Video: FOX News Republican Debate from Myrtle Beach, SC

Here is the entire video of the 1/10/08 Republican debate from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

It was raucous and entertaining. Leave your comments here.

  • JT1112

    Does anybody else see through this sells pitch that Mit is putting on. He is a business man…LOOKING FOR PROFIT…that is what they do. Look at his track record. He has NOT had a continueous opinion since the day he entered. Im insulted, just as those in SC should be also.

  • George in TN

    to matt2112:
    you have my vote. that was poetic and beautifully stated.

    Ron Paul.

    (I mean, “go Ron Paul”).

  • George in TN

    you guys re: USS Cole:

    so we learned a lesson there. and the 5 speedboats didn’t get close enough. did the floating boxes? kudos to the captains for restraint on renegade Iranian fanatics who want us to war with Iran. they have averted WW3, for now. don’t you think if ALL our troops were here that we could defend ourselves just fine? at home? don’t you think that when they “slip” through the borders that nukes will be launched from our neighbor’s backyards to ours that we will NEED our troops here to defend ourselves here? hmmmm?

  • George in TN

    BTW, tragic to lose ANY lives to terrorism. again, that would be reduced by not being there.

  • th3lonius

    “Has [Ron Paul] forgotten that we were not in the Middle East when we were attacked on 9/11??”

    HA! Such naivety. We weren’t in the middle east, huh? Tell that to the Saudis and the Israelis, and well.. every nation in the middle east. We have been there for a LONG time, my friend. The argument isn’t that they hate us because we use military force… just having military personnel on holy land incites furor. Those in the middle east who despise America hate us because WE ARE THERE. Ask any person who lives there. I bet that nine times out of ten you will get a response like this: “The United States’ arrogant foreign policy is the principle source of derision among peoples of the middle east.” I just read an article by an Israeli Ron Paul supporter the other day who basically (I’m paraphrasing) says just that. He became a Paul supporter because he is astute enough to recognise that only Dr. Paul understands this fundamental fact about US foreign policy.

    The United States government, through military forces and CIA, have toppled elected officials and installed military dictators more than once in the last half-century. LISTEN to the people who despise America. Perhaps a small number of them simply dislike America’s foundation of individual liberty or the idea that a woman could lead a nation, but you must be delusional if you can’t see that the majority hate us because of our arrogance, particularly when that arrogance extends to deploying armies to shove a boot up someone’s ass. As of 2002, we have over 700 bases in 130 countries around the world and US troops in about 150 countries, including every middle eastern country save Iran. How much clearer can I make it? WE ARE AN EMPIRE. All empires eventually fall.

  • Most people I talk to vote for who they think have a chance at winning. So they can be on the winning side. Or the one who looks nice. “I can’t vote for him, he doesn’t have a chance to win.”, is what I hear a lot of.
    And those of you who do not research the candidates past and what they previously voted for, are among those impulse voters that degrade, debase, and destroy democracy. And really now days with electronic voting machines, will our vote really count anyway?
    What is America and what is it based on?
    Freedoms, liberty, personal choice, and pursuit of happiness.
    I have seen so many good politicians say this and say that and sound so nice in running, then when they win turn about face and do just the opposite of what they promised.
    Our present leaders included.
    Our countries people are now in the state of fear, loss of freedoms, lack of prosperity, and pursuit of American dream long gone. People, do you want the government to take care of you? I already pay 25 bucks a week for some sort of tax that I cannot explain. And that is just a fraction of the deductions they take from me. A vote for any one of these paid spokespersons for the C.F.R., except Ron is a vote for higher tax, more tax, more loss of freedoms, more government control of your life, period. Regardless of what they say right now, and how good they make it sound.
    I for one want to see freedoms restored, my earnings restored, ability to buy land without permission restored.
    Sending my kids to a school that isn’t agenda-ized by D.O.E. , restored. Jobs brought back to America from China. So we can prosper. Troops brought home to their families. I don’t fear terrorism, as I do not believe the propaganda the big media tells us. Look at the facts, and learn the truth. The television lies!
    Only one up there will do this for us. Restore freedoms.
    Please, people vote for the one who you know in your heart is the right one, taking a look at what it means to be American and free.

  • Jesse Radoslovich

    Vote Huckabee! This kinda guy is what our country was founded on!

  • cikale

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