Analysis of the Univision Republican Debate – Updated

It’s almost finished and a lot of news is coming out.

According to The Politico, Ron Paul was booed:

He just walked into the lion’s den by saying we ought to both talk and trade with Castro’s Cuba.

Loud boos followed.

He then said our policies propped up the likes of Fidel and Hugo Chavez.

More boos.

And then there was a third round as he finished his statement.

I’ll work on getting the video.

We’ll hopefully have some clips when it’s finished, also we’ll have the entire video. It will be in Spanish but I’m working on some English video.


Here’s a full report from the AP via MyWay:

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) – Republican presidential hopeful John McCain told a Spanish language television audience that harsh immigration rhetoric voiced by some Republicans have driven Hispanics away from the party at a primary debate Sunday.

McCain has stood apart from most of his Republican rivals because he supported changing immigration laws and creating a path for citizenship for illegal immigrants.

“I think some of the rhetoric that many Hispanics hear about illegal immigration makes some of them believe that we are not in favor of or seek the support of Hispanic citizens in this country,” he said after the moderator noted that the percentage of the Hispanic vote for the GOP has dropped from President Bush’s win in 2004 to last year’s congressional elections.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he would impose a real and a virtual, technical fence at the U.S.-Mexican border using a “tamper proof” identity card.

That prompted a retort from Ron Paul, who said that would lead to a national identification card for all Americans “which I absolutely oppose.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said some anger aimed at immigrants is fueled by the influx of illegal immigrants.

“When we make the border secure, a lot of the sentiment goes away. It’s a terrible thing when a person who is here legally, but speaks with an accent, is racially profiled by the public,” he said.

Sounds like a pretty entertaining debate. I didn’t bother watching it but it was broadcast with English closed captioning.

I’ll get the entire video uploaded with the English captions. Probably up by tomorrow sometime or much later tonight. We’ll have more reports shortly.


Here’s a video of Mike Huckabee after the debate discussing his performance on Fox News:

Still working on the video with English subtitles, running into problems. If anyone finds a copy let me know.


Here’s the video of Paul getting booed:

Still working on the full video with English subs.


Here’s a full English transcript:

Univision Republican Debate Transcript


Here’s the full video with English subtitles:

12/9/07 – Video: Univision Republican Debate with English subtitles from Miami, Florida

  • undercoverconservative

    Check out this youtube video Tom Tancredo posted today. It’s hilarious making fun of the Univision Republican Debate tonight. He’s urging people to boycott the Spanish language Presidential debate.


  • Gee, what objective reporting. Which Republican candidate are you shilling for? So Ron Paul got boos for a controversial statement, but he is in the bottom of the pack. Attempts to marginalize Paul will only backfire when Americans take off the blinders and reject the mantle of the duoply-controlled election cycle.

    Free the “Bill of Rights”

  • Because I reported the fact that he was booed it means I’m shilling for someone else? He was booed, it happened, I’m reporting it. I have always reported when candidates are booed at debates, it’s entertaining. Reporting what happens isn’t “shilling” for anyone.

  • undercoverconservative

    Seriously guys, check out Tancredo’s video spoof of the debate. It’s hilarious and he makes a good point. If english is a requirement for citizenship, who exactly are candidates pandering to at a spanish language debate? Check it out. It’s pretty darn funny.

  • elias07

    I was at the debate, and I am proud of having booed Ron Paul’s sorry behind. I was born here in the US to a Cuban father and a Venezuelan mother. Ron Paul insulted all of us, my immediate family and my family that still resides in Venezuela when he said that it was okay to establish relations and open trade with Cuba and Venezuela. Ron Paul insulted the memory of my grandfather; he died in Castro’s hands, and now, it looks like my other family from Venezuela’s going to suffer the same fate. There’s nothing just in trading with King Kong and Castro. Nothing. Millions of dollars have come in to Venezuela because of the huge oil increases; where has it all gone? To Chavez’s pocket, in part, and to the funding of other dictator’s campaigns. I’m glad of what I did. I don’t take it back. Ron Paul lost his chance with me. Now I am TRULY convinced he is anti-American. I was not convinced before, because I still liked some of his points, but after what he said tonight, he has proven that he is just a Democrat-in-hiding.

  • m.rodriguez

    Why Ron Paul got booed…….You know the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”…well that goes for old Cuban people who really think that embargo’s and sanctions are solutions…to what, I don’t know?! I just hope that second and third generation Cuban-Americans (and other “hispanic” voters) are smart enough to see through that and open their eyes to the fact that are own civil liberties are in jeopardy!!!! RON PAUL 2008!!!!

  • elias07, that’s a very powerful story, thanks for sharing that. I tend to agree with you. It’s easy for people say things when they haven’t been directly affected like you have.

  • Puerto

    elias07, how were you insulted? It is not the American governments job to police the world. the government was not setup to do that. it was setup to protect Americans like you and I. Now, would we like it if china or another country came here to try and overthrow our government because they felt our liberties were being taken or because our government wasn’t doing a good job? No. It is the people’s responsible and duty to keep the government in line. What is wrong with talking with other countries and negotiating with them istead of using our own soldiers to die for another country but their own?

    I support Ron Paul who welcoms immagrants.

  • m.rodriguez

    BTW in case someone didn’t know…China is a COMMUNIST Country…But we have no problem borrowing TRILLIONS of dollars from them and hmmm pretty much everything we buy is “made in China”…yeah we should probably embargo them too…I’m sure the Chinese are pretty opressed by there tyrannical government…yeah that would be pretty inconvenient though considering technically they are funding the Iraq war…

  • Puerto

    lol! Yeah you’re right m.rodriguez! anybody want to answer to this one?

  • Stellar

    well Nate, elias07.. it’s very easy to dump your emotion to wherever seems most direct and convenient and not to pause and look for historical facts.. what years of US foreign policy has done to our world relations and our own economic system. A foreign policy is based on principles instead of personal favors against or for certain nations.. until you keep the almost tv-drama like attitude separated from real politics, you can boo anyone you want.. but it won’t solve anything. People just need to realize once in a while that they do live in a sovereign nation that has its own interests to look after. Basing your whole foreign policy on some presumptuous emotional play of game of favors? Ya it will work out perfectly.. pass that message to the Taiwanese guy sitting next to you. Better yet.. tell that to the Mainland Chinese guy sitting 1 more seat next to him too.

  • Jason

    I think it’s one more step in the wrong direction to entertain a spanish only debate. This is the kind of crap that is making these illegals want to walk right over here to be accomodated.

  • jerry

    Jason… who were “these illegals”? The people in the audience? Accomodated by whom? Free citizens in a free society? What’s wrong with that?

  • Denise

    Ron Paul is RIGHT!! If we can trade with dictators in China, Russia, Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc, ( and the list goes on and on) then why not Cuba?? Fair is Fair! Stop all this pandering about Hispanic and Latino issues and remember you are American citizens and when you start thinking in terms of American issues, you will finally be an asset to your country, the USA!!