Video: Oprah’s Entire Speech for Obama from Iowa – Barack’s speech added

Here is the video of Oprah Winfrey’s entire speech from the Barack Obama campaign rally today in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s in 2 parts from YouTube:

Here’s a news report from Breitbart:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Oprah Winfrey said worry about the direction of her country and a personal belief in Barack Obama’s ability to lead it pushed her to make her first endorsement in a presidential campaign, support with incalculable value in a tight race for the Democratic nomination.

Winfrey said she felt nervous and “out of my pew” as she addressed a gathering hall packed shoulder-to-shoulder in the largest gathering of Iowans in the campaign this year. But she did not hide her political convictions, making an argument for change from the Bush administration other than another Clinton in the White House.

The talk show queen did not mention the current president or Obama rival Hillary Rodham Clinton by name, but was not subtle about her feelings for Clinton’s argument that Obama doesn’t have the experience to be president when she voted to authorize the war in Iraq.

I thought she came off very, very strong in support of Obama. Not just like, “hey, vote for Obama”. More like, “if you vote for anyone but Obama the country’s going to hell and a hand basket”.

It may have been that “Damn right she’s nervous”, but she came off very collected, didn’t look all that nervous to me.

She also takes the jab at Hillary pointing out that “experience” from inside Washington is much less important than “experience” outside Washington helping people.

Furthermore, she advocated support for socialized health care and stated her opposition to the war in Iraq by saying Obama was the only one smart enough to not support the war from the beginning.

She said this wasn’t partisan for her, but she sure came off sounding very partisan on many of the issues she mentioned.

Anyone else’s thoughts?


Here, by popular demand, is Barack Obama’s entire speech after Oprah spoke:

There, now I hope everyone is happy.

  • Michael Jerryson

    Oprah was nervous- and her stressing of it was emblematic of her message. She wanted to let her viewers, those millions of viewers, know that what she was espousing was not a rehearsed, politicized advocacy, like one might get with a spokesperson for a dog food or a sandwich meat. What she was delivering was a personal and unfettered choice for Obama. What this does is tell her viewers — if you believe in me, believe in Obama. It does what advocacy was supposed to do, but has become routinized and rehearsed through these long years of television.

    Now, of course she is partisan, she is campaigning. I believe what she means is that she is not doing this simply because of titles or identity politics (democratic, African American, etc.). She is not pushing Obama because of one singular issue (abortion, economics, etc, or political ‘faith’), but because she believes in him.

    Oprah is a very intelligent person. We’ve witnessed this not simply in the growth of her media empire, but in her advocacy for intellectual issues, such as the writings and work from the eminent Toni Morrison. She chooses to get involved when she sees something ideologically and intellectually worthy. And her previous personal involvements, if we weighed it like a resume, is impressive.

    Obama’s message all along has been one about change and about empowering the individual. Oprah’s message seems to reverberate this. Her speech and presence is testament to her belief that she is empowered through his platform– that his race sparked something deep within her. And she argues that Obama will bring about a new era in national politics. This will probably influence national voting more so than Iowan voting, but I believe it is going to be a strong and persuasive push toward Obama.

  • aa

    where can i see obamas speech??

  • You might check out his website, or search Google perhaps. I recorded that part as well but haven’t uploaded it anywhere. I figured people were more interested in seeing what Oprah had to to say.

  • aa

    would be nice to see it on youtube but sadly nobody posted it there…its not on his site either..

  • You’re in luck, I dug it up and I will post it on sevenload so I don’t have to break it up in parts. I’ll update this post with a link once it’s uploaded.

    Give me a couple hours and I’ll have it for you…

  • aa

    thats really really nice of you! really appreciate that! 😉

    many cheers from vienna/austria!

  • There, it’s been added to the post, enjoy!