Analysis: CNN Democratic Debate From California

It’s about 8:27pm eastern and things are going well for both of them. I think Obama has gotten a bit more out in terms of some good answers. He even came up with some specific numbers and disputed Hillary’s health care plan.

Update @ 8:43pm ET

They both tend to agree on securing the border but then agree on a “path to legalization” which basically amounts to amnesty. It’s a soft amnesty, but it allows illegal aliens to stay in the United States without much trouble.

Obama hit her on the driver’s license issue and I think he’s scoring some points in this debate. It probably sounds like I’m dwelling on him but this has just been my impression as I watch it live.

Update @ 8:54pm ET

It’s half-time and I think Hillary did respond to the driver’s license issue pretty decently by pointing out that Obama waffled on the issue as well. Overall, it has been mild with some civil disagreements. Neither one wants to come off as being perceived as mean-spirited it seems.

Here is each of their opening statements in a playlist. First is Obama’s, then Clinton’s:

They set the tone as being a mild evening.

Also, here’s a short clip on Hillary discussing driver’s licenses for illegals:

More analysis and clips to come followed by the entire video up later tonight.

Update @ 9:37pm ET

Apparently this will be 2 hours, not the 90 minutes as originally noted in news reports.

Obama is taking the opportunity to jump the question of whether Hillary was naive to vote for authorization of war in Iraq. Hillary went to great lengths of explaining her vote, Obama basically said she was wrong and he would be correct from “day one”.

Update @ 9:47pm ET

Last question about considering an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket. Neither one of them said “No”, they of course have to leave the door open. They both laughingly answered and they are probably both considering it in the back of their minds.


Here’s one more clip of Hillary talking about how she would cleanup after President Bush:

It’s all over, working on the entire video, it will be up later tonight if you missed it all.

  • Michael

    At 5:55pm, the topic of experience was put on the table.

    Obama’s response to ‘experience’ was extremely detailed and broke the bubble of thinking on him. He gave a long list of accomplishments, as a volunteer to lawyer to state legislature, to the Senate. Hillary Clinton was then attacked by Blitzer, challenging her to provide experience from being a First Lady.

    Even though Clinton avoided answering this directly and gave a long list of her own accomplishments, the difference on experience appeared slight between Obama and Clinton. And that is big edge for Obama.

  • PollM

    CNN Democratic Debate in California

    Who won the CNN Democratic Debate in California?


  • jody

    Is this debate televised?

  • Robert

    Overall, this was a tame debate. I think Obama scored decisive points, however, on subjects such as the Iraq congressional vote. Conversely, I did not feel that Clinton trumped Obama on any single issue.

  • Barak’s wife won the debatehe has a coretta

  • Chris

    It seems the media and some commentators want the candidates to spice up the debates a little and I think this is strange. It is clear that the policies of the candidates are alike on most matters, so why go debate heavily on those little differences that are there?

    The choice is not so much between whose policies are going to make things better quickly, it’s what type of person is going to bring about the change in mentality that is needed to start healing American society, besides the policies that they both agree on are right.

    It’s a choice of the type of person you want to see executing the policies. Is that someone who has experience in playing the political games and knows the machinations of Washington, but might also be more conditioned to the bureaucratic political behavior that prevails there, or is it someone that does not have as much experience in Washington, but a lot of experience in getting people together to solve collective problems. Someone who has a genuinely new approach as far as Washington is concerned and is not limited or hindered by being conditioned to the way things are.

    Well you can guess I have a preference for Obama, because of his concise and clear manner in which he makes his arguments, and the fact that he stimulates open discussion to come to better solutions.

    Also I think his argument that it’s better to have a candidate that never voted for the Iraq-war vote running against the republicans is a valid one.