Clinton Campaign Lowers Iowa Expectations

The story coming from The Politico:

DES MOINES — You can accuse the Hillary Clinton campaign of a lot of things, but overconfidence is not one of them. Not in Iowa. Not anymore.

Orders have come from the top of the campaign here that nobody is to predict that Hillary Clinton will win Iowa.

That may be part of the “expectations” game that all campaigns play.

Or it may be because the campaign no longer is really sure that Clinton will win.

In interviews with top Clinton staffers, who did not wish to be quoted directly, I was told that Clinton could survive a second-place finish in Iowa and that the state was not do-or-die for her.

So basically it looks like the Clinton campaign is ceding Iowa to Obama and essentially throwing in the towel.

The only question is, how much will an Obama victory in Iowa adversly effect Hillatry’s chances in New Hampshire? They’re essentially neck and neck at this point. RCP has Hillary leading New Hampshire at 34% on average to Obama’s 27.8% on average. However, those numbers are much closer than they have been over the past month or so.

Clearly the Clinton campaign has decided to focus on New Hampshire voters who have a tendency to ignore Iowa’s choice.

  • thomas price

    azing How Ted Kennedy Slithered Out of a Murder/Manslaughter case … Chappaquiddick!! How?
    Amazing how Mary Joe Kopeckne lost her life and (100 Proof) Ted Kenndy got away … scott free??!!

    Why has there been ‘no action’ whatsoever to re-open the Chappaquiddick case and examine the murder/manslaughter implications to date, especially since there is NO Statute of Limitations re: Murder???

    Could it be, that by being a Far Left Wing ACLU Adoring Ultra Liberal Democrat, excludes one for Prosecution?

    Slick Willy slithered out of all manner of muck … how do these Far Left Wing Ultra Liberals manage it???
    2 months ago
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    His cousin Michael Skankel finally answered for the brutal murder of his girlfriend in the 1970’s. Over 29 years later. The Conservative movement has brought down the leftist political fence a bit. Not enough to get Kennedy though. Probably after he is dead and buried will there be a “real” investigation.
    The ACLU whom the left largely supports are bed partners that will protect each other until the very end. Conservatism is there nemesis.
    2 months ago