Video: CNN Republican Debate From California – 1/30/08

Here is the entire debate video of the CNN Republican Debate from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California on January 30, 2008.

It’s in 9 parts hosted on YouTube, they’ll advance automatically:

It was pretty raucous between Romney and McCain, in fact, somewhat personally heated at times. Paul and Huckabee were snubbed and were basically there as bookends. The vast majority of questions were pitched to Romney and McCain.

Here’s a report on the debate from CNN:

SIMI VALLEY, California (CNN) — Front-runners John McCain and Mitt Romney attacked each other’s conservative credentials as they fought for their party’s top spot during the final showdown before the Super Tuesday contests.

The sharpest exchange in the debate came when Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, was asked about the McCain campaign’s charge that he once said he favored a strict timetable for removing troops from Iraq.

Romney has consistently denied ever having backed a timetable and said McCain was taking a small portion of a quote out of context.

“It’s simply wrong,” Romney said. “By the way, raising it a few days before the Florida primary, when there was very little time for me to correct the record, falls in the kind of dirty tricks that Ronald Reagan would have found reprehensible.”

Romney did what he could to stop McCain’s momentum and the general consensus seems to be that McCain looked weak at times. Romney seemed to do fairly well at trying to drill at McCain’s so-called “conservative credentials”.

What did you all think?


The “Reag-O-Meter”:

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  • Brantley Oakey

    Senator McCain is one of the most repugnant personalities ever to have existed in the Republican party. I’m so tired of his broken-record responses: “I was a foot soldier…” His rhetoric is ridiculous: In response to his “manager” antics, I was waiting for Romney to say “I can hire lieutenants.” Last but not least, I despise the tactics he used in Florida and his stubborn insistence to remain on that path. He makes himself look more foolish every time he tries to misquote Romney. Bottom Line: We are doomed if McCain wins the nomination. We will, once again, be stuck with two choices, both of which suck. Out of the four left, anyone but McCain!

  • Carol

    Very scarry! At one point I looked at McCain and thought I saw the same smirk that I see on Bush’s face — and I’m not a Romney fan.

  • by88

    This might as well have been the McCain-Romney debate. I don’t know how CNN can even call this a debate. Anderson Cooper has no control and lets McCain and Romney run on and on and on (I guess it’s on purpose). I’m waiting for Ron Paul to stand up and demand more respect. I give Huckabee credit for acknowledging his lack of fair time.

    I’m a Ron Paul fan, but the mass media has too much control and they don’t want to see him win. I read a comment on Youtube by someone who said the Democratic candidate would have to be a Nazi or a pedophile to not win. I’m starting to agree…

  • Perkins

    Hmm no questions for Ron Paul?

  • Jay Em

    How more Presidential than Huckabee do yiou want somebody to be?
    Just not enough air-time for both him and Paul.
    McCain just had a whole lot of nothing to say!

  • Janet Waters

    My daughter and I really liked Huckabee since the beginning of the race. He is so sensitive and always has the right answers (the moral answer). He is a gifted speaker, is good natured, and is very good person.

    However, when he is asked specific questions about how to take care of America’s problems, he doesn’t have much to offer. He has some good ideas, but he is out-of-step with what America needs now and what will really work.

    Being a good person and a gifted speaker isn’t enough to lead this nation. But if this was a debate about who appeared to be the “moral” choice he would be contending for the top spot.

    However, I don’t think that he could handle the corruption of Washington. I think he would wilt under pressure and/or succome to Washington’s ways. Huckabee just maybe sticking in the race to throw it now.

    As England’s Lord Acton so succinctly put it, “Power tends to corrupt—and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  • All lost in the Republican debate in California. The biggest loser was the American Voter.

    Liberal Republican at the top of the ticket will lose to Liberal Democrats in November.

    If Anderson Cooper was any kind of a man he would apologize to the American People for not letting all speak.

    It appeared the only moderating he did was of Dr. Paul.

  • Peter

    Are they serious? CNN invites Ron Paul to this debate yet fails to give him any talk time. They are afraid of the truth.

  • Serafina

    “April was an interesting year in 2007”


  • Ken

    I think two segments (8 & 9) are missing. Do you plan to post them?

  • 8 and 9 are there, just click the little right arrow on the right side next to number 7 when it shows all the parts lined up on the bottom. Or, just skip ahead to the end of part 7 and then it will start playing part 8 automatically.

  • Jonathan

    It is appalling how Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee were excluded from this debate. While arguments often make debates more interesting, letting McCain and Romney go at each other didn’t do anyone any good and just left the whole program a spectacle. Until now I didn’t subscribe to the idea that the media purposefully neglects candidates, but ths was an example of exactly that.

  • Matt

    Did anyone else see the blatant attempt by cooper to suppress Dr. Paul from the debate. After Mitt and McCain were trying t prove who was more conservative, Ron Paul tried to get a little speaking time about the subject but was denied it on the grounds that they would ask a question about it in 2-3 questions, but they never did… heck even huckabee was given a chance to prove he is more conservative. Which goes to show that CNN doesn’t want the american public to know who is the only candidate that will actually lower taxes AND spending.

  • Cameron

    It was interesting to hear McCain say that he wouldn’t even vote for his own idea if it made it to the floor. How many more times is he going to bring up his G.I. Joe experience while answering a question about health care reform or abortion. Look I’m all for military. I have a dad and 2 brothers that served in the Air Force. But how does military service qualify anyone with regards to the economy, welfare, health care, or any of the other non-military issues being brought up during this election.
    Tell ya what, McCain, with all my experience, here’s how I would handle the war. I’ve been working with Autocad for 10 years. I’ve drawn anything from plain circles, to houses, to robots. In fact, I’ve even designed a sweet mini bong that you could use to keep smoking whatever it is that you’re smoking. Man, I once drew a 3d rock crawler that would blow your mind. And my friends all told me that it was amazing. What was the question again? Oh yes, the war. Yep, That’s how I would fix the war.
    Sound familiar?