Merry Christmas From You Decide 2008!

Merry Christmas to everyone and I’d also like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all the loyal readers.

Merry Christmas Tree!

Whether you love him or hate him, Reagan had a way of delivering a speech and I thought this video was appropriate:

Hope everyone has a joyous holiday.

January 3rd Iowa caucuses coming up soon. However, January 3rd is also an important date for another reason, it happens to be my birthday. Followed ironically by my wife’s on the 4th. I will be covering the Iowa caucuses and having some cake at the same time.

Lots of debates coming up in 2008 like the ABC January 5th debate. There will be a Democratic and Republican debate on the same day. We’ll be covering them all. Check out full schedule for 2008 here.

  • Patrick Boiler

    let me use this opportunity to congratulate you and your wife for your coming birthdays.

    also, i wanna thank you and your team for the great effort with this site.
    even though i’m swiss i’m very interested in amercian politics, especially during elections. it’s so different to what we have in switzerland, it’s very fascinating.

    your site has proven to be the best possible ressource for information.
    kudos and thanks again!

  • Donna

    Happy Birthday to you and your wife! My birthday is also the 3rd! Enjoy your cake !

    Thank you for the video of President Ronald Reagan! (Loved him)

  • Thank you both for the birthday wishes and the complements, I do appreciate them.

    Patrick, it’s so very interesting to hear from readers like yourself, I just never know who is reading the site but I’m happy to provide the information for you in Switzerland.

    Donna, I enjoyed the Reagan video as well so I figured other people would, well, maybe not some Democrats who read the site but it was such a nice message that I had to share it.