Video: MSNBC Republican Debate From Florida – 1/24/08

Here is the entire video of the MSNBC Republican Debate from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton on January 24, 2008. It was moderate by Brian Williams and Tim Russert.

It’s in 9 parts hosted on YouTube, they’ll advance automatically:

Here’s a report on it from My Way:

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) – Republican presidential contenders depicted Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as weak on Iraq and certain to raise taxes Thursday night, setting aside their own campaign debate squabbles long enough to agree that she is unworthy of the White House.

“She is so out of step with the American people,” said former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, joined by Sen. John McCain and Rudy Giuliani in criticizing the former first lady.

The chorus of criticism came as Republicans strived to present their credentials as advocates of tax cuts, particularly to head off the threat of recession. They generally agreed that the newly minted, bipartisan economic stimulus package was a good start but did not go far enough.

“I will vote for it,” said McCain, the only contender on stage with a Senate seat. He quickly added he wants the tax cuts President Bush won from Congress in 2001 and 2003 to be made permanent.

I found it quite boring but laden with substance. Much debate over taxes and economic policy. I didn’t hear any very fiscally conservative opinions that the government shouldn’t be sending out checks in the form of a “stimulus package”, they all tended to agree on that being just fine. They also agreed on tax cuts, who would have thought?

All in all, I don’t think this will sway much, McCain came out unscathed as did Romney. Huckabee didn’t pull too much and I think he’s going down in Florida. Giuliani also didn’t do much of anything that would have saved his campaign. Ron Paul was his usual anti-war self going against the grain of the other candidates.

What did you all think?

  • Phil in NC

    Nice work by Mitt.

    Huckabee looked like a bumpkin – folksy jokes don’t cut it anymore.

    McCain was average but looked out of his depth when it came to discussing the economy. Listing advisers does not equal economic knowledge.

    Ron Paul was good, but, as always, needs more time to explain his ideas.

    Guiliani = end of campaign.

  • Even though Ron Paul only got to speak for 5 minutes while Flip Flop Romney got 15, Ron Paul had much more substance in his discourse and ended up saying more than any of the other candidates did combined.

    I loved it when Ron Paul asked McNameDropper for his thoughts on the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets. And just listen to his answer! “I, as president, like every other president, rely primarily on my secretary of the Treasury,” he begins — apparently unaware that the secretary of the Treasury is also the chairman of the secretive President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.

    Sounds like McCain, putting too much trust in advisers and hardly aware of what powers an organization like the President’s Working Group has, would give wide latitude to his Treasury secretary to meddle in the economy.

    McCain had his Miss Teen South Carolina moment with that one. He didn’t even know to what “Sunlight” Dr. Paul was referring. McCain said, “We all like sunshine.” It was quite obvious that this Senator was dumbfounded by the good doctor’s question.

    Huckabee said funny stuff tonight. The question about Chuck Norris was a waste of our time but it gave McCain more of a reason to name drop some more.

    Romney had to have someone whisper to him what Ronald Reagan did with “he raised taxes” being whispered to help him answer a question.

    Giuliani knows he’s packing up and going home after Florida. He didn’t even bother to say “September 11th” tonight and I was surprised.

    Dr. Ron Paul was clearly the winner.

  • Darryl

    You Ron Paul fanatics never cease to crack me up. You do realize that you’ll never get more than about 5% of the GOP to vote for him, don’t you? I know, I know the call-in polls show him the “Clear Winner!” Because you fanatics sit and redial all night. And Nevadans gave him what – 14%? Because few of the candidates excited their followers to go vote, but RP loons went lake crazy…oh, and the men who like the Bunny Ranch and legal prostitution all voted for him. It’s a shame he ruins his good constitutionalist message with a ruinous foreign policy.

  • Honesty’s the best policy

    May be off the subject but at this time I’d like to expose a little dirty past of McCain. I challenge anyone to come up with similar dirt for Romney.

  • Ryan

    I’m a loon because I see all the problems facing our country and I support the only candidate that is willing to tell us what is happening and has a real plan to fix it? That doesnt make sense to me McCain looks like another Bush to me giving away all his power to different advisers and then blindly accepting what they tell him that doesnt work. Even if he doesnt get the GOP hes going to have alot of delegates and the other candidates are going to want them come the convention.

