Video: Hillary Clinton Morning Show Media Blitz 12/17/07 – Updated

Here are the videos of Hillary Clinton’s appearances this morning on the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and Fox & Friends. She was on CNN and somewhere else as well but I don’t have those yet.

Here are the first 4 in that order, they’ll advance automatically:

I’ll have some more feedback later.

Also, check out the “Hill-a-copter”:

So we have a Ron Paul blimp flying around the east coast and now a “Hill-a-copter” flying around Iowa. I’m thinking a helicopter is going to be a little more practical but then, I’ve never launched my own blimp.


I’ve added in the Today Show appearance at the end of the playlist at the top.

  • Michael Jerryson

    I think she was laughing more than a regular watching Seinfeld. The laughter and smile came off as somewhat genuine and not produced, which is important to her revamping of her image.

    I didn’t buy the argument that Bill Clinton is just like a wife of one of the candidates canvassing for them. He was a former president– so the pull is not the same. If a candidate’s wife was a former Senator or Congresswoman, then there might be some parallel, but right now there isn’t.

    It seemed as though only CBS was a little critical of her campaign. The others seemed to front her air time to reframe herself and push her agenda. It would be nice if the media could do this with other candidates….

  • Michael Jerryson

    I take it back..NBC was the harshest… (so ABC and NBC).. and NBC was the only one calling her out on not answering the question and just plugging her rehearsed plug-ins.

  • Actually, I was thinking about this yesterday, the media is clearly demonstrating their pro-Hillary bias in my opinion. Remember when she appeared on every Sunday morning political show on the same day? All of those shows have a standard policy that they don’t have a guest who’s on another show that same morning. Every show broke their rules for Hillary. It seems the weekday morning shows didn’t have a problem with it either. I would ask Obama or Giuliani to try and do the same thing and see if they’re as accommodating.