Video: ABC News Republican Debate From New Hampshire – 1/5/08

Here is the entire video of the ABC News/WMUR-TV/Facebook Republican debate from 1/5/08 at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

It’s in 9 parts on YouTube and will advance automatically:

Also, here is the entire Democratic ABC New Hampshire debate as well:

Video: ABC News Democratic Debate From New Hampshire – 1/5/08

  • Shannon

    Mitt Romney owned this debate. Congratulations to Romney for being the only runner who didn’t throw personal attacks.

  • Michael Jerryson

    I am not going to point fingers are a particular candidate or a particular quote, but one thing that is extremely depressing is that not one person on the Republican stage was able to pronounce Arabic/Islamic vocabulary correctly.

    Now, I am not going to say that you don’t know Des Moines, Iowa if you pronounce the ‘s’s, but you sure as heck aren’t very familiar with the area– or discussed it with people who are, if you do that.

    And as much mudslinging there was between candidates, there was an awful lot thrown at a religion that represents about 20% of the world’s population. This is not something we, as a country, need at the moment.

  • Kristie

    I don’t think anyone won this debate, to be honest. I mean I’m a Ron Paul supporter, and though he spoke thorough and honest, he didn’t really have the chance at speaking too much… kudos to his explanation of inflation, though.

    The focus of the discussion was, however, not at all about the key issues, but about “personal attacks”, and though most of them were bluntly thrown at Mitt Romney (though everybody got a few cheap shots), I found that Mitt Romney still showed himself to be the rudest, most arrogant man in the debate. I can’t even stand hearing him talk anymore.

    Oh yeah, I have no idea who they are, but the individuals who asked all the questions… some of their comments are awesome, like the comment to McCain about SC. Good stuff.

  • Demetrius Sumner

    I think that Mitt Romney lost big time today. There is a big confusion that he has in regards to personal attacks. You see him say, often, that one of the other candidates were “personally attacking” him when the began to talk about his issues. That isnt mudslinging! They are drawing contrasts and showing matters of fact. Its fact that mitt was against the war and surge before he was for it. Its fact that mitt was for comprehensive immigration reform before he was against it. He has swayed with the tides in the poll and focus groups (in case you couldn’t tell, the beginning comments about changing positions based on current trends by Charlie was directed at Romney) and it was responsible for the other candidates to bring it up.. I do think that there was an over-emphasis by john mccain of romney’s “flip-flop-flip” over certain positions, but there was no personal attacks in tonights debate. Personal attacks are more like “because you are a mormon, you are a loser” thats a personal attack, but stating that a candidate has changed his position especially on issues that are fundamental to the party is not only responsible but necessary for the voters to make proper decisions com election day. Huckabee and McCain were clearly today’s winners

  • Nikolaus

    Thompson was best and won this debate, definetly. Thompson for President 2008!

  • A Cunningham

    I was stunned this morning to watch “the talking heads” on several news stations discuss the debate – only Brit Hume seemed to recognize that Romney fended off the attacks that came his way from all sides…

    Romney behaved in the way that I want to see my president behave – in control and with a steady focus on the issues at hand … not distracted by petty sniping. He certainly appears to be as knowledgeable and as experienced as McCain, and I like his demeanor under pressure much better.

    I think the flip-flop label is entirely unjustified. It is one thing to change your position with the wind, an quite another to change your position based on reflection or increased knowledge. It is a smokescreen and a waste of voter time to keep trotting that attack out. Enough. Let’s discuss the issues.

  • Susannah

    Ron Paul was the only candidate who didn’t fling mud & insult the others. Hooray for him!

    And he is the only one who is not a “war-monger”! Dr. Paul has read, researched & written extensively on foreign policy (read his book “A Foreign Policy of Freedom” and knows what he is talkign about!

    The “muslim extremists” do not attack other “freedom-loving”, successful countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg… why? because those countries do not meddle in the muslim/ arab countries!

    How would you like it if some foreign country decide America was doing things all wrong, and invaded our country to try to force us to change to what they perceive is the “better”, “right” way? We would all take up arms & fight against the invaders.

    Saddam Hussein was an enemy to bin Laden – there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq… until AFTER WE INVADED!

    Iraq had nothing to do with 911 (as even Bush finally admitted), and as a country with no army, no air force, no navy – – they were never a threat to America. So why did we invade?
    Because Saddam was a dictator? Then why not invade China? North Korea? Cuba?
    Plus we supported Saddam during the Iraq war with Iran (well, we actually supported BOTH sides, as usual… remember the Iran Contra affair?)

    PEOPLE – Use your logic!! Our own intelligence agencies say we are LESS SAFE since we invaded Iraq!
    Do the same thing, get the same result!

    we need a MAJOR Change!

    Remember – the Germans thought they were free too!! but then it was too late (Google that – find the book & read it… sounds like Exactly where we are at now!)
    Go to – watch End of America- Naomi Wolf

    We are in dire straits, and when the DOLLAR hits rock bottom (it’s well on it’s way) we will ALL suffer the consequences!!

    Vote for the ONLY man with integrity, a CONSISTENT message for 20+ years, who wants to SAVE America!!

