Video: Is The Primary System Broken?

In short, I don’t think the word “broken” is in order but it’s definitely getting screwed up with caucuses and primaries starting January 3rd.

Here’s a video report from CBS News on this topic which basically comes to the conclusion that yes, it is indeed broken:

It just seems like moving things to January only makes this campaign even longer. In fact, I was reporting on all the candidates announcing in January of 2007. The 2008 race will have encompassed about two solid years of campaigning. The amount of debates we’ve had already is even more astonishing. I haven’t counted, but it’s been nearly 30 between both parties.

What’s more amazing is that the nominees will probably be decided by March which means 6 months of campaigning before the conventions. That’s an amazing amount of time for 2 candidates to go at each other.

I’m thinking that if there is drastic change to the nominating process, the states will have brought it on themselves by trying to out-do each other and become more important in the process. In the end, it could lead to a more nationalized nominating process stripping the states of much say in this area. I’m just wondering what was so wrong with the 2000 or 2004 process that the states had to all get so ridiculous for 2008? I don’t remember voters being all bent out of shape over the existing schedule. Perhaps state governments were getting greedy for influence and revenue from campaigns.

  • It does seem like this year’s process is a little out of control, and I agree, it is all about one state competing with another. In the end I fear the voter loses. I liked the take of the one analyst in the video, why not raffle off the order of primaries every cycle so it isn’t the same states going first, second…etc.

    Maybe breaking from tradition, should it always be Iowa and NH first? Not sure I see the point anymore. My hope is that the right candidates get nominated and not just the ones that have connections or know where to lay down ad dollars strategically.

    Like most, I am hoping for some Iowa surprises. Should be fun.

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