  • FloridianInNC

    I am not surprised by the blind neo-radical rhetoric spewed by “Puttering Paul” supporters, I am however surprised to see that editor of this website/blog said that McCain came out ahead. He got caught lying about what he himself has factually said (it’s documented) about his own ignorance of economic matters and that is the major issue right now. I am surprised that more people in this great nation don’t realize his scare tactics and how he tries to make people think that national security is the most pressing issue. (Before anyone jumps the gun – I am not saying that it is not an important issue… just not the top and most emergent issue). I do not think he has acknowledged the urgency of the economic issues that our country is facing and will face even more strongly in the years to come… unless some major things are changed. I do not think that his continued mention of “pork-barrel spending” is enough to convince myself or the American people that a self-avowed economic ignorant can turn around our economy. And seriously, Mr. McCain – not everyone is your friend or likes being called that. Also, although it is nowhere near my major concern about him, I think that McCain would have been a more viable choice eight years ago, but frankly his age does concern me.

    Mr. Romney, on the other hand continues to impress me. I believe and have more faith in his ability, willingness, and dedication to turn around our economy – as he did many businesses and the Olympics. He is a great leader, would be wonderful for our relations with other nations, and has the best chance to beat either Obama or Hillary. I think that he did a wonderful job during the debates and shined (as do think all the other major reviewers and reporters from all the news agencies that I have seen). He is the greatest hope for our country. My personal hope is that the individuals in our great country realize this before it is too late.

  • Mitt Romney won this debate. He is very fluent with his words and is the most presidential. He can fix our economy and illegal immigration crises. He is definately the most qualified and will be able to get along with foreign affairs. Good Luck Mitt!

  • martine

    I agree completely with the last paragraph of your post. No winners, no losers, no groundbreaking revelations. Rep. Paul seemed to tone it down, but his ideas are still far from his colleagues’. Let’s wait for the carnage this Tuesday.

  • jeb

    Could McCain have had less of a clue when answering Paul’s question? Who cares if Paul only receives 5%. What kind of voter would put there support behind a frontrunner for frontrunner’s sake? I do love the “I will cut spending talk” emphasizing ear marks and bridges when there is a huge middle eastern elephant on the stage.

  • Johnnie

    Honesty’s the best policy – You might want to check out this site regarding Mitt – Here is your dirt.

  • Chad

    Addressing Darryl’s Comment – By your comment you imply that you are well-educated (and pompous), and those of us who believe in Paul’s stand are ignorant, first-term college students who know nothing about politics. You are sadly mistaken. The fact that you do not support his views shows your stupidity, or foolishness for pretending to know what he stands for, yet having never listened to what he is saying.

    If there is a reason Doctor Ron Paul is trailing in the elections and polls, it is because the media has done everything they could to either denigrate him, or ignore his voice all-together.

    If anybody is wearing a fool’s crown, it is the guy with the name badge “Darryl”

    Those who support Doctor Ron Paul have studied his past voting record, have studied American history and world history’s trends, and have watched the liberal/neo-con media corrupt politics for years by forcing the two candidates they desire upon us.

    The only prostitution taking place is by ignorant people like you who criticize true patriots , while media-selected politicians sell out our country to China and the likes. Just go ahead and play your stupid X-Box and keep slurping your Slurpee from 7-11 while you sleep around in the 5 & Dime Hotel, but don’t forget to look on the bottom of your X-Box and see where it was made, and then look at the 7-11 store owner, and then face the owner of the hotel, and then look at your credit card bills-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s after you charge your room, slurpee, and X-box, then you’ll have the answer for why we want and need Doctor Ron Paul to become President.

  • YuvbinDuped

    I don’t know if anyone was paying attention, but when Ron Paul asked John McCain about the economy, McCain just babbled. He DID NOT respond.

    Does anyone know where the transcripts are?

    Ron Paul was a clear winner. I have NEVER voted Republican before, but he gets my vote. I refuse to vote for another lobbyist backed candidate!

  • For AmericanWayne or any other silly ignorants out there… here is the truth about your conspiracy theory whispering when Tim Russert attempted to dupe Mr. Romney about Ronald Reagan raising taxes… read:

    FYI 😉

  • Jay Em

    If the economy was a big issue in this debate, how come I don’t hear more about one of the best solution to the situation were are in tody and will be in tomorrow, And that is what Huckabee was talking about, Fairtax! It is the best long term solution to the government control that the IRS has given politician over our hard earned money. We need to give that control back to the people, That is why Huckabee is the only viable candidate Fairtax is the only real fix. So why are you guys even talking about anybody else?

  • Scott M.


