Video: ABC News Democratic Debate From New Hampshire – 1/5/08

Here is the entire video of the ABC News/WMUR-TV/Facebook Democratic debate from 1/5/08 at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

It’s in 10 parts on YouTube and will advance automatically:

Also, if you missed the ABC New Hampshire Republican debate, you can watch it here:

Video: ABC News Republican Debate From New Hampshire – 1/5/08

  • Curtis

    Hillary is clearly the most capable candidate on this stage. It’s just immediately apparent in her responses.

  • Agreed, Hil is a superior intellect and presence. She is a world traveler, an international high stakes player, and the only candidate who embodies the potential to restore America’s sophistication as a complex, exciting, and stimulating nation that the confused global populations look to in fearful times.

  • cyn w.

    John Edwards was the strongest debator here. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he has not repeatedly compromised his values and principles for political popularity.

  • Codrin Arsene

    I believe Obama was exceptional as well. He came with very good, straightforward answers without having any problems in the debate. Good luck Barack Obama.

  • Brooke Bellew

    I truly believe that the strongest, and most reasonable debator was Richardson. He showed his support for all American people, young or old, Republican, or Democratic etc. He is obviously a man we can believe in.

  • yaat

    Hillary clearly is not able to offer change, somtimes I think she don’t know what’s the meaning of change. Yes she can be president if Bush was president for 2 terms, so she can be in that sense. Edwards clearly trying to beat her to get closer to Obama, she’s now his direct threat, obama is far above. As for Obama I see he’s the most consistent since this campaign starts, he knows how to make speeches that fires up audience and make them go and make the change.. I see truth in his words and he speak spontaniously straight from his mind. no calculations there….we can’t go wrong with Obama…Go Obama

  • Jarrod

    Hillary is for a healthcare system which will enslave us all, not help us. I saw this system first hand in England and the thought of Hillary getting elected terrifies me. If she gets elected, it will be the beginning of the end. And did anyone notice that when an arguement was started that she was the instigator? I don’t know about all of you, but this just proves to me that she isn’t fit to be President. America needs a leader, not a con-artist. And another thing, we need to break this chain. Think about it – Bush, Clinton, Bush, not another Clinton. And another issue that I just can’t bring myself to do is make Bill the First Man. If that is not a slap in the face – what is?

  • Michael Jerryson

    What Nate has done an excellent job of displaying throughout the last couple months, is this is not what these candidates say, but their tactics. What prompts them to say what they say, and moreover, how much can we believe what they say.

    There has been enough debates thus far that we should not assess a candidates full potential by one debate– but rather view the debate in relation to the series before it. Regardless of who you like, Obama, Clinton, Edwards or Richardson, I would suggest not only assessing this, but understanding the intersections of political tactics into this most recent debate (where you see a definite shift in posture and verve by some of the candidates).

  • Catherine

    It seems like edwards and obama formed some sort of alliance to attack hillary. Foul

    Clinton ’08

  • Danny

    Hillary can’t cut. She never could and never will be able to stand on her own two feet. The fact that Bill trails with her everywhere and has to make appearances to bolster her support is indicative of a weak and ineffective contender.

    We are not electing a High School principal, here. And certainly ALL the Arab nations, plus Russia, China, etc. will gang up on her. What then? Go to the world crying foul?

    She’ll never do.

  • MM

    To respond to comments made about a woman president: you need to erase those sexist beliefs that a woman cannot pull this country together. Hillary is not going be put down by other countries because our world is still a diplomatic international community rather the streets of New York. No one is gonna be scared of America because we have a black president or abuse America because we have a woman president. I think Hillary or Edwards will be much tougher in foreign relations than Obama will ever be because he is such an idealist. It’s great that he advocates change and hope, but experience and action speak lounder than words. (“Fired up, ready to go” does not subtitute experience, yet many do not realize this.)

    Bill Richardson could be the best president out of these four, but he has zero chance to the white house. It’s a shame that America is no where ready to have an overweight Hispanic to lead this country.