Newspaper Endorsements For McCain, Clinton, and Obama – Updated

The Des Moines Register endorsed McCain and Clinton. The Boston Globe on the other hand endorsed Obama and McCain.

Here’s a video report on the endorsements:

I don’t think this makes much difference except for Obama by the Boston Globe. It’s a widely read paper in New Hampshire which could sway some folks if Oprah already hasn’t.

In Iowa, McCain doesn’t really have a chance of winning the caucuses. The Boston Globe is more important for him as well since in New Hampshire he stands a fighting chance.


The Weekly Standard has it that McCain’s going to get another fairly major endorsement:


THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that Sen. Joe Lieberman, the 2000 Democratic vice-presidential nominee, will endorse Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for president tomorrow. The two will appear together at a press conference Monday morning in New Hampshire, weather permitting.

Lieberman’s a good man but I don’t think this will do much for McCain either.

  • aa

    i dont think that the endorsements play any role…

    the d.m register in iowa for e.g has a record of always have endorsed the later loser…

  • I agree, they always seem to be meaningless. Basically just token gestures towards the candidates they like. It always ends being “breaking news” but in the grand scheme, I don’t think anyone is actually swayed by a newspaper endorsing a candidate.

  • Joshua Pratt

    If my local newpaper were endorsing a candidate, I would stop reading it. They obviously don’t understand their role as a news source not an advisor as to who to vote for. What a bunch of knuckleheads that obviously have alterior motives to reporting on the primaries than to simply allow the people to cast an educated vote. How can anyone trust the reporting of a newspaper that openly proclaims its bias?

  • Joshua, that’s an excellent point as the paper is basically admitting they have a clear bias towards one candidate and against all the others. How do you trust them to provide objective reporting with regard to the candidates they don’t endorse? They’re basically creating their own news when the endorse a candidate.