    That would be all nice and good if there weren’t more whispers heard than just this one, and if MSNBC hadn’t now edited and modified the ORIGINAL video!

    Watch the youtube video above. You will not only hear the whisper as it ORIGINALLY was broadcast, you will hear that:

    A. It did not cut off all other audio
    B. There are two knocks heard before the whisper, clearly to get Romney’s attention. This is now gone from the MSNBC *edit*

    So, Romneybot, how do you explain THAT? Listen, people RECORDED this. People HEARD and SAW this. People can HEAR and SEE that the video is now modified.

    You and the rest of Romney’s staff are simply making this much much worse.

  • Jay Em

    I was looking at the video again, and man it gets to me when reporters refer the the Fairtax really being a 30% tax instead of 23%.All information about Fairtax is laid out on thier website. The only way I can come up with a 30% tax is if I manipulate the numbers Now follow with me if you can. It is rather simple.
    Let say a retail store wants $100 for a product. You, having been given you entire paycheck, would spend $123 dollars for that product. This is clearly laid out in the currentl bills that in the house representatives today.
    Now it would be easier for one to manipulate the number and say that it is in effect a 19% tax. The only way I can come up with 30% is if I do this. $23 is 30% of $77 and 77 is 100-23, which is, what, buying power? Well how about if we looked at it another way.
    $23 is really 19% if your total expenses.
    You can manipulate numbers, but number don’t lie, people do.
    23% of $100 is $23. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • FloridianInNC

    ScottM’s comments are the perfect example of paranoid ramblings of radical conspiracy theorists who can never recognize the truths which are presented to their very senses. I would much rather have confidence and trust that a well-respected and recognized news station/website (especially the ones with the original recording from hosting the event) to provide unedited video of original integrity. Come on…how many of us have seen altered or edited video on YouTube? Be realistic.

    I suggest that anyone who believes those types of conspiracy theories can vote for Dennis Kucinich (regardless of dropping out) or Ron Paul…and then you can all go out and sit in a field of daises, holding hands with Osama and Elvis, singing “cumbaya” while you bring the troops around the world home and put in the fair tax, while UFOs fly overhead while the whole world implodes… Good luck with Shangri-La, you silly gits!

  • Jay Em

    Wow FloridaNC, you would believe the media before you would believe your ears? Well guess you can believe anything you set your mind to.
    Well here are some other thing the media want you to believe. The IRS is the best way we’ve got to collect taxes. Hillary is the only choice for women. And $23 somehow is 30% of 100. What is wrong with American people today is that too many people believe the media, and not enough people do their homework to find the truth. Now I’ve seen what Romney has done in Massachusetts and he is not the guy you want running this country. Now I believe the only way to change things is not by asking for it, but rather, demanding it, Therefore I am not voting for the same politician, but instead, a different politician.
    But some people believe everything is OK I Guess.

  • Darryl G

    This is a response to Chad. Chad, your name badge sucks, my name is also Darryl (strange that we would both spell it that way it is the rarest of the 7 spellings) and I am not ignorant, furthermore; I do listen to Dr. Paul and respect him greatly, perhaps more so than any other individual alive on this planet that is not already in my very small circle of trust. I completely agree that he is the only candidate that addresses the issues with cognitive and viable solutions and sometimes those answers are not to the liking of many folks. Sometimes as the quote goes, the truth hurts. Dr. Paul in my opinion is only behind in the polls and the primaries because he is not given fair media coverage as is has been bestowed to the other presidential hopefuls. Dr. Paul’s ideas and the options he presents offend many wealthy and powerful individuals whom desire to have total federal control over the population, the economy and the foreign policy of this great country. It is well known that the 50 or so corporations that once controlled the major media have dwindled to a dozen in the last 20 years, these moguls have also swallowed up the independent local media outlets as well. This equates into the mass manipulation of the population through the medium of media. This activity starts at a very young age and is evident even in the preschool programing. I am telling you this as a psychologist and doctorate holder who has researched media manipulation for the last 13 years. There is an episode of a popular children’s program called Animaniacs. In this show they are singing a song called U.N. Me, it is superficially designed to be accepted and interpreted as You and Me, however; if one actually listens to the words it is specifically addressing the United Nations and how good they are for the people. Why would a four year old need to know this? If you ask the questions and search for the answers, you will this could only serve one possible purpose, to help develop a level of subconscious acceptance of the ushering in of the one world government system. Dr. Paul is a constitutionalist whom will keep our great nation sovereign.