  • Lauren

    As for the religion part, there were no negative attacks against any type of religion. It was simply a discussion that is certainly valid, and also as Giuliani said, it is not the country’s responsibility to attack a religion group because it was a very small portion of a particular group that caused so much harm.
    Props to Giuiliani, and Ron Paul is basically an idiot.

  • Samuel

    On domestic policy, the candidates seem to have some details right sometimes, but no one except Ron Paul deal with the fundamentals and have the guts to come out and say that in order to cut taxes, spending needs to be cut first. Rudy Giuliani actually said he’s for the expansion of the military and a tax cut. I don’t know what planet you have to be on to not ask the follow-up question: where will the money come from then? The answer is as old as is the age of populist presidents – print the money, in one way or another.

    On foreign policy, it’s even more lop-sided: Ron Paul vs. the carbon-copy war advocates. The only thing the rest of them actually disagree on is who is a bigger warmonger.

  • Paul

    Why are all the videos stopped at 1/3rd into each section?

  • Scott

    Negative kudos to ABC & Charlie whoever-he-is for a typically shallow MSM production. The purpose of the debate apparently was to plug ABC news and promote their left-leaning opinions. Most obnoxious was Charlie, looking oh-so-officious with his pseudo-intellectual reading glasses slipping down his nose, lecturing the candidates on why, in his elite opinion, there shalt be national health insurance.

  • Gwen Kraft

    Many of the candidates are learning from Ron Paul and picking up on some of his positions — acknowledging the rule of law, adhering to the Constitution, stopping inflation, protecting borders, and holding up the ideals of equality and individual liberty. However, they do not have the broad understanding that Paul does regarding the economic and foreign policy errors that must be resolved before we can make substantial changes. Thus, their ideas regarding change are no more than bandaids. Giuliani supports the Patriot Act that shreds our Bill of Rights. That rules him out altogether in my book. Thompson is unwilling to stand up to the corporatocracy, such as the pharmaceutical companies, and the military industrial complex. That is unacceptable. Romney avoids answering questions directly, and McCain can’t stay focused on the issues. Neither show much presidential quality… and good looks aren’t enough. That leaves Huckabee and Paul. I just can’t support Huckabee because I don’t see the integrity and lifelong consistency of character and principle in him that I do in Paul. So, there it is. Paul is the only one with the moral courage to speak truth to power even if it is unpopular and ridiculed.

  • cc

    GULIANI IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    htis can almost be fact!
    ron paul belongs on the democratic stage or morev likely off all stages. he doest know the heck of what hes talkin about.
    and thompson sholud go to speech lessons.
    he doesnt speak clearly.
    guliani is the only one who gives normal plans!!!!
    he is thw n3ext president!!!!!!
    think of what he did to manhaTTAN!
    there would be no such a thing of tmes square or manhattan w/o violence!!!!!!!!

  • John Bonnes

    So they have established they are all war mongers except Ron Paul nice. McCain shouldn’t even be allowed to run for president for two reasons the Keating scandle and the fact that the new veterans law which prohibits anyone from the military with post traumatic stress related issue can not own a gun but McCain who’s severly PTSDed can run for office and be incharge of our military? Come on even if the law is wrong McCain shouln’t even be running not to mention the fact he’s supports torture even after his own and he told things to the enemy that cost American soldiers their lives. Gouliani son of a mob boss should know that NY is not his city it’s everybodies city and everybody hates his crimes against the victims of 9/11 and if he interrupts Dr. Paul speaking then the moderator should step in and regulate it better. America must not go along with this phony war on terror.

  • richard hentges

    Americans must wake up to the fact that we are living in a Fascist country. The main stream media is a millitary operation against the civillian population. You are free to vote? No! It is like a horse race in which the mafia owns all the horses in the race. We face a more tyrannical rule now, than our founding fathers faced in 1776. Live free or die. This sounds like a motto that is most appropriate for us today. WAKE UP!!!Get informed, get involved in local government, and be vigilant against our enemys foreign and domestic.

  • E Littrell

    Mike Huckabee has hit a homerun during each debate. He is the only one who “gets it.” The others are all talking about themselves and sidestepping the questions. Governor Huckabee answers clearly and decisively. He clearly won the New Hampshire debate!!!

  • Eva

    For you Giuliani supporters, go to and find the clip about the NYC firefighters who are completely against him (though they do not mention support for anyone). They describe in detail how Giuliani failed them on 911, how his cronyism led to contracts for defective equipment, and in turn many NYC firefighters DIED in the towers that day. Disgusting!
    Not to mention his lack of conservative values – pro-abortion, pro big-government etc. Can Giuliani talk in clear, practical terms about ANYTHING author than 9 11 & “they are gonna get you” scare tactics?

    And as for Huckabee – the guy who let a convicted serial rapist out of prison, where he then went on to rape and MURDER two other women within a year after his release?! Let him free just because of someone’s connections?!

    Omigoodness, we will ALL be in trouble with someone like him in office!

    We need someone who will follow the Rule of Law which made our country so great – the U.S. Constitution!