Edwards Says Obama “Living in Never-Never Land”

Pot calling the kettle black? Story from ABC News:

In a wide-ranging, free-wheeling interview with Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards with ABC News Friday afternoon, the former North Carolina senator labeled “ridiculous” comments made by the Obama campaign that seemed to link former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s vote to authorize the use of force against Iraq, embraced Sen. Barack Obama’s politics over Clinton’s, and said an anti-Obama flier from a pro-Clinton union was “misleading” and “deceptive.”

Friday morning at a forum for undecided voters in Independence, Iowa, Edwards repeated his implicit criticism of Obama, saying any candidate who thinks he or she can invite corporate America to the table and achieve real results for Americans “is living in never-never land.”

So he believes Barack Obama lives in never-never land?

“If he believes that, yes,” Edwards said. “It’s a little hard for me to tell sometimes based on the way he talks about this. I’ve heard him say he would give stakeholders a seat at the table. I assume he’s talking about oil companies, drug companies and insurance companies.”

Edwards is so stuck on such a one track opinion that “corporate power” is the biggest danger to America’s future. I would argue that it’s only thanks to corporate America providing growth and jobs that America even has a future. It’s capitalism, stupid!

Otherwise Obama does mostly live in never-never land, especially on foreign policy issues. Still, Edwards is just reaching for anything at this point, he’s not going to win a single contest in my opinion and his announcement that he’s withdrawing from the race is only a matter of time at this point.

  • Interesting. Obama has been outspoken about corporate “America” buying the government through lobbying and having disproportionate amounts of ‘seats at the table’. He is well aware of how pharmaceutical and oil corps fix prices, (with the help of people like Bill Clinton, Cheney, the Bush clan) which is destroying the average citizens ability to stay afloat. That makes Edwards statement about Obama confuse me.

    Obama is inviting average citizens to get a ‘seat at the table’ to oust corporate America from their strong-hold. Corporate America may have provided jobs and growth in the past~today it is downsize, outsource and restructure people out of jobs. Even Bill Gates would rather hirer Chinese citizens to do American tech jobs, feeling they are better educated. Companies that closed their doors in northern USA to move south for cheaper labor and lower energy costs…

    …putting life time workers out of their secure retirement job in an area with few places to go for re-employment…

    …now go south of the Border to Mexico. Even middle class US citizens are feeling the bite and the largest growing homeless are families.

    Some one lives in never-never land, but from what I know of Obama, it is not him.