Video: 12/12 Des Moines Register Republican Debate From Johnston, Iowa

Here you can watch the entire video of the Des Moines Register/Iowa Public Television Republican Presidential Debate which aired today, 12/12/07. It’s in 9 parts hosted on YouTube, they will advance automatically.

This is the feed from Fox News, they show the little graphs of moderate and conservative voters giving real time feedback to what they’re hearing. Graphs going up is a good response, graphs going down is negative. It’s interesting to watch.

Here’s some more analysis of the debate from ABC News:

Well, that was … thoroughly uninteresting. And that is fantastic, spectacular news for new Republican front-runner Mike Huckabee, and a giant missed opportunity for Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and all the rest of the would-be Iowa contenders.

Huckabee came into the day with a target on his back. His remarkable run of the past few weeks has been tarred by a flurry of bad press, and he’s never truly been the focal point on a debate stage.

But that might have changed Wednesday afternoon. In the final gathering of the Republican field before the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, nobody really engaged Huckabee, and he was able to speak (mostly unchallenged) in the forthright, plainspoken manner that’s won him raves on the stump.

Blame it on the format limitations, a tactical reticence to go on the offensive, or maybe it’s just that time flew by in Johnston, Iowa.

I completely agree. That basically sums up my analysis as well. Also, the moderating was just plain terrible. What was billed as a “debate” turned out to be more of mild forum where candidates answered softball economic questions and avoided any “controversial” issues like immigration or Iraq.

Also, I will have a better version of this video up on sevenload split into only 2 parts for a better uninterrupted watching experience.

  • Michael Jerryson

    It was a horrendous debate, but I think it does display a few important things. Aside from the fact that FOX is one again caught shamelessly sensationalizing politics (did we really need those factoids blinking across the screen when these presidential candidates were giving their perspectives?).

    Senator Thompson spoke with resolve and command. I think in many ways he became a heavy weight through his leadership on the stage by refuting the poorly prepared (and poorly executed) moderator.

    Keyes and Tancredo seem to be paid off at this point. I cannot see why they would do what they were doing unless it was for ‘points’ or rather jobs from the soon-to-be partners later on. Tancredo went after Huckabee– I have no idea why someone at his stage in the game would find it in their best interest to go negative (if they wanted to win), and on the same note, Keyes blatantly attacked Giuliani and Romney.

    I would consider these moves by Tancredo and Keyes political sacks. The only person who was not attacked by them in Thompson, which makes one wonder if he is indeed the defensive coordinator.

    In this sense I would disagree with the “Huckabee wins out” prognosis. He made a good showing and defended his edge– and Giuliani seemed small and weak at times on the stage.

    But what was deplorable in my opinion was the lack of concern and effort made by many of the candidates to local Iowan concerns (as specified by the moderator at the onset of the debate). I think we can all say unanimously that the moderator was poor, but this does not excuse the poorly behave people who took advantage of it.

  • RD

    This debate was way too subdued. I think this was in response to a previous debate where the audience was booing and applauding. They must have told them not to react. Also, they specifically chose boring topics. After the first half hour, I zoned out and turned it off.

  • windycityatty

    Wow – looks like everybody is coming around to Dr. Paul’s insistence on following the constitution – reducing the size and scope of government – and giving freedom/liberty back to the People. Of course, when it comes to following through on such things, I trust only Dr. Paul, whose record on such matters is spotless – to keep his word. His voting record does not lie, he will not flip flop, he will not agitate for more wars in the middle east, and he will do all he can for the people. Its not about HIM, its about the people. Such a refreshing change.

  • John Allen

    the poll is BS
    Watch how high the ratings are when J says he wants to cut corporate tax’s.
    Do voters REALLY want corporations to pay less tax’s ? I find this hard to believe!

    Notice how high the poll is when Senator McCain says “I believe I can ask every American to serve”
    this to me indicates he wants to institute the draft! I can’t believe Americans REALLY want a draft

    Notice how when it’s Ron Paul’s turn to talk the graph goes immediately down ?
    The very first time it does not go immediately down but every time after that it does.
    so let me get this straight, they like what he says the first time, but when he starts talking
    the second time he is immediately disliked even before they can hear what he has to say.

    I can go on like this but it’s pointless !
    The polling was rigged had to be, there is no other plausible explanation for the
    readings the graph is displaying.

  • I thought it was actually interesting, in that both Romney (medical care for all) and Huckabee (schools) exposed their core values of liberalism.

    And a whole bunch of them exposed their lack of being informed about the farce known as man-induced global warming. That says PLENTY about people, allowing themselves to be fooled, in effect, by the pretend reporters at ABC, NBC and CBS.

    Thompson refused to answer the global warming question unless given 60 seconds to elaborate. So we miss hearing his view. The top tier candidates all spilled their lack of qualfication for office though, if only in that category (and the ramifications when taking into account how easily they are fooled, and tragically uninformed.

    See The Great Global Warming Swindle to understand why. Google, then select the French version to view online.

    Huckabee is a pro-life liberal who prays. Bush is a pro-life liberal who prays. I don’t want either of them in charge. McCain is pathetic. Romney is the best presence of the group, though may as well be a Democrat.

    I disagree about none of them standing out in the case of Thompson. Take into account replies were limited to 30 or 60 seconds with no follow-up included. His replies were firm, thoughtful and CONSERVATIVE.

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  • Jon

    It shows what Republicans think of women.

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