Video: Hannity & Colmes 2008 Election Discussion 12/21/07

As it gets closer to the Iowa caucuses and the rest of the primaries, I think I’m going to start posting a lot more general video since there is such a tremendous amount of news. These segments cover more news in a few minutes than I can in 10 posts.

It is indeed close and this makes it all that much more exciting. I was full well expecting Hillary Clinton steamroll her opponents to an easy victory. That has proven not to be the case.

I agree with Michael Reagan, people will begin caring about this election after Christmas. There’s too much going on now and I’m wondering what will happen come January 1st and people realize there’s a caucus coming up along with the New Hampshire primary.

This can serve as an open discussion thread for all topics discussed in the segments.

  • pete

    B.H.Obama opens up his heart. Shares his vision for a better America. And we judge & condemn him based on soundbites from the media. The twisted words from the feeding sharks. A good man willing to give of himself to help save America. Not a polital partnership like the Hillery/Billery unholy alliance for political stature, but an idealistic attempt at helping America heal. I fear without B.H.Obama we are doomed as a Nation. Without him, I will vote for McCain for then, at least, we go down fighting. Sure could use Bill Cosby endorsement now for Obama.

  • Babs

    pete, interesting you bring up Bill Cosby. I visited the discussion boards at Oprah’s site yesterday, and it would seem she’s taking a pretty fair pounding in general for her endorsement of Obama on her own site. Maybe it’s time the celebrities back up and leave it to the people.