Video: Fox News New Hampshire Republican Forum – 1/6/08

Here is the entire video of the Fox News Republican Forum/Debate from Manchester, New Hampshire which aired on January 6, 2008.

It’s in 9 parts hosted on YouTube, they’ll advance automatically:

My thoughts were that it was pretty mild with very few distinguishing remarks with the minor exceptions of Romney and Huckabee going at it a bit.

Here’s a news report from Fox News:

Republican candidates clashed over taxes, illegal immigration and change at the FOX News Presidential Forum Sunday night as the verbal sparring centered on who’s got the influence and record to fix Washington.

Speaking in tax-averse New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday’s primary, the five GOP candidates polling 10 percent or higher nationally ripped at each other’s records while striving to capture the essence of Ronald Reagan that the Republican base hopes to recover 20 years after the 40th president’s departure from the White House.

But as candidates repeatedly mentioned Reagan, they also immediately dispensed with his 11th commandment not to speak ill of other Republicans. Mitt Romney, bombarded by his opponents in a debate just one night earlier, laid the first blow on his top New Hampshire rival, John McCain.

“One of the great lessons of Ronald Reagan is lowering taxes grows the economy,” said Romney, whose battling for what he has called a must-win victory in the Granite State.

There were many times where tongues were held and many attacks went unanswered or ignored. I think most of all Romney helped redeem himself from his weak performance on Saturday night in the ABC Republican Forum.

  • Moritz from GERMANY

    Hey, why was Ron Paul abscent ?? I’ve could not find information about him planning to drop out of the race……..

  • Ron Paul was excluded because Fox News used national poll numbers and only allowed candidates who polled at least 10 percent. Therefore, Paul was excluded. I think it was lame and they should have included Paul since his polls in New Hampshire are higher than Thompson and tied with Giuliani.

  • Michael Jerryson

    What was interesting was how Chris Wallace treated/acted differently toward some of the candidates. In the beginning when he announced each candidate, he glorified the time and terms for some candidates, and not for others (such as Thompson and Romney).

    Another unseeming act the either Wallace or Fox News did, was flash across the screen an affirmation of what McCain was referencing when he was critiquing Romney. I did not perceive this information as something being shown to the candidates– and I am not sure if this was egalitarian, since these behind-the-scenes moves to support/hurt candidates was not done for each occasion.

    So, on top of dismissing Ron Paul from the debate, I was extremely displeased with this underhanded manipulation.

  • It was a weak debate, Wallace did an average job I thought. Then again, it was called a “forum” which instantly means “boring” as there will not be real debate, merely opinions expressed that we’ve heard before.

  • jason paige

    When ABC went to its FACEBOOK sponsored internet reporter immediately after the Jan 5 republican debate to report on FACEBOOKS online responses they didn’t mention the most important poll and the landslide FACEBOOK victory for Paul. Instead they showed two other polls. Since the broadcast the colorful poll chart that was posted on FACEBOOKS page has since been removed. Why would ABC ignore this important data collected by their events main sponsor?

  • Ken

    I’m glad Paul wasn’t in on this, he made an a$$ of himself (as usual) on the ABC debate… I’m not sure what dream world he lives in but we need a president who spends his time here in the real world!

    Romney and Giuliani had good points… Huckabee was kind of weak on this one. Thompson/McCain, put me to sleep!

  • Conservatism Wins

    Disclaimer: I’m a Fred Head – On a positive note, this forum like the last debate was more oriented towards substance. I think the last question would have been answered best by saying that whoever runs the most conservative ticket and articulates it well to the American people, will defeat any of the 3 Democratic contenders. I was disappointed by the way the moderator divided up the issues and time for each candidate. There was a disproportionate amount of time given to Romney/McCain. Check out and compare what our candidates say is conservative to what Reagan proved is conservative. The new project “What Would Reagan Do?” will help to keep us honest. Go Fred! We must prevail for the good of the party and country.

  • fool

    Does anyone know where I could find a transcript of the GOP Forum on 01/06/08?


  • I just searched Google and found this one:

    Republican Forum Transcript, Fox News

  • M Cahoon

    I was VERY UPSET with FOX for not allowing Ron Paul to the debate. What a crock.

  • I searched this site and found another one here as well.

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