mention the 3rd largest talk radio show in the nation; The Savage Nation’s Michael Savage also supports Mitt Romney.
    I agree he gets good time in the debates but he is ignored more by the media than McCain. I believe it is because they hate Mormons and moderate conservatives (which he really is).

  • Jay Em

    I guess Maine doesn’t pay enough taxes already. Well get ready for fess. And shove health insurance down everyone throat.

  • Agnes j

    That’s right. Why don’t you just hop on the mcamnesty train and give those who are here illegally health care. And as far as taxes go, I think we are well aware of mccain’s opposition of tax cuts and being 1 of only 2 republicans who voted so early in bush’s first term.

  • Davide

    Romney has already addressed your concerns; 1) The fees that he increased were mostly for businesses, and did not affect the people as much. Also, these fees had not been raised for many years, and needed to be increased due to inflation (honestly, I’d rather pay a little fee, and see things get done). 2) Mandating health insurance eliminates the parasytic drain on the economy from free-riders who think that they can use the hospitals as a form of “health insurance”. I’d rather have my tax dollars go towards things to help the economy, not these loop holes.

  • raquel

    Romney is buying his way to the top — he has out spent every candidate – dem or rep. As of Jan 31st, Romney has spent $86 million, which $35 million of it was from his own pocket. Negative ads and spin doctors has been the foundation of his campaign.
    Why have the radio conservatives endorsed Romney so fervently? Because Clear Channel, which employ Rush, Hannity etc., was bought out by Bain Capitol in November 1996 – 3 months before Romney announced his candidacy. Romney stepped down as CEO of Bain in 1999 but is still a retired partner and is still receiving a tremendous amount of money from them. Also, Bain Capitol along with Bain Co are top contributors to his campaign – donating hundreds of thousands of dollars. I could understand Rush endorsing an out-of-touch-elitist Republican, but Hannity, who I’ve listened to for years, I could not fathom. But it is crystal clear now, that it is always about the money and power – and Romney and Bain Capitol have it both over Clear Channel. Do not listen to the spin folks – Romney is not more conservative than McCain or Huckabee. In fact, if you check out his record he is extremely moderate, even liberal. The biggest difference between the three is that Romney has less integrity than the other two, more arrogance, no convictions and is a flip-flopping opportunist. He is an elitist and completely out of touch with the American people. Please people do your homework before voting, don’t rely on the media spin or sound bites to make your decision. Instead, watch ALL of the Republican debates, past and current, right here on I guarantee that you will see this guy is not right for America.

  • raquel

    Davide, Romney’s $300 million dollar fees consisted of many broad based fees that touched all Mass. citizens, just like a tax hike would. These broad based fees included increases for such things as drivers licenses and marriage licenses. And I just spoke with a women in Home Depot that said she left Mass. because of Romney’s mandated health care – it did not help the people in true need of it. Romney also believes that the pharmaceutical companies are not ANY part of the problem with our current heath care system. This is not what most Americans believe – including healthcare providers. I have several physicians and health care providers in my family and all believe it is a HUGE problem in the system.

  • James Hazelbower, Jr.

    Notice how CNN did not allow us to vote the winner, but instead decided for us. Open your eyes and ears people and don’t let the main stream media make your decisions. McCain is now flip flopping as much as Romney and we want that from our next President? Huckabee and Paul had the best answers, but AC had his job to silence those his superiors don’t want. Huckabee’s idea of infrastructure rebuilding was great and he got to answer Romney’s response today on CNN and he, as a Governor, has projects already engineered and simply awaiting funds, which would put Americans to work earning money instead of Bush’s handout most will spend on Chinese goods. Paul understands the Economy as our fore father learned first hand. I’m confused, Paul has all the platform points classic Repulicans ecspect, yet he doesn’t get any credit for them. Funny how the others start mimicing his ideas for themselves: Ending the IRS (Paul wouldn’t replace it with anything, keep in mind corporate tax funds the military), MCains so called Reagan Revolution? Grassroots coined Ron Pauls Revoluton. And nobody wanted to talk about the Constitution (until after they consulted their attorney’s). People, there is very little left of the Constitution, do your research instead of simply bashing the only HONEST and TRUTHFUL man running. He’s thinking of us, not himself. Do you honestly believe the others are doing this for us? Dr Paul cured my APATHY and many others as well. Guess what, we aren’t going away if he loses, The Revolution is just beginning.

  • LOL are you f’ing kidding me? Romney was not ignored in the media period, he had as much coverage as anyone else including McCain. The media completely blacked out my candidate (Ron Paul), what they are doing to him is the exact definition of ignore. But you know what they said he had absolutely no chance over and over and we are far from absolutely no chance now, there were 11 now there are three, and possibly two because hucksterbee is set to drop out very soon. That is long from no chance, he has a great